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Dog Training in Tulsa : Nice Dogs

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host for on when be. And I’m here with my co-host Robert Robert. Hello sir how are you today guys. Hey So we’re here today. Another episode of the man’s best friend podcast. And we’re going to talk about some dogs dog training dog behavior. Right. We are with tip top canine here in Tulsa Oklahoma. And what is our topic for today Robert. Our topic for day today is teaching old dogs new tricks. Can you do it. I’ve heard you can’t actually teach. I beg to differ. It’s definitely possible. OK. Well one of the stories that I have today is last summer we trained a 14 year old border collie it’s pretty darn old. Yeah. And so I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to. I wasn’t afraid I wouldn’t be able to train it but I was afraid that my calendar was lying to me. You know I was afraid of what people’s expectations were. You know I’m like is this 14 months or is this 14 years old. And we train a lot of dogs here in Tulsa and Broken Arrow area and Border Collies actually aren’t a dog and we train that much. Which is weird because they’re supposed to be one of the AKC always ranks them as the number one smartest dog out there right. Yeah. Well that’s probably why is because they’re so smart that they just automatically do it. But I would say the last the last few years the ones we do get the heart Dog Training in Tulsa.

Dog Training in Tulsa Yeah yeah yeah cause most people if they’re dog super super smart you know they have no idea what they do and they still train the dog. So this dog that I went out to go see talking about training old dogs to do new tricks. Fourteen years old. It’s been barking for 14 years. Wow. That’s a lot of repetition excessively. Yeah. And then not only has it been doing that now it’s it’s kind of getting cataracts right. It’s kind of going. And it’s hearing is kind of going and they have a new kid in the house. And if it sees the kid it will bark until it’s hoarse or until it goes another room and the kid goes in another room. And I was like Now that’s what they said and so I was like OK I was like oh let’s get the dog out let’s put on a leash real quick. And yeah it’s there and barked for five minutes.

Rah Rah Rah Rah rah rah.

Dog Training in Tulsa Why just keep going. Was it just because he didn’t know who the kid was and you know I don’t really see. I think it’s because he couldn’t really see and you just saw like a little human running around and he didn’t know what it was. You know he’s like a 2 year old kid. And so the kids just kind of all over the place. And so in three lessons we were able to teach calm quiet and place. Very nice. Yeah. And still was the easiest lesson ever. No it wasn’t right. But he did called multiple other trainers and I put the dog down. But they’re were like No. 14. We feel like we still have another year or two on him. But he can’t bark for four hours. Right. It’s kind of a problem. But yeah with tip top method we were able to teach him to pay attention with the aid of a remote training car. Right. We’re able to teach the dog how to how to give in and how to move off a tap on the shoulder from a collar. And I was able to teach him come in about an hour. You know he’s 14. Never came when called. Never came. And they were able to teach him place a little doggie time on a on a box and on a dog bed and were able to get a short stay. And then were able to bring the kid back in on the third lesson and start to work him on off I’m quiet.

Or he could actually be there with the kid and still pay attention.

So you kind of put a foundation and the dog made sure that the dog understand the collar and all that stuff right. Then you went and brought the kid in once the dog was understanding it.

Dog Training in Tulsa Yeah exactly. I made sure the dog understood exactly what I wanted him to do. He understood what’s being asked of him and then bring the parents in and train them and then we brought the kid in last. Very good. Very nice. Yep. And so it was a successful lesson. It was they were really happy and I told him we could always do some more lessons. I just when we first started we only started with three lessons because they’re not they’re not walking the dog. Yeah. I mean OK yeah because it’s kind of old. Yeah. So yeah he didn’t really want to talk much he just wants to sit there and bark for four hours or 14 days you know straight. Yeah. So kind of crazy but definitely we can learn we can learn we can teach new dogs old dogs new tricks excuse me. So other really cool when I did is it did a nine year old Rottweiler and we got it Hill and off leash and nine for Rottweilers can be pretty old. Right. Any dog can be trained. But mean most Rottweilers. Eight to 10 is kind of somewhat of their life expectancy. Right. And so we had the lady was like Oh well I know his hips are going out and his eyes are going out. But I want to teach him to heel off leash before he dies. That was when I go with him when I first got him. Wow. What a way to stick to it. Yes she said she’s going to get that goal.

And so we got it. We got it. Yeah. And so definitely old dogs can definitely Neutrik zany the oldest dog that you’ve had to work.

