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If you ask the advice of the skilled Oklahoma Dog Trainers at TipTopK-9, what is the most important thing an owner can do in order to have a healthy, happy dog. What would make them the most responsible they can possibly be? They have a dog so they are going to take care of their dogs because we do not want dogs Interstate that are not being taken care of by families that are not keeping their dogs responsibly. The issue is if your dog becomes aggressive in any way and decides it is not responsible to his listen to anybody else other than its own whims and its own instincts to this dog may become dangerous.

But you have the resources in order to mitigate this risk by simply calling Oklahoma Dog Trainers and we have the very best at Tip Top K-9. So instead of letting your dog be a liability to not only yourself, but also your neighbors and your friends and family why would you not make the obvious choice and just get a hold of one of our trainers first and the very first lesson they’re going to be able to teach your dog to be off of their leash and understand come and stay. This is a very basic commands all dogs should know is a non-negotiable command. There are several non-negotiable commands your dog should always happen if they do not this is the very first call to action to get your dog some training.

It’s not hard to do just pick up your phone and give a call to Oklahoma Dog Trainers you’re going to be amazed at the value that you were going to buy whenever you called Tip Top. Whenever you get a hold of us you’re going to find out that your very first lesson is only going to cost you $1 and it’s during the first lesson your dog is going to gain a skill. of leaving you so proud, you’ll ’go home and buy it some dog treats.

We’re not telling you to train your dog with his dog treats because, that is not how we do it we do not believe that you should always give your dog rewards in order to get them trained because whenever you stop rewarding them they are going to stop performing this is not the type of training you’re going to find whenever you come to Tip Top instead you’re going to find a lesson that is going to be catered towards your pet. That’s the type of training that they are going to receive the whole time that they are training with the best Oklahoma Dog Trainers.

We are proud we can claim this title because it happens to be that we are one of the most reviewed and highest-reviewed dog training in our state. We’re quite proud of this we’ve worked very hard to get there and this is why we have so many wonderful dogs that are state that have been trained by the teamwork as Tip Top and they’re responsible pet owners they call Best Friends that’ll give us a call at call us at 833-484-7867 and as always go to our website for more information at