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If you have a dog that is unwilling to listen and keep your commands, and disobeys on the time, take them over to Tip Top K9. It will do everything we can to make sure that we take great care of your dog, and bring them back to you in better condition than ever. If you have been wanting to Find Dog Trainers Tulsa, tip top K9 is perfect for you and your dog.

Our goal is working with your dog is to make them fully trained that once they leave our care, you take can take you dog anywhere and everywhere that you go. We want to make sure that they have great obedience off the leash, as well as put a big emphasis on making sure their manners are great as well. The great thing about our company is that all right trainers love dogs, we do this job because we love dogs and want to help them and help you as well. During our training sessions, we will provide a dog structure and boundaries to help teach them how to listen to us, and more importantly to you when they go back home. So come to Tip Top K9 when you want to Find Dog Trainers Tulsa.

We don’t want to make your dog a robot, but rather have respect for you in the way you say and asked him to do. It is our goal to reach 100% obedience once daily by care. We want you to love your dog and enjoy being around them, not yelling at them every time that you are around trying to get them to do something. Which is why these unique methods of training because we strive to teach your dog to listen and have respect. So whenever you are looking to find dog trainers Tulsa, we are perfect option for you.

Even if your dog is a little bewildering you’ve had them for a while, but they’re starting to be disobedient, I have never really fully trained them. We can fix that. I training sessions usually last around 2 to 4 weeks, which is not a long time considering that once they are done there is a 95% chance that they will not come back. We went help every dog that we can monitor their age. Or anything like that. So bring them by to schedule your next dog training session with tiptop K9.

If you have been considering working with us in joining one of our programs, content writing members today. We will be more than happy to answer any questions they may have regarding any of our training programs what lessons we offer. You can also go to our website and there will be able to scroll through and like everything else that we offer. We want you to be able to see every option, so that we can pick the best one for you and your dog. You can also go through and look at customer reviews, seeking see real stories from you that have worked with us previously, and to the testimony about how much better their dog is after they left our care. 883-484-7867