Dog Training in Tulsa I believe a long time ago I worked a 10 year old dog. OK. OK. And it was a mix. Yeah. And you know obviously most of the time people you know when it comes to old dogs we don’t train a lot of old dogs now. No one really wants to put the money and the effort into a dog right. Leo coming up to the end of its life you know. And so but every once in a while you know people people are at that point where they’re like OK we’ve dealt with this for 10 years and now we’re finally fed up with it. Yeah and you know they’re ready to do something about it. And so yeah the dog that I worked was it was a smart dog you know and I learned really easily it was pretty obedient you know and I didn’t have any you know I didn’t have any trouble. He actually trained pretty easy. Yeah. And so you know I don’t think it really has to do with the age of the dog.

No no I don’t think so. I think saying like you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is really like a bad trainer can’t do anything with anything right. I mean that’s like I’m better saying that saying sounds really stupid is hearing it but it doesn’t have anything to do with the age of the dog.

Dog Training in Tulsa Yeah. No no. Surprisingly a lot of clients that I talked to actually you know believe that leave that they literally say you know and I’m talking dogs that are like two years old. OK. You know I’ll go over to a client’s house and they’ll have a two year old dog and they’ll be like you know I know that he’s kind of old is it too late to train him. Right. And I you know I look at him like absolutely not. I’m like in fact I almost prefer a dog that’s one or two years old. You know because they’re actually easier to train. You know obviously we train dogs you know young puppies and all that stuff. But the older the dog is usually more attention span that they have you know absolutely they’re not in what I call the puppy mode where they’re just digging.

You know you can’t even get them to look at you you know all over the place. So it’s actually easier.

I would say to training. Oh I totally agree. As opposed to you know young puppies. All of that stuff.

Dog Training in Tulsa It’s almost the difference between Would you rather teach math to a 4 year old or a 14 year old. There you go. Right. And you know obviously 14 for sure for sure. Yeah and like we’ve talked about before with the puppies. There’s a big difference. They don’t really get out of that puppy stage until about 21 weeks old. Right. Until about five five and a half months old. So you know can they be trained. Eight weeks old. Absolutely. Can they be trained. Eight years old. Absolutely. It doesn’t matter. So we just want to say it’s a myth. Don’t don’t think that you can’t train your dog because your dog is X-amount years old. Whether that’s one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 whatever. Yes I did hear another trainer the other day. It’s not someone that works here at Tip-Top canine. It’s someone on the West Coast and she was saying that to 17 year old dog Callie. Wow. Seventeen. Yeah. Yeah I heard her on the podcast when she do that. No. No. It’s first line I want to know. I want to know the backstory. You know I don’t know the backstory. You said they had a client and the dog was was really old and I was like that. Wow. Wow. Now that 14 14. Oh yeah I don’t think I’ve seen a 16 or 17 year old dog and even I’m 15. I wonder how long it lasts after the training. I don’t know.

Dog Training in Tulsa Hopefully it lasted. Hopefully it’s still alive. OK. Now that is strange. Thank God. Yeah. So it’s never too late. It can be a little too early. But also with the tricks that we’re talking about the obedient side but as far as the saying goes you can’t teach old dog new tricks. You can because when it comes to food and when it comes to lowering dogs they’re all going to have at least somewhat drive. Yeah. And so really it’s they my astral wanting to eat a natural wanting to eat something. So as far as like luring him to spin or something like that and saying you can’t teach old dog like you can’t teach an old dog to follow food. Now come my. Is 90 years old. I’m still going to want to eat some. Robert is still going to follow a hot dog if he’s 90 years old. You having fun on my face right. You know I’m going to be chastens I want to talk with Candy right down right down the aisle of the bowling alley. You know so yeah. So that’s a myth. Don’t believe it. Total lie. It’s garbage.

Dog Training in Tulsa That’s right if your dog old if your dogs even reach in 10 you know 11 years old and you know you think it’s too late it’s not. Go ahead and work your dog do some stuff with absolutely no. It’s never too late especially for you people out there that have a four or five year old dog. Maybe you got a rescued log and you worry about OK this rescue dog this dog that I rescued is five years old it’s too late for me to do anything now. No absolutely not. Work with the dog. The dog can still learn the dogs smart and it might have some you know some you know things that you know maybe it’s barked for the last five years or maybe it’s you know runaway or whatever. You can still work those things and you can change those behaviors. Absolutely. Creating new habits for the dog.

And now awesome. Absolutely so. Thank you everyone for joining us today and we will catch you next time. Bye guys. Matt