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When you come to Owasso dog training here at tiptop K-9 you can expect that you’re going to get the best of the best dog training services that we had to offer and you will better not only your life that your dogs life as well. We know how freshening can be when you can’t take your dog in the public and you’re catching yourself constantly yelling and stressing about your dog. So as a growing company we decided that we can give you exactly what you’re looking for and a dog training company as well as the best customer service possible to you. Our company wants to give you what you deserve and a dog training facility and give you better results than any other company in this market.

All of our clients that have received training at our Owasso dog training facility have been extremely satisfied with the results of their dog within the first week of the lessons. You your dog to stop jumping on your guest or you have at your house and stop running off and pulling you whenever you’re walking? Whenever you bring your dog to our company to get help and to receive dog training services you can expect that your dog is going to be 100% change after the lessons are completed. Your dog will be a brand-new dog that you’re going to fall in love with all over again and you’re going to love our company forgetting just that for you.

Your best bet for dog training is going to be here at Owasso dog training we can bring any breed of any age to ask for help whether that be extreme behavioral characteristics or something as simple as potty training your puppy. We take care of all the hassle and the stress you have to worry about getting the best service are not because with us getting the most out of your time and money. All of our reviews Oliver testimonials will prove to you just that and if that doesn’t prove it to you when you schedule your first lesson with us for just a dollar will build to show you within minutes how fast and how effective our trainings can be on your dog.

We will be placing your dog with only the most professional trainers in the business and in your area. We teach and force 100% come when called and much more than that which includes stopping nuisance barking and bad behaviors. A little about our company is our founder Ryan started training dogs in high school and hated seeing dogs because their owners can control them. So Ryan’s goal with two tree and train family dogs and tried consistently to teach dogs to do different tricks and different commands whenever you have a chance. In college Ryan stopped on the side of road and buys first boxer puppy for $25. He then moved to the city and train new for baby while taking on a load full of classes. This is how tiptop K-9 dog training became the business that it is today.

After use our services to help train your dog you can expect that your dog will be brand-new and the best on that you’ve ever had in the most well behaved dog. To get your first lesson schedule please contact us at the toll-free number at 1-833-484-7867 as well as on our [email protected] to fill out the survey to help you get started and get your dog in the first lesson class for just a dollar. Let us show you within five minutes of your first lesson how much your dog can change with our professional dog training.