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Southlake Dog Training | Difficult To Choose

Dog training in Southlake Texas is difficult to choose if you are looking for it because you don’t know which dog trainer is the best. The first thing you will want to look for is someone who has a good reputation and who is known for having good dog training abilities. Southlake Dog Training They will do the best job of making your dog a very good dog. So the biting, chewing, jumping, pulling and other issues with your very bad dog can be fixed by having a really good dog trainer working with your dog. Southlake Texas is a very nice area and you want your dog to be as nice as your house so hire Tip Top K9 in Southlake to make your bad dog good.

Some trainers will shock your dog and that is bad because that is called negative reinforcement and it could very badly hurt your sweet little puppy. We do not condone animal abuse and that’s why we don’t condone using shock collars because they hurt the dog and we are not into that. Shock collars are hot and if you use them while your dog is wet, they can actually burn the dog and make them have a wound that you will have to get taken care of at a vet. If you are using a shock collar, no stress. There is an easy alternative that actually works as an attention getter for your dog. The dog will pay attention to you without you hurting it.

We use something called an E-collar and that is good for you and for your dog. You will get peace of mind knowing that the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas is teaching you how to properly train your dog. The E-collar does not hurt the dog so you don’t have to worry about that and the dog will not have a broken spirit which is very important because you love the dog for it’s personality and pluck, not for skulking around and being afraid. We love your dog too so you can be sure that we are NOT hurting your dog.

An E-collar actually uses electricity to “tap” the dog instead of shock the dog. It is like when you go to the chiropractor and they put you on the electric stem therapy. If you were to turn that way up to the highest setting, it just causes your muscles to twitch a little bit, but it doesn’t hurt at all. This is what is happening with the dog when they are wearing their E-collar and you are using it to train them. The dog is getting a tap from the collar to remind them that they are supposed to be paying attention. This way, we are not shocking them or being mean to them. We are just reminding them firmly with a physical tap that we are in charge and they need to mind us. If your dog is not obeying you, it’s a good idea to call Tip Top K9 in Southlake to have them do a $1 lesson and you can decide then if the results are what you are looking for in your dog.

Another way to train dogs that a lot of dog trainers use but we do not is called treat training. Our methods involve firmly informing the dog that we are in charge. If we gave our dogs a treat each time they did something we asked them to do, we would have a few problems. Southlake Dog Training The first problem would be that we can’t always be holding a bag of treats. If you are a dog trainer then it makes sense to do that, but if you are a mom doing laundry or a banker with guests over, you can’t be handing a payment to your dog every time you ask him to do something. He’s not your employee for gosh sake!

We use the E-collar as a firm reminder that we are in charge and we are master. The dog learns to obey us whether or not there is a treat in it for him and he becomes a very good dog. When you live in Southlake with your family, your dog needs to be well behaved because of laws that Southlake has about how you need to control your dog. The dogo can’t be learning that he should only obey when he wants to. He needs to know that you are the one who holds the key to his happiness and so treat training is not how we do that for basic commands.

The only time we employ treat training is when we know that the skill we are teaching the dog has nothing to do with obedience or life and death situations like come or place. Our dogs only learn through treat training when we are teaching them tricks like weave between our legs or roll over. It’s just a game. It’s not obedience, so we make it extra fun by using treats to help the dog enjoy the process. Southlake Dog Training The treat training is never obedience training and we make sure that we draw a hard line between the two. You can have a very obedient dog and a dog who likes to do tricks because he gets fun presents when he does them.

Hopefully Southlake Dog Training you have learned how important it is to utilize the Tip Top K9 Training style. We neither use positive or negative reinforcement to help our dogs learn how to obey us. We don’t like shock collars and we don’t use treats to train our dogs to obey. We only use treats when we are learning tricks just like halloween. If you are looking to teach your dog all about how to obey and how to do tricks, you can call us and we will come to your home for our famous $1 lesson where you get to see us training your dog and making your dog a very good dog. We can fix 95% of dogs and we are very proud of our dog training abilities.