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Dog Training in Tulsa : Trainers Accountable

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host Ryan Wimpey and I’m here with my co-host Robert Methven Robert. How are you sir. I’m doing pretty good. Dog Training in Tulsa Awesome hard work and hard. Awesome. Yet you’ve been busy lately. We’ve been busy lately and that’s why my beautiful wife Rachel is out playing with puppies in training dog trainers and holding our trainers accountable for everything on their list because we are busy. Lot of dogs need to be trained out there right. A lot of misbehaving dogs a lot of owners that need trained. So that’s what Rachel is doing right now. But I appreciate you being here with me Robert. Well I’m glad to help. So I appreciate you talking yesterday about the border collie and what you want to talk about today. I want to talk about the I really want to talk about the snowball effect with aggression right here on our podcast. We want to talk about dog training right. We want to talk about the dog Coltart dog breeds which are getting doggy. You know we’re talking all types of dogs in here. So aggression is probably one of the number one things people call us for. Right. So you’ve brought up the muscle and how you use the muscle. Right so we don’t get. We can actually work the dog people can work through stuff without having any problems. And I would say the majority of the Muslims out there in the market suck. They’re not good for like dog training needs are really for working aggressive dogs.

So the open faced muscles What do you think of those Robert.

I don’t like to use them because I still feel that a dog can bite once.

Dog Training in Tulsa So the point is the dog can’t bite you. Not that muzzle. Yeah.

I mean I guess with that muzzle the dog is maybe unable to have more of an open bite or really bite but because there’s still enough room for the dog to kind of open his mouth it can it can definitely nip and yeah and get your arm and or wherever it’s trying to bite you back. So you know I understand them like OK the dog can probably still bite you and it could still hurt and it will probably draw blood and all that stuff. Is it going to be as deep of a bite or as you know as big of an open mouth bite. No it won’t have the ability to do that. Yes.

Dog Training in Tulsa Still not super comfortable. Yeah. As you know I was a professional dog trainer. I feel like the best muscles are the basket muscles that have two straps one that go bad. My basket. I mean it covers the entire face right in the open mouth. But then there’s there’s straps that go around the back and then there’s a strap that goes down the front of the head as well that attaches to the back. So because we’ve had dogs where it’s just the strap goes around the back and it’s a basket muscle. But then they just pull it down and the strap across the front of the head makes sure that the dog can’t pull it up or down. Right. Yes. So two muscles that we use a lot of we use the Baskerville muscle. Right. It’s a rubber muscle. It’s like $20 or so depending on which size 25. Relatively inexpensive we use a lot of those that were used at the lesson. Was it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So those are good. The dogs can breathe really good. We like that. My favorite if we use the Baskerville is I like to get the baby blue one for baby blue and and if I’m training a pit bull especially if it’s like a really really vicious dog if it’s it’s a black dog for sure. I like to put the baby blue muzzle on.

It just makes him look a little less intimidating. Does it does if I have a white or white dog or a tan dog and then I put the black one on and they look like Hannibal Lecter. Yes. Know a lot of people say that too but it looks like Hannibal Lecter.

People don’t like it when they when they see their dogs because they say no it is scary. Yeah. So you know we need to protect ourselves and protect others. Right. Right.

I would like to if we could get a muzzle we could paint a smiley face on it and I would like that. That would be so. OK. So the Baskerville muzzle you know when we’re training aggressive dogs and we do it as far as a broken general area Dog Training in Tulsa.

I mean how many of your appointments your run and tons of appointments right now. Right. Are just you’re training a ton of dogs. What percentage of our Pullmans would you say right now would be a christian related issues. Well the dominant sphere resource guarding whatever.

Well there’s 5 percent 25 percent just to estimate.

Well it just I mean like I said there’s tons of different levels of aggression right. You know but I would say people that think that their dog has aggression aggression issues I would say there’s probably a good I want to say 20 percent that I was thinking 15 20 percent or something along that line. You know obviously you know a lot of a lot of clients I know think that their dogs have aggression showers. And you know it’s not necessarily the aggression that they think that it is. You know if the dog is playing and nipping and stuff like that then you know that’s I wouldn’t really. Some people think that’s aggression. I’m like no that’s just them playing you know. Right. Even when they play with other dogs they think they’re being aggressive. I’m like no they’re just playing they’re having a good time. Like dogs don’t play the way humans do. No. And so we think that’s very odd but that’s normal in the dog world. Absolutely. Yeah.

