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Now we’re talking about crate, training and properly crate training dogs. Some dogs are really very hard to crate train. We have had two dogs, I’m thinking of one was a Husky and no Instinct at all to not pee in his crate. He just didn’t care. We had a few dogs like this, this particular husky. He would Dog Training Tulsa just lay down in it, you’re just being laid down and he wouldn’t bark. He wouldn’t do anything he just pee and lay down in it. He didn’t care. We’Ve had multiple dogs like that unfortunately this husky literally, would pee in his crate, 3 or 4 times a day totally disgusting. Staying consistent, though, we stayed very consistent on our schedule on a potty training schedule and consistently took the dog out regularly and what we went to was from three to four times a day to two times a day, to only one time a day. At the end of about three and a half weeks, once it’s boot camp was done, he was down about three and a half weeks. He was only have an accident about one time a day right. This is an adult three or four year old dog. So pretty disgusting I mean I’m talking serious bathing right here. The owner kept up with it and eventually got him crate trained right. The Maltese, Dog Training Tulsa the owner did not keep up with the crate training and a year later he called me and said he never got him. Potty trained and he’s getting rid of them, so the Maltese we kept the same routine, but it was very, very hard, but we’re talking like one in a couple thousand right. So it’s some of our very very little dogs they’re, pretty dang hard. They need lots of consistency and I read after some trainers and they say some little dogs, you can’t potty train them. I don’t believe that I believe it all trainable. I just believe on a time frame. Who knows how long it’s going to be on the time frame? It could be a very very long time. You don’t know that, but that’s why we do not guarantee potty-training. We can’t because it’s a physiological process. I don’t know how long my dog can hold it or can’t hold it right. So just keep in mind they’re, not all going to just magically love your system of potty training right also had a dog angel. She was a Belgian Malinois. She would dominate the crate, poop and pee twice a day covered in it paint the walls in it. She wasn’t paying much in it, but she would poop the crate twice a day, didn’t matter what I did as a puppy. She would poop it twice a day and she was an awesome dog, phenomenal dog loved her, but I was so busy training. Eventually I sold it to one of my buddies. He was like Hey. If you don’t want that dog I can probably get through that, and I was like okay fine. I can’t handle right now, just do it, and so I shipped him off and it took him four to six months. I think two can play Potty trainer and then he did obedience training with her dad protection training with her or sold it for, like nine Grant right as a dog that I got for free awesome on was, and I got for free, but I could I didn’t Want to make it through that I couldn’t handle it,

he did and it paid off. So it wasn’t that the dog wasn’t trainable. It’S that I wasn’t patient enough right then didn’t want to put in the time. So next, when it comes to a food and water schedule, what do we have Tip Top K9 recommend? Well, we recommend to feed on whatever schedule the vet recommends some puppies under 4 months old can eat two or three times a day, but after six months old they should be fine on once a day if your vet recommends your dog eat, more feed, the dog. More some dogs Express their little dogs micros under for 5 lb. They can have low blood sugar need to eat multiple times a day. I feed my dogs once a day. Dog Training Tulsa If people want to feed them more often they can but no free feeding. Cuz. Then we don’t know when the dogs going to eliminate. So technically you can free feed the dog. It’S not bad for the dog. If the dog potty training, you want to feed him and that’s easiest for you and your dog isn’t an overeater, then go ahead by all means free feed him, but do whatever you want, not a problem. I tip top K9. Our goal is not to push our beliefs on people it’s to help them get the most out of their dog. We want to help them bring the best out of their dog, whatever that looks like to them right. So if there goes free feeding, fine, that’s awesome, but let’s potty train a dog first, okay! Dog Training Tulsa So then, why people say? Should I limit the water? No, you shouldn’t, because young dogs need water after they play also, you can make dog into water hoarders. If you try to limit their water, if your dogs currently a water hoarder, then you need to go, get it to the vet and get it checked out and see if it’s got a urinary tract infection, or something like that, so I do have a story for Black lab named Coda. It was a dog I’d trained, very early and my dog training careers by 10 years ago now and he’s a water hoarder.

