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Dog Training in Tulsa : Train Your Dog

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast. I’m your host Ryan Limby and I’m here with my co-host Robert Methven. Robert. Hello sir. What’s up Ryan Trans-Am Dodger we’ve been doing. Oh yep pretty much all the time. Yeah you have had a busy schedule. We are with tip top canine here in Tulsa Oklahoma and we are obviously expanding to other markets as well. Robert is one of our head trainers and Rachel and I. Ellen Tip-Top can I. So we’re going to be talking about today is our Tip-Top method of dog training. All right let’s. Yeah.  Dog Training in Tulsa First we’re going to do talk about some other dog training methods that are out there. Robert there’s obviously a lot of methods.

There are tons and everybody has their own way of doing things.

Dog Training in Tulsa They absolutely do. And that’s one of the reasons why we do the podcast is because everyone has different ways of doing stuff. And we want to separate some fact from fiction right because everything you read on the Internet is not true. Yeah. So it’s a surprise. I know. So YouTube has lots of free videos.

That doesn’t mean it’s actually a decent way to train. Right. So here in Tulsa and Broken Arrow Wassa all the areas that we serve. Our main method is the Tip-Top method of dog training and what we teach is attention. Right. So it’s very different from the other methods that are out there so we’ll just do a little kind of overview on what most people do. It sounds like a plan. Awesome. So Robert what would you say is the most popular method of dog training out there today.

I’m going to say positive reinforcement treat training. That would probably be the number one way that I think people you know want to train dogs they want to use treats. They want the best positive reinforcement you know rather it’s you know treats or making the dog happy by petting you know making them excited and giving them like that kind of reward reward system.

Dog Training in Tulsa Yes I would die definitely a very positive reinforcement reward based training is definitely definitely the number one method out there that people like. And it’s positive. It is. Right. So dogs will get a happy dogs. What do you say is the biggest problems though that you see with just a dog has been trained up purely positive reinforcement.

Well I find that the biggest problems are going to be with that type of training and that type of system is that the dog is mostly going to listen you know when you have you know if you are training with treats or whatever the dog is going to listen when you have the treats you run out of treats you run out of control and you know. Now not every single dog or every single situation is like that but a lot of times you know if the dogs are doing it for a reward if you don’t have those rewards readily available they’re the likeliness of them just doing whatever they want is pretty high.

Right. OK. Yeah I definitely agree. So one of the biggest problems I have with Pure Positive reinforcement is compared to squirrel or rabbit or running. Right. If some higher reward comes by then that dog is going to take whatever is highest reward for them.

Dog Training in Tulsa Right. So I did a dog yesterday and today is Friday so I did a few days ago Wednesday and when I left the dog I was doing really good with our method.

And the reason I was called out there is because a dog likes to run likes to chase cars which is a pretty deadly habit. Oh yeah. No you don’t catch one. Yeah hopefully he doesn’t catch one.

Not good so as I’m leaving as I’m leaving the dog hops the fence and it starts running. And so I try to catch the dog with the lady and the dog hop the fence it’s a six foot privacy fence. He’s like a super cool pitbull and we love train and pit bulls we do tons here in Tulsa. We do want the pit bulls. Lots of pit lots of pits. So it’s not a problem we love them. But yeah he hopped a six foot privacy fence and he was running. And I got treats out but he knows the game right.

Running for him is the highest reward. Yes the treats shaking the bag a treat. Oh yeah and down the road. That’s right. That’s not getting. I tried to make my leash and lasso tried to lasso him but he knows he knows he stays a good ten feet away wagging his tail. That’s the highest reward for him and the lady went in the house and got sausages and hotdogs and came out with sausages and hotdogs and he probably didn’t know.

He didn’t know. I’ll tell you what he did do is he did chase every single car that came by and he ran frantically and I was like fringing. And you know I tried to really I tried to help her get the dog. And after about 15 20 minutes the dog was gone. He chased her car and he didn’t really come back. I was like oh my gosh.

