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One of the biggest benefits of crate training is, if you ever plan on leaving your dog with anyone for the next fourteen years or, if you’re ever going to take the dog to a vet to board ever in the next 14 years of his life chances. Are he will be in a crate at some point, so having a crate using a crate, enables our dog to be more versatile and enables him to go more places to travel more places? If you ever were to move, the dog may be moving in a crate in your vehicle, and you said no, I wouldn’t trade him. Well, you don’t know that. Sometimes I travel and I have a lot of dog year and dog boxes, Dog Training Tulsa and I put my dog in a crate for safety – he’s a lot safer in a crate. If I were to get in a wreck and I’m driving with my dog in a crate, Dog Training Tulsa he’s going to be way safer than if he’s loose and gets thrown all over the place, so lots of dogs, if they’ve never been in a crate and then to go To the vet there going to be traumatized right now, only there in a new place, new smells new people, but they’ve never been in a box before and they freaked out right and they lose their mind. Well, that’s a lot of unnecessary stress that you’re putting on your dog. So, instead of putting all the unnecessary stress on your dog, it would be way better to just teach him to like the great start with so I had a dog named Kaiser he’s a Dutch Shepherd and he was fully potty-trained without a crepe. So can you do it absolutely he’s very smart dog at 4 months old? He would go to the back door instead. Now my lap band it. He didn’t give me any signal that need to party until about a year old right, so he’s a year old before he gave me any signals at all. He was fully obedience. Training before you gave me a single signal, the potty, even though he would potty on command. He didn’t give me signals Kaiser, another dog have before a pitbull at 4 months old. They would go and literally p, every single time they went outside. They would go to the door and sit and give signals anytime. They needed to go right, but Kaiser was never in a crate. So can you do it absolutely by still crate trained him? Dog Training Tulsa Why, for my convenience and for his safety also, he was a super chewer right. He would choose a patio, he would choose the fence post he’d, chew, trees. He would chew books, shoes, anything right. He was a Supercharger so for his safety and my sanity, a crate, trained him and was it hard for him. Yet what did it make his life better yeah and then so now my buddy has them now. When he’s not, there he’s not showing up on his entire house, no, my dog like that, would just get like put down for being so crazy, but anyways proper sizing of the crate. The dog should be able to move around and lay down, but you shouldn’t be getting the biggest great. You can possibly find if it’s too big, that the dog will just go potty in one area and then sleep in the other, just like they did when they were nesting with their mom. They had a smaller area,

they would potty in one area handedness and on the other. We do not want to set up that exact same thing with the crate, so the crate should be big enough for the dog to turn around and turn the circle and lay down. The dog should be able to stand up all the way without having the super Crouch down as far as metal or wire. It doesn’t really matter as far as our training class go, except for that the wire crates can be more dangerous than at the dogs. Can smash through them so we’ve had dogs chew through plastic crates. We’Ve had dogs chew through plastic, pants and metal crates. We’Ve had him chew through the metal bars and try to squeeze through the wires, so they can freak out and smashed through any of them. I had a Rottweiler eat through a metal bar and squeeze through hole in the middle. A metal wire crate in the problem is, is what happens with some dogs? Are the metal wire ones? They push out the door cuz. The door has like a little give room and they push their head out and then the bars fall back on their neck and the dogs actually choked to death right little dramatic Dog Training Tulsa I’ve never actually seen it happen, have heard of it happening, not. Okay, that’s why I’m boarding? We try to not use any metal ones, except obviously the Great Danes where they have to have a huge monster, crate right, so we steer away from the metal ones unless it’s a very adult, mature dog I’ve had dogs match to the metal smash to the plastic Dogs that they want to then get through them right, and so speaking of that, how do you acclimate the dog to the crate by the dog, didn’t know he didn’t like crates? Dog Training Tulsa I seem fine, we work them too hard. We’Ll put him in the crate, went out and then came back and he had smashed off a few of his teeth on a crate door. Well, that dog is never activated the crate, and so he freaked out when he was put in a crate, so it to start with. How do I activate a dog to the crate are recommendation as a dog trainer is to start with feeding in the crate? Only the dog only gets his food in a crate, no other place. No, if ands or buts created the only place the dog eats. The next thing is working to have special toys only for the crate. So when the dog is in the crate, they have special toys, Kong’s, Philip peanut butter, some bones choose rawhides, Etc. So I want some awesome chew toys that the dog only gets in the crate, preferably it’s going to be real bones or plastik, bonez or plastic toys. No cloth, so if the dog urinates all over it, I don’t have to just throw it away. So the plastic bones. I can obviously just wash them down right before 9, I’m peroxide, I’m whatever and just clean them off.

