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When you train with Royal Oak Michigan Dog Training, you’ll get the satisfaction guarantee. We don’t just train for a few weeks and walk away. We train with your dog as long as it takes to get your guarantee good dog. We are one of America’s highest and most rated dog training companies. We fix 95% of problems. Guaranteed or your money back. We are so confident and excited to share our services with you, that we will offer you a one dollar first time training lesson.

Royal Oak Michigan Dog Training specializes and a dog board and training program for your pup. What a dog board and train program consist of is your dog comes in lives with one of our trainers for 2 to 6 weeks and is fully trained by a professional dog trainer. One of our dog trainers takes your dog from A-to-Z and does all of your homework for you! This is why we are known for our dog boarding train program. If you read our Google reviews online, you will see that we are ours one of the highest reviewed dog trainers anywhere in the United States. Many of those positive reviews come from our dog board and train program clients.

If you have a hyper, excited, or just plain crazy dog, Royal Oak Michigan Dog Training board and train program may be for you. How we get started is with a one dollar first lesson. At the lesson we will assess your dog and see if they are going to be a good fit for that program or not. If we deem that it will be a good fit, then we will schedule your dog for the next availability. The timeframe of a dog board and train our very. We do packages that are flexible and have timetables as each dog is an individual. When you train with us, we sign you up so your price stays the same with your dog is with us for two weeks or six week. We guarantee your results regardless of the timeframe. This way you know you are going to get what you paid for or we will refund you in full for the price of the package you paid if we cannot get the result promise.

Dogs that are a good fit for the board and trade program are dogs that are hyper, excited, full of energy, and have some issues that need fixing. These issues can include jumping, lease pulling, barking excessively, not coming when called, and well you get the idea. On this program, we work dogs anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a day and sometimes even up to five. This depends on your dog’s energy level as well as her age. We understand that a six-month-old lab will have so much more energy and be able to do a lot more work each day than a five-year-old great day. A puppy can easily do two hours at a time, we’re an older dog may only be able to handle two hours maximum.

We will always put the dogs needs above all. We are here to ensure that you get the best experience. We can guarantee that your fluffy family member is in good hands. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at any time by calling 1-833-484-7867 or by checking us out online

Royal Oak Michigan Dog Training

How do we work here at Royal Oak Michigan Dog Training? One thing about us is our locations operate differently than most other dog trainers. We don’t offer everything to everyone, but we first meet with you and your dog for 20 to 30 minutes and find out where your little buddy currently is training wise, where you would like them to be, and how much time you do or do not have for training. Then we will either recommend a custom package based on your needs and your budget. Call us today to schedule your one dollar lesson and see what we can do for you.

The founder of Royal Oak Michigan Dog Training has a few messages that he would like you to hear. The first message he would like you to hear is: the number one goal of our system is transference. Webster dictionary defines transfers as the unconscious redirection of feeling from one person to another. We don’t use dog whispering shenanigans or do anything that is hard for the client to replicate. Instead, we use a proven system that is easy to teach to our clients and gets lasting results.

The next message the founder of Royal Oak Michigan Dog Training has for you is just being honest. There are a lot of great YouTube trainers and competition dog trainers out there doing fancy stuff that they can teach your clients how to do. Anyway they were able to teach your clients, they certainly couldn’t make their style into a step-by-step method that a 10-year-old girl could do in 20 to 30 minutes a day. No dog is too hard. We have even seen many dog safe from being put down that relabeled red zone are unfixable by other dog trainers. We do not train for competition or agility, but our focus is on and off leash obedience and manners.

In the last message? Dogs are smart. They will eventually figure out what their human ones, but just because the dog figures it out doesn’t mean you’re training smart. All that means is that you are training a smart dog. Our method takes into account that you and your dog both may have no idea of what you are doing. This is why we make our program simple and easy to follow. We want the average dog owner to be able to take their trained dog anywhere and everywhere off leash with them. Dogs are pack animals and the better people understand how to interact with their dog and how to train their dog, the more they will enjoy their pet. We are here to make that step a whole lot easier.

We would love for you to reach out and ask us any questions, concerns, or feedback that you may have. You can always reach out to us by either calling our toll-free line 1-833-484-7867, or by checking us out on our online website we look forward to working with you in creating an absolutely perfect dog training experience. And of course, we are more than happy to take care of your fluffy family member.