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Do you have a stubborn animal. If so then you should consider Meridian Idaho dog training company. We are part of the tip top K9 family that only offers the best very proud of the fact that we have been honored with 2020 best of treasure Valley dog training we can probably say we are the best in the state and why would you not want the best. And here’s the beauty of it you can have the best for one dollar that’s right we offer our very first lesson for just one dollar because we know that this is a huge commitment this is a member of your family and because of that we are going to give you that first lesson for just one dollar. like I said at that time were going to go ahead and write an action plan for you and your pooch.

Our Meridian dog training company is a feather in our cap we know it is why we can be so confident you to common experience for yourself your dog will think you your family will thank you your friends will think you and that super important right whenever we have an animal to take care them there are best friends after all what else would we do. We can fix 95% of your dog’s problems and we guarantee that or your money back. That’s a big claim and we know that that’s why we’re always going to make sure we live up to that.

Give your dog has obedience issues and poor manners come to our Meridian Idaho dog training company will never regret this choice why would you we all would like to have a dog that has great manners and knows what can when his owner commands him it is a non-negotiable if you have a big breed commands have to be nonnegotiable you have a big breed you already know this you may be stalling on making the step to call us that that’s why the one dollar lesson is so important we want to know what our dollars going to want to know what quality we are receiving without making the commitment and why not this is a big commitment it’s a lot of work for you and your pet and assume we are so ready to get into this adventure with you you will not regret it.

The reason that we have a 4.9 rating is that we pay attention to the little details with your dog and who they are because just like us all of our dogs their personalities this way you fell in love with your dog right for their very own Meridian Idaho Dog Training Company personality they offer you know your dog like nobody else knows your dog just like you know your family.

we will respect this and appreciate your dog as your best friend. And just like the rest of our friends we want the best for our friends. Is that your dog was born to do what they love to do being your friend that is then you owe it to them to be run back when you’re ready to do that we’re ready to be here for you give us a call at 833-484-7867 or you can always check out our website at