So he would literally like I had them to my house to do a bootcamp with him and he drank the bowl of water outside. It was probably like a gallon. He came in side and drink. I didn’t know he drink that and he came in side and drink the entire inside bowl and then he began to drink away at the toilet right. So he probably literally drank like 3 gallons of water and his stomach look like swollen, maybe 2 gallons of a lot of water weigh more than a dog should drink, don’t use a water hoarder, but I didn’t know. No one told me that people didn’t tell me they got in from right. The client didn’t say that oh yeah, I forgot to tell you he he’s a water hoarder yeah. Thank you. So much so obviously has bladder control issues if he drinks 3 gallons of water. So people say what do I do if I catch them, potting well, going back to CODA? What did he do right after that? Will he peed through my entire house, so what I did is. I saw him peeing and I grabbed him by the car and drag them to the back door and he’s a male dog with wiener. And so was I drugged him. His weiner went back and forth and back and forth and peed all over my car.. If we can sit on potting, Dog Training Tulsa we do not spank them or get mad at then. We speak very loudly clap, Dog Training Tulsa run over and pick him up if they, if we can, if it’s a large dog like this now, what I do is poke him not like super hard. I’M not trying to hurt them, but just hard enough to get their little stinker to stop and to take him outside. I just want to make sure they stop the flow before Dragon outside right, taxi, multiple dogs, where they poop under the bed, because they get spanked when they’re caught pooping. So they don’t get spanked, but they have to poop there just a little puppy that human hasn’t been consistent, so they like, I got to poop, but Dad gets so mad when I poop, so I guess I’ll, just poop underneath the bed right. That’S why dogs go upstairs to hide or hide in the closet because of humans, train them to do that. The humans train them to go upstairs to go in the closet by their actions on humans. Asked me what I should do if I catch the dog pooping. I say ropa newspaper and smack yourself in the head and say bad human cuz. You weren’t paying attention to your dog and you should have been what are we looking for? We are looking for any, not normal, behavior we’re looking for sniffing. We are looking for all of a sudden the dog slows down and he’s looking around suspiciously, I’m we’re looking for may be squatting or or digging at the ground, so just look for any changes in Behavior. Lastly, people say: what about the bells can I use Bells? Dog Training Tulsa Will that help teach my dog to go out the door? Can I use a dog door? Well,

if the dog doesn’t know to go outside only then it won’t ring bell to go outside to potty, so we have to teach the dog to go outside and then, if we make that connection, you could, but we don’t recommend it a tip top again. I would not recommend the bells lots of dogs realize they can teach the humans to come on command if they ring the bell Isabella humans coming to let them out or the belt, because humans coming to give him a treat or to interact with them. So, basically, the dogs can condition humans to come and command from anywhere in the house by ringing the bell. So a lot of dogs see this and I’ll ring the bell to go outside and then they’ll come back in the ring. Dog Training Tulsa It again so also the scratches up the door real bad, your back door, a lot of bigger dogs, there they’ll start to scratch the bells and those hit the bells and I’ll scratch the door real bad. So I don’t recommend the bells because of that I see dogs, the game humans. Also, if a dog is potty trained, it doesn’t really need it. You need to focus on consistency, not on bells and tricks, so the dog door. Also, it’s just a trick. It doesn’t focus on consistency, it doesn’t teach the dog to potty outside and it only works if the dog already knows to go outside or you already have another dog and it follows the dog outside the doggie door and goes to the same spot. The other dog goes or it works at the dog, already knows to go outside. So if your dog already knows to go outside and you’ve already spent the time and effort promoting consistency and patterns and routines, then you can use the dog door as part of your pattern. You can have that you can say, go potty and send the dog out the dog door right. You can have the dog out the dog door that way, and it came work, but just like everything else at the consistency in the pattern routine is not set in the dog door will not work. It doesn’t fix you from consistency.