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Dog Training in Tulsa : Potty Training

Hello and welcome to another episode of the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host Ryan Limby and I am here with our co-host Robert Robert. Hello sir. So we are here. We’re here in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Dog Training in Tulsa Right we do dog training obedience training off leash obedience aggression and more. And today we want to talk about aggression. I would say Dog aggression is one of the biggest issues that Robert and I deal with. We’ve been training dogs. It’s 2700 dogs who’ve worked in the last nine years so a lot of dogs to dogs. So a lot of our biggest cases our biggest wins are aggressive dogs. So today I want to talk about some genetic aggression genetic linked aggression and it’s a dog that we just our team just got done working. And what it’s a lab pit bull mix. It looks like mostly pit bull. We’re not really sure. Right. And this was a dog we did a boot camp with. And at five months old it’s very aggressive. Right. Robert I saw he work the dog on down with the you know improvised bite sleeve on because the dog anytime there’s any pressure applied towards the dog the dog. At five months old is tagging people. It’s biting for real.

Dog Training in Tulsa Yes. You know those puppy teeth and all that stuff. It’s not fun.

Yeah. And I mean it’s tail tucked and it’s like it’s over it’s food bowl I mean resource guarding likes for real. It hunkered over its food bowl and acted like it was going to murder me. And toxify some console. And now for five and a half months old. And so when we see dogs that young and they’re showing like real real aggression we always know it’s genetically linked aggression. Right. This dog the guy got it. He does homeless ministry right. Which we think is awesome. And he got it from a homeless person and their dog had puppies. Right. So these are dogs from the streets. But five months old is really. What would you say Robert is probably the age that we really start to see real aggression pop out where people were dogs just aren’t biting everybody.

Dog Training in Tulsa I mean you know I’m going to say maybe no.

Once Now eight months eight months old.

Yeah. So I mean five months old if the dog’s not even out of the puppy stage until 21 weeks until like five and a half months old. Right. Then Normally if you think about a person you might not see it till they’re like a teenager. Right. You wouldn’t see it when the kids like five years old if the kid’s getting violently aggressive when they’re 5 and 6 years old as a child. And that’s a big warning sign right or wrong something wrong. So normally I mean on a lot of the dogs we’ve seen if they have a tendency. You’re exactly right about eight to 10 months old is when we’re going to see that tendency start to come out. Once that testosterone or estrogen or whatnot starts to kind of hit them eight 10 months old when will kind of start to see a pop a little bit. But the dog might be showing some signs of aggression but normally they’re not just going to be like a monster and just tag everybody over everything. Right. We normally see that after a few years once it builds around two to three three to five years old is really where I start to see the bluffers become biters. All right. And they’ve been showing aggression they’ve been showing signs of aggression but it’s not like it’s not legitimate. It’s not they haven’t built enough confidence you know what I mean. OK. So you’re talking about language. Yeah yeah. No I’m talking about like hey when did these dog start really biting people calling him on him. Well bam got it right.

Dog Training in Tulsa And we might see it start to pop a little. Eight eight to ten months All right. Once a dog starts to become a little more of a young adult. But the real biting we normally don’t see till say three to five years right after it’s had a few years to build up so when we see this dog and you know he was a sweet dog if you just like pet him he’s like hey I’m friendly hello. But he’d start to say we’re on down. All right you worked him on down for hours. Yeah. And he’s just like dude I’m not doubting I I’ll freaking bite your face off. Yes. The pressure and the pressure that he put on him. Yeah.

You know if you try to get him to do anything that he can now. Yeah. Yes he would definitely. The not find nothing it.

Dog Training in Tulsa So for the people out there there are like a lot of people are like oh you guys have to train pit bulls Floyd. Yeah. And I love pit bulls. I love pit bulls Oh yes some of the sweetest dog. Absolutely they are something sweet sweetest dogs. But there we have this 90 percent or so that’s sweet. But then we also have a few percentage out there that still has some genetic aggression they were bred to be aggressive or the people that fight dogs they’re going to breed the most aggressive ones they can find. Right. And so just like if mommy or daddy has you know schizophrenia or bipolar or whatever sometimes they pass it on will the dogs can do that too. Right. And so that’s one of the issues that we have to deal with sometimes. Robert Knight did a pit bull four or five years ago that at eight months eight eight nine months old was a monster. Yes. Remember that dog Robert. Yes I sure do. And so this lady had got two pits. And when she bought him the guy she got him from. Told him that the dad is a fighting dog. Actually I did not know that you didn’t know that that’s it. Oh my God you no. OK. So anyway the dog was a monster. We both worked so we could pull the dog off because it says the dog is strong like 18 months old. He was already a monster. He was trying to go after every dog every person.