So so yeah. So back to the muscles we used the Baskerville on right that rubber one like that one. The other ones that we use that we found really like the dogs except I’m a lot more I want to talk about it real quick and then I want to talk about how we can do proper conditioning to the muscle. Right. So dogs don’t get it off while we’re training. So this is for people that are out there listening and then they’re like Oh I think I need to call a dog trainer but maybe I should get my dog used to the muzzle first. Right. So the other ones in agitation muscle. Yes. And you’re the one that really brought these up and you kind of started using that agitation is for like protection and bite training stuff like that. And it’s a heavier duty leather reinforced muzzle for dogs they’re doing bite and protection work mostly German shepherds but the dogs really don’t mind it as much.

Yes so I have found that with the basket muzzles you know I still think they’re great muscles and they work good you know. But dogs are still you know more irritated by them.

Yeah. They want to get them rubber on their face. Yeah Dog Training in Tulsa.

You know but whenever I have put the agitation on a dog I’ve noticed that the very you know I don’t I see very rarely but a lot less of the time.

Dog Training in Tulsa Are they trying to get it off or are they bothered by it. I’ve had dogs that would you know try to get even the basket muzzles off you know continuously for 20 minutes and then I put one of the agitation muzzles on and completely fine. Yeah. You feel like it’s because they breathe better out of it because it’s leather it’s not as irritating as the rubber or you know just different structure it’s just different it’s the way that it fits on their face. You know you don’t have you know it’s it kind of fits over their face. You know and they have that around their muscle. You know they have that heart. You know the plastic that kind of pushes up against their face I think that kind of tends to annoy them. Yeah you know but this just kind of fits around their face. And so I think that it’s more comfortable in that way you know for whatever reason they like it a lot better.

Yeah. So yeah the agitation muscle that can be found online. Amazon wherever you get your dog training gear. So how I like to condition the dogs to the muzzle and this is what I recommend our clients do. So I recommend they make it a little party hat for a few days. Right. This is a little jackpot Dog Training in Tulsa.

So I put some biscuits in the muzzle and let the dog eat it out. I let him sniff the muzzle I put some more biscuits and there let him eat dog biscuits. Yes. Yes. Biscuits and gravy. I put biscuits and gravy and there is some Pillsbury Dough Boy croissants. No dumb dog biscuits in there some treats some Whatever you use. And then I let him eat it out and I do that multiple times a day for a few days. All right I’ll make it a little party hat when I get out the muzzle and the dog gets excited then I’m ready to actually put it on the dog. Then what I want to do and this is what I have our clients do. Now do all of them do their homework properly. No but you listeners out there you know this so if you’re going to be hiring a dog trainer and we’re expanding multiple cities so you might be using US you will save a lot of time and save a lot of money if your dog is properly conditioned to the muzzle because he’s not going to be fighting it during the lesson with the trainer. He’s already uncomfort are going to be uncomfortable. So the better he is conditioned to the muscle the easier the dog training lessons are going to go. Now if you’re in the Oklahoma area then obviously you should be calling us up here. But I want you to until you get the muscle out and the dogs excited don’t actually strap it on. OK Dog Training in Tulsa.

Dog Training in Tulsa So while you’re feeding him the treats and stuff you should be sizing it around his head right the side straps in the front strap. Then what you’re going to do once you get it out and he starts to like it you’re going to put it on pretty tight and you’re going to put a leash on him and you’re going to watch TV for 30 minutes and every single time he starts to try to pull it off. You’re just going to tell him no and take his paws off and you’re going to make him leave it on for 30 minutes without getting it off. Then you’re gonna take it off and give him some more treats.

Dog Training in Tulsa Definitely getting them comfortable with it you know. We don’t want them to have to look at as much as a bad thing. No. When you first put it on the dog and you know the dog is all stressed out and your you know just having you know putting the dog in a very stressful situation right then the dog’s going to think hey every time the muzzle comes out that’s just the beginning of the super stressful. Oh yeah. So definitely bringing in then you know having them kind of comfortable with it and getting used to it getting to the point of where it’s not so stressful then when you go to add in you know especially other training and stuff that you know they’re not going to look at the muzzle as stressful. The beginning of a stressful situation exactly like that.

Great point. So that’s all we got for today. Thank you for joining us on the man’s best friend podcast. I’m your host Ryan Wimpey and this is Robert and we will get you next time he’s out