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If there is a canine member in your family we know here at TipTopK-9 that it’s important to you to Find the Dog Trainers in Boise Idaho. We are confident that when you come to us at tiptop K-9 that is exactly what you will get. We guarantee that If there is a canine member in your family we know here at the top canine that it’s important to you to find the best trainers in Boise Idaho. We are confident that when you come to us at tiptop k-9 that is exactly what you will get. We guarantee that we will fix 95% of your dog’s problem behaviors in 2 to 4 weeks or we will give your money back. Not only that but we also offer your first lesson for only a dollar. Because we understand that every dog has their very own personality and not every training plan is going to work for a wide variety of canine family members we serve.

It doesn’t take an expert to understand, it is that quality dog training and knowledge that you can find the best dog trainers in boise Idaho, will be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Here at tiptop k-9 we know, that a well-trained dog gets to enjoy more family time, more indoor time, and more time doing what they love; being part of your family. Not to mention, most important to your dog, more time doing what they love, being your best friend. We offer several training services which include aggressive dog, dog training, puppy training, potty training, and group classes. Anybody that has ever owned a puppy knows how frustrating potty training can be. That’s why when we are training your dog we are not going to train them where not the potty, but instead we are going to show them and teach them where they should potty. Establishing a routine for your dog is very important, in this process and we’re going to teach you all of it.

When you find the best dog trainers in Boise Idaho with us it is going to give you new skills and knowledge that’s going to make you able to teach your dog many skills including, not jumping, and correct behavior problems like, mouthing, fighting, and nipping. You will finally be able to fix those holes that your dog continues to dig in your beautiful yard which is found only when your foot is already in it. We are going to give you the ability to take your dog with you whenever you want. After all, isn’t that why you love your dog and bring them into our family and home. So that we can be with them.

How frustrating is it to welcome a new member into your family and then not be able to include them in family events? Without proper training, you can be missing out on the true joy of your dog genuinely being your best friend. There is a huge amount of trust that is involved when you bring a new dog into your family and home. Don’t struggle with a disobedient dog when you don’t have to. You will enjoy more peaceful days, and calmer nights. Not to mention a good night’s sleep, in the absence of barking, that can last the entire night. But don’t take our word for it we invite you to come to our website at and watch the many testimonials from our satisfied informed customers.

Another way they know you will find the best dog trainers in Boise Idaho when you call tiptop k-9, is when you and your dog have mastered the five non-Negotiable commands that every dog should have. Here at tiptop K-9, we know that training can be an incredibly bonding experience for you and your dog. And then satisfaction their customers fill when there’s no more yelling with no response. And you can go for a walk at your favorite park and not have to worry about pulling jumping fighting or nipping. You can feel comfortable when a stranger dog approaches you as you know that your dog understands what you expect from him and they know how to what is expected of them. A trained dog is a happy dog.

Find the Best Dog Trainers in Boise Idaho | Meet Our Founder!

There are many reasons that dog owners know that it is time to Find the Best Dog Trainers in Boise Idaho. They include but are not exclusive to problem behaviors such as being too protective of their toys. How wonderful would it be to be old to tell your family dog a simple command like Leavitt and know that your dog will listen? Or it could be the case that they bark a lot, at inappropriate times, and welcome guests in your home. Or maybe your furry friend has a less than desirable leash manner. Causing your walk in the park less than an enjoyable event.

If you are a responsible dog owner in the Boise area, your first course of action will be to Find the Best Dog Trainers in Boise Idaho. and here at TipTopK-K9, we believe that we are just that option. Our founder Ryan has a great passion for training dogs he began while still in high school. Even at that age, he knew that he could do something to change the fate of the disobedient dogs he saw there were left outside all because their owners cannot control their behavior. His first dog he named Curly.

Even though he loved Curly very much, Curly had behavioral issues which kept Curly and his relationship less than what Ryan desired. After all, Curly was his best friend and he knew that even though he had a full class load he had to get Curly trained. After enrolling Curly in obedience classes Ryan was discouraged that Curly still often ran away I would pull at his leash. While inside the house Curly listened enough intense think it’s time I think I’m talking until I got now I to all of his commands and even had several fun tricks under his belt. But all bets were off as soon as they went outside and Curly did not listen at all, this was a problem.

This led Ryan to dedicate himself to training curly on his own he watched endless hours of the dog whisperer while all of his friends were out hanging out on Friday nights he was at home telling his friends that he was studying instead of learning to train his dog. He remained committed to training curly for the next two years and was still unable to correct the nascent parking Curly loved to bark, at anything and everything. The day came that Curly had to move in with Ryan’s mom because of the behaviors that Ryan was not able to correct where he still lives today. So when the day came that Ryan moved back to Tulsa and bought his first home he knew that he must find himself a best friend. Only this time it was going to be different.

So if you’re like Ryan, you know you have to Find the Best Dog Trainers in Boise Idaho. Here at TipTopK9 we have continued with the passion that Ryan founded this our company. The fact is that the number one reason people get rid of dogs is behavioral problems. We love being able to give you the tools that you need to train and overcome the unique behavioral issues you have with your family dog. If you want to find a trainer that is passionate about your dog’s training and providing your family with the best possible outcome for your dog’s life then give us a call at our toll-free number 833-484-7897 Or visit our website at