Dog Training in Tulsa Whenever I asked him what the bite sleave like he’s he’s hit in the by asleep hard crushing on him and he was just a big a big dog already. Very scary. Oh yeah. It’s really scary. And yet I won’t say his name but he had a scary name too. Right. And it was weird because she wants to take him out in public. She wants him to be fine. And I’m like OK well at eight months old your dog is a monster. Right. Eight 10 months old. He’s a literal monster. Like if he didn’t have the muslin on or worked him one time and were working him I’m pretty sure I would have gone to the bar pretty darn sure that dog was no. Yes so the predicate the genetic aggression is no joke. Like with this dog we just worked on that dog we worked for years ago. That stuff can be controlled but it’s never necessarily going to be fixed. So like those dogs we got to where we could get them under control and they can listen. But taken all that out of them it’s not going to happen. Right. And some people might say oh you can condition the dog yet we can’t condition the dog.

And we we did condition the dogs but there’s still screws up there. Right.

Dog Training in Tulsa And so what did they do. That’s why the genetic aggression is really hard learned aggression when they learn like hey I showed my teeth and the people left me alone. OK. That’s easier to deconditioned right. I can handle that stuff. Or just like the dogs the dogs being dominant. Right. That’s way easier to handle that genetic link stuff is just absolutely hands down. Probably one of the hardest issues we have to deal with. And will we see it more in the pits so definitely be if you’re getting a pit bull. We love them. We’re not going to say don’t get when we love them. But make sure the parents like if someone says oh the dog’s a fighting dog or if you rescue a pit and it’s been like a fine dog or been bred out of those or been bred for that you really need to be careful. Right it’s not really a joke. Even if you’re a really good person we did another one it was a really good person right. And they’d rescued the dog and it was a pit but it was same thing about eight to 10 months old. It was chasing people out of the backyard. Write It’s pretty crazy. I told her I’ll be honest I’m not sure why I know we can get some results. I’m not sure if we’re going be able to fix this right. But we got here we got come a muzzle the dog we worked the dog without the muzzle some after like six or nine lessons and we got a lot of good results.

Dog Training in Tulsa But I was still like hey you have to be ultra cautious with this dog. Right. This is this is a genetic link issue. The dogs are a little wild wolf. What happens is is that one day the dog ate eight months old was playing with the other dog and the other dog was 10 years old and actually mauled it. And they had like 25 30 stitches on the dog’s head. Yeah. Really really hurt the dog. And so the other dog was like 10 years old and it was just a really really sweet natured dog. So I hate to see that. It’s very very few of those. I mean we don’t do that many of those right now. Not like that level. That’s a little bit earlier. We’ve

definitely seen some crime scenes sound bites. I wouldn’t say the majority of them are that.

Dog Training in Tulsa Oh no no in the majority of the pit bulls we do are awesome dogs and shout out to Epic’s pit bull rescue. If you’re in the Tulsa area and you are wanting a pit bull if you google epics like epic EBIZ pit bull rescue those guys are super transparent about their dogs. We’ve trained a few of them we’ve trained the people who run that rescue we’ve trained their two dogs a blue nose and red nose. And if you’re looking for a pit bull those guys are awesome and they have great dogs and they’re very. They will tell you exactly anything wrong or good about the dogs. Right. So definite recommend that but we’re not people. They’re very nice people. We’re not saying stay away from pit bulls though.

Dog Training in Tulsa No no no not at all like I said some of my favorite dogs are pit bulls. And you know you know and you’ll find aggressive dogs in any breed. Absolutely. So but yes just watch out for that genetic stuff you know like I was saying you know try to do your homework make sure you understand where their parents came from. Right. You know what’s what that lineage looks like.

Yeah absolutely. So Jacqueline aggression it’s kind of a big deal. It’s hard that it ends up being controlled not necessarily always fixed. But again those people nothing we can do about it and we’re glad to help them we’ll do what we can. Awesome. Well thank you everyone for tuning in. That’s all we got for today’s show. We’ll see you next time. All right thanks back.