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Southlake Dog Training | Finding a Good Dog

Dog training in Southlake Texas can be hard to find unless you go to Tip Top K9 and you hire the very best dog trainers in the area. Southlake Dog Training We are doing the work of God here people. The dogs come out of our private lessons and our bootcamp programs knowing how to heel and how to sit and how to not jump on your guests and other vital needs for training a dog.

If you have been wondering what the secret is to training a good dog then you have just found it. Tip Top K9 is the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas and we have a lot of really great systems in place as well as we hire the best trainers that exist on the planet earth and mostly in Southlake. The way that dogs are trained is very important to the dogs health and to your health and to the health of your family. If your dog is bad then it’s hard to live a happy carefree life with the dog when he is jumping on people and being crazy. The best dog trainer in Southlake Texas can help you have a wonderful carefree life with a dog that follows you around your house and even your neighborhood off-leash.

The trick is that we are never cruel to the dog but we also don’t pay the dog for doing what we say to do. Southlake Dog Training We keep the dog’s attention by being the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas and by using a collar that doesn’t shock the dog and by not using treats to train. The tricks are fun and stuff but teaching your dog to weave between your legs will not save his life when he is in the road and a car is coming. You want the dog to have a very strong come so that if a car is coming down the street and they are in danger of being hit by a car then you can call them and they will come right away or if they bolt out the door you probably don’t want them to do that due to the dangers that are out in the world like other aggressive dogs or cars driving too fast down the road or strangers who will offer your dog candy and lure them into their vans. This is an important thing to learn that they should not do that so you will want to call the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas and that would be Tip Top K9.

The most important thing to remember when you are looking for a dog trainer to train your cute but naughty baby doggy is that you want someone who loves your dog as much as you do. It is obvious to everyone who sees us working with the dogs that we love your dog and your dog loves us! We are passionately against abuse or dog hoarding and all the bad things that people do to dogs sometimes and so we make sure that we use only safe and friendly methods of training your dogs. Southlake Dog Training The best dog trainer in Southlake Texas is Tip Top K9 hands down and we work very hard to maintain that reputation! The way that we do that is so simple. We love your dog and make sure that he is up to our standards of a good dog and that we have made you 100% happy with the training and your dog.

Honestly, if you are looking to get your doodle or shepherd or any dog really to be a better dog then the best thing to do would be to call Tip Top K9 to create the best dog that lives in your house. Your dog won’t jump on the people who come to visit you and that way people won’t be driven away by your very bad dog and then you will be able to have dinner parties without being embarrassed that your dog jumped on everyone.

Another really nice thing that your dog will do… or more accurately not do… is bolt out the door. Southlake Dog Training We will teach your dog to be off-leash and wait at the door while you are going out and then they will follow you and stay by your side when you are outside even though they are off their leash. This is a magical and wonderful thing that most people don’t realize that they are missing out on. Your dog will be so well behaved that they will not run when you want them to stay with you.

The other thing that’s really amazing is that we will teach your dog to not pull on the leash anymore. This is especially difficult to deal with when your dog is very big like an english mastiff or a german shepherd. The pulling is so difficult and when you are not a very big person or if you are getting to the point in your life when you can’t handle it anymore then you should call the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas. The best part of training with Tip Top K9 is that you will have a dog that just doesn’t’t pull on the leash anymore. We will teach your dog to heel and sometimes if you practice enough after the training you can even work your dog to the point where they heel off leash and that is just amazing to everyone who sees it.

We believe in the work that we do at Tip Top K9 and we know you will be 100% Satisfied with your very good dog. Southlake Dog Training Our systems and methods are proven and used by the most well-renowned police trainers and this is a good thing because those dogs have good attitude and they are still very well behaved. The trick is to find us online or call us and we will set up a $1 lesson where one of our amazing trainers will come out and show you how we can help your dog.