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dogs in Meridian Idaho | Who let the dogs out, seriously Susan?!

This content was written for Tip Top K9.

Dogs, where would we be without them? We learned so much from dogs, such as practicing unconditional love and just being there when we need them most. Dogs in Meridian Idaho have found a new place to train at Tip Top K9 dog training. We offer several different types of training, from: individual dog training, puppy training, potty training, aggressive dog training and group classes. Our trainers are here to help make life more easy for you and your dog. Whether you want basic obedience training or more advanced training, maybe to help boost your dog’s instagram followers. Whatever your desire we can help accomplish your goals.

Have an independent dog? Maybe don’t need no man? Well, we’ve got a fix for that. We encourage bonding and social hierachy in your home. You must become the boss over your dog or your dog will forever be bossy, and no not in the “I’m so bossy” good way. Dogs in Meridian Idaho give us owners so much to live for, but only when we live in harmony with our four-legged friends. Tip Top K9 dog training can fix 95% of behavioral issues in your dog in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. We’re so confident in our skills and services that we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Respect is earned not given by dogs. It takes time and diligent working with your dog for them to respect you as the Alpha dog or pack leader. Want to stop asking who let the dogs out? Well the Tip Top K9 dog training can help you with that, plus much more. Dogs in Meridian Idaho will have a new fun facility to become the best good boys and girls! We can fix issues ranging from; mouthing, biting, nipping to putting your dog in time out until they are acting like the model citizen dog, we know they can be!

Dogs in Meridian Idaho will get their very first lesson for only one dollar! That’s right you heard us correctly, only one dollar for their lesson. Why so cheap you may ask? I’m glad you asked we are so confident in our abilities to train your dog that we know after our first session you will come back to complete your dog’s training. We will create a customized dog training regimen that will work best for you and your puppy. Tip top K9 dog training understands every dog is different and we constantly keep this in mind as we structure a one-of-a-kind dog training service for you. After several years of dog training we have developed and implemented many different styles to best fit your dog’s learning style and temperment.

“So where’s the catch?”, you may ask. Well the catch is that are so confident you will receive the best training for your dogs in Meridian Idaho and will be 100 percent satisfied. If not we will return your money and wish you and your dog the best. We have no packages or prices on our website. That’s because this is all customized for you and your dog. Please visit our website or call 1.833.484.7867 to get started on your fully customizable dog training.