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This content was written for Tip Top K9.

With years of experience and top ranked trainers at Tip Top K9 provide the best service to dog owners and what it takes for dogs to become obedient. Only $1 for your first session in which you can gain a better understanding of your dogs behavior and what it takes to train your furry friend. Age is just a number and you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks!

From teaching your dog how to sit, stay, and come the trainers with Tip Top K9 in Meridian Idaho training dogs can provide you with the key tools for teaching your dog the way they should behave and listen. Though, training a dog go beyond just the simple terms of “sit” and “stay” we also specialize in teaching your dog how to stop barking at strangers and tugging at the leash when going for walks. These one-on-one sessions and group classes will have your furry pup listening in no time.

Imagine coming home and discovering your houseplants all dug up, or guests coming in through your front door and your new puppy greets them with so much excitement it nearly knocks them over. Sure you could spray them with a spray bottle, or yell at them, but those are just quick fixes to a bigger problem. In Meridian Idaho training dogs with Tip Top K9 provides you with customized plans during one-on-one sessions giving you key knowledge that will have your dog listening to you long after the training and classes are completed. We guarantee that the problems you’re experiencing with your dog will see positive results in our six-week classes will give you the confidence as a dog owner that you have always longed for.

Potty training can be a challenge as any new dog parent would agree. You’ve let your new puppy out and all they want to do is play, so you think to yourself that they just might not have to go. Soon after letting them in the house you discover that they did in fact have to go to the bathroom as they used the dining room rug to prove it. Every dog owner does the struggle of trying to remain patient and positive during this time potty training. In Meridian Idaho training dogs when and where to go to the bathroom is one of the top training services provided at Tip Top K9. Our top-ranked trainers have worked with all breeds of dogs in all sizes too, and know what it takes to get a schedule implemented and have your new puppy potty trained in no time.

As a new dog owner things get pretty pricey for your new pup. Go ahead and check out our website [email protected] to learn more about the many training services we provide and schedule yours for only a dollar. For any questions, concerns, or consultation needs colors at 1.833.484.7867 for we are happy to assist you in any areas of dog training.