Also, I’m going to feed him in the crate only how I’m going to do. That is the first few days I’m going to put the food just a little bit in the cage, so two inches inside the door and imma. Let the dog eat it out of the door for two days right. If a dog has never been to Crater super hits it the next two days when it’s feeding time, I’m going to tell them to I’m going to tell the client. This is how I’m explain to the client. I say the first day or two first, two days put the food right inside the door. This is, if the clients been free, feeding the next two days, put it in the middle of the great. The last two days put it in the back and on the seventh day, put the food in the back for the dog all the way in and close the gate. So, to start with great training, the dogs to eat in the cage only and the food is going to be down in the crate for 10 or 15 minutes. Then it goes up. This will happen once or twice a day, depending on whatever they’re feeding schedule is for their dog, so if they feed three times a day or whatever. Dog Training Tulsa But if it dogs eating twice a day twice a day the dog eats. The food is only down for 10 to 15 minutes. This makes the dog have to acclimate to the crate. Dog Training Tulsa The dog will not starve himself right. No dog is going to starve himself, so don’t think that you’re being cruel or mean you’re teaching the dog to live on your schedule. Right, that’s, okay! You should do that with your kids as well, but that’s what I tell the clients to do now. What I do to acclimate the dogs to create a never been created before I’m going to feed him in the crate only from day one I’m going to working, I’m going to run him really hard and working for hours and then put him in the crate. So he is so exhausted that he can’t fight the crate right, continue that for a few days, while only feeding him in the crate as a dog trainer is going to get me good results and he’s not going to fight that. So I have a brand new dog and that’s going to be my routine. The longest I’ve ever had a dog not eat in the crate with 7 days, so I had a doberman or pick him up from Houston use on a farm killing goats. He was very high drive. He was very, very crazy. I actually was insane, so I put him in the crate he smashed through multiple crates. We had to get a steel crate Fab for him out of a solid piece with a solid steel gate and it was pretty intense, but he did not eat for 7 Days right and I just paid all that money for him. Dog Training Tulsa You can see all of his ribs I gave in I fed him once then he didn’t eat for 3 days and then he ate and then in the crate for the rest of his life right. So I told most of our clients that story, so they know they are little spoiled puppy who’s used to eating free or eating whenever he wants to or when he tells mom and dad to like he’s. A dog dogs won’t starve himself. So don’t feel too bad for him. He needs to eat. When he’s told just like your children do he’s a little puppy.

He shouldn’t be running the show so Foods down 10 or 15 minutes, and it comes up Who’s down 10 or 15 minutes and comes up. That’S going to be a routine, so the dog learn to eat in our time. This is also very important. This is also very important because we need to be able to time when the dog is going to be using the bathroom to poop. So if I free feed the dog, Dog Training Tulsa then he will poop whenever and I don’t know so. If I time his feedings, then I know when he’s going to need to poop. So that’s why I do that. It’S very important that I time his feedings now when it comes to crate training. Some dogs are really hard to train in the crate and we’ll go over that. But I just want to reiterate it’s important to know when the dog is going to eliminate and that’s why I have to be strict on the feeding schedule now. A lot of clients they will not want to be strict. They’Ll feel bad for the dog. The first few days cuz, he doesn’t eat anything only always eats and blah blah blah. But you’re going to have to talking about consistency, you’re going to have to say hey, we see dogs that still pee on the carpet five years later. I need you to be strict with your dog. This is for your dog’s best interest and just tell him hey, you know what potty training is one of the biggest reasons why people get rid of their dogs. If you’re, not strict with your pup chances are, you could be 5 years old and still partying on the ground. So we don’t want that.