Dog Training in Tulsa And she goes normally she’s like we have nine people here my husband seven kids normally with seven of us we can like go to all the different parts of the neighborhood and kind of corral them. Normally I just wait and normally an hour and half he’ll come back and I was like Are you serious. I feel horrible leaving and she was like I’m going inside.

She was done. She was like she’s like she’s over that dog’s going to be the highest reward. Is chase the car running free and he was happy. I mean that little guy was so happy. The most exciting part of his day. Yes it was definitely the most exciting part of his day. But the crazy thing is is that I had the dog coming in about 10 minutes to me on a six foot leash and a remote collar. Right. So using our Tip-Top method when I went out there to assess the dog and for all of our clients we don’t actually sign anyone up without actually doing their dog and doing one dollar first lesson with them. So none of our clients just call them signed up we’ve worked with their dogs. This person knew what we were going to be able to do with our dog. Right. So it’s really sad to me when I know like hey him one or two hours I can get this dog coming off leash like a guaranteed you get. I know you do it every day. Every day every day you get lessons all day every day. He blocks of the six days away from all of our doctors. You stay pretty busy I’d say you’re probably one of the busiest. Yes I’m definitely pretty busy. There is a lot of dogs out there I’ve noticed.

Yeah there is. There is a lot of a lot of bad dogs still love dogs and need training.

Dog Training in Tulsa So that’s the downside to just pure positive though when it comes to strictly reward the dog is going to take the high reward. No if ands or buts. Yes.

The other downside is timing right.

Studies have shown that the dog’s brain goes ding the most if the dog gets the treat within half a second.

Most people aren’t that good.

Yeah you have to go really quickly. Right.

Dog Training in Tulsa Timing is very important timing super important comes the reward. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s where the clickers come in. Our marker training clicker training training will kind of go over in the next podcast. But yet timing timing is pretty huge with the treats. And so like our method our Tip-Top method of dog training isn’t as reliant on our clients having perfect timing. Our clients you deal with a lot of client right you’re an exceptional client trainer. Clients can be very hard to train. We need the easiest method possible because these people are calling us because they actually don’t know how to train the dog right. They’re not professional dog trainers. No idea. No idea clearly. So our method is the simplest method the quickest results doing it with a dog and the quickest we can actually train the client right. And so we if our whole focus is on timing when I see people treat train.

What I do is I see them and they’ve got food and they’re actually say they’re working six or downs. They tell the dog sit and they wait like 10 seconds give the dog the food and they’re actually rewarding the dog for staying. Right. Yeah sometimes. Yeah. Instead of actually getting the dog moving quickly.

So the timing is so so huge with the foods the other method real quick negative reinforcement. Right. What are we using people use.

I mean all types of chain dangers. $ you know Jock callers Yeah. Newspapers squirt bottles you know all sorts Dick’s whatever they can find whatever they can find.

Sometimes it’s a surprising point when they tell us yeah last Saturday or so the lady she’s wagging the dog with the newspaper right now is still doing it she’s getting whacked. And so the problem with negative reinforcement is if you’re going to teach the dog that they don’t listen something bad happens and if they don’t keep listening you have to increase how bad it is. Right. Which is really going to ruin the dog’s attitude. Yes so we’re not super huge fans.

Dog Training in Tulsa Also it depends on how strong the person is like like I worked another trainer’s dog recently and not their personal dog the dog they had trained and it was trained on a prong collar and that particular trainer is a very harder individual. He’s kind of harsh with the dogs. But it is £105 Shepherd and it was like a £115 lady and yes even with the prong collar that lady can’t manipulate the dog.

Yeah right. She can’t force at all because she’s not strong enough. The dog will just take it from mom. So that’s one of the problems if we start getting negative and we kind of just got to keep getting negative and keep getting negative. And so that’s the main method. Right. Dugard I roared you do bad. Something bad happens or you don’t do good and then something bad happens and then the bag goes away whenever you listen.


Dog Training in Tulsa Really brief overview of the main two methods but what I want to talk about the cost of those two methods which isn’t what we use but I want to kind of