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Meridian Idaho Dog Training from Top Tip K9 Dog Training actually wants be able to build a foundation within your group. If you actually have a dog that has actually gone to the one-on-one training with us on and after graduating through you have been able to really see a vague noticeable to fit between your dog and you should actually know that we actually be able to provide you group classes even after the one-on-one group is after the one-on-one training with the trainers done. So you exit that for life. And it’s definitely an integral part of the dog training. Which means your dog is still to be getting the training that you have been practicing with your trainer but also to be able to be around other dogs as well as other dog owners. There you’ll be able to know have a lot longer and more consistency in training a dog in a group class and also being able to remain the same.

Meridian Idaho Dog Training from Top Tip K9 Dog Training normal group structure is about one trainer two 112 or 10 to 12 students and their dogs. And you see the guy what will happen is that the trainer actually demonstrates or shows a command to the group and how they are taught and how each person individually needs to execute the command with their own dog and also you will have homework to be prepared for that. Scott gives a call if you want be able to know more about what kind of homework would include as well as exactly what you would be looking at four puppy class obedience class or even on to certain problems that and I’m sure exactly how to be able to overcome them.

Meridian Idaho Dog Training is all about making sure that were over delivering. That’s why it’s very important for us to make sure that you know that as trainers we are highly skilled but also highly and then intensively trained. Every single trainer on every single location as it trained the exact same way with different training methods. Every dog is not a one-size-fits-all kind of learner. Some dogs learn faster than others some take to one command more easily than they take to another command. So we want to be able to let you know that we have a progression of obedience classes at be able to move to once your dog actually get started.

So here at Top Tip K9 Dog Training we actually have puppy class, beginner obedience, intermediate obedience, advanced obedience, dog tricks, agility obedience, and rally obedience and more. So usually puppy class of the five week course and it happens every Saturday we also have the beginner obedience class which again is also a five week course same time same day every week for both of those and will actually explore the beginner obedience class with you to be able to identify any problems and also see the advantages of actually taking the class.

To build a foundation with us here Top Tip K9 Dog Training. You and it’s all about you and your best friend., Make sure addressing problems but also addressing them in the right way to reconnect a CD full advantage as well be able to have a return on your investment today. So call 833-484-7867 or visit [email protected] to learn more.