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Southlake Dog Training | Labrador Retrievers

If you are thinking about getting a labrador retriever for your family, then you are thinking the same as a lot of people in the United States. Labs are the most popular dog in America and they have held that number one spot for over 25 years. Southlake Dog Training As always you will want to call the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas to train or teach you to train this energetic and crazy awesome dog.

The puppies from this breed are very rambunctious. The common misconception about labs is that the puppies are as easy to train and keep as the grown dog. This is so wrong! Labs will be crazy little puppies who are extremely mouthy… meaning they will want to bite all the things and chew on all the people that you meet. You want to make sure that you have puppy-proofed the house and made yourself ready to teach the puppy bite inhibition. The best dog trainers in Southlake Texas at Tip Top K9 will be able to help you with this! The best way for you to proceed would be to call them and set up your first $1 training session! Southlake Dog Training They can answer all your questions about the puppy or dog you are bringing into your home and they will be happy to do so with much enthusiasm and rigor.

This breed usually is about 21.5 inches to 24 inches tall and will weigh about 55-80 lbs depending on the gender according to the American Kennel Club. They are sporting dogs so they need lots of exercise and plenty of running and walking about. They will want to insert themselves into every part of your life so be prepared for a bff kind of attitude from your dog. They are naturally happy and cheerful dogs whose tails do a lot of talking about how happy they are – seriously – the tail is super happy.

Labs have even been moved into the service dog category due to their problem solving abilities and their friendly natures. Southlake Dog Training They have replaced german shepherds who usually only like one person with the labs because they are more likely to get along with everyone the same, although they do still bond to specific people who are around the most.

Labrador retrievers are unique in that they come in three solid colors and the colors can be mixed in any litter… it doesn’t matter what color the parents are if you are wanting a certain color then you are probably choosing for the wrong reasons. The best way to choose a dog as the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas will tell you is that you choose the dog based on its personality. The first color that you can get a lab in is black. This is the original lab color and there are a lot of them. Probably the current most popular color is the yellow lab though. They have a light color that many labs have been known to have that is a yellowy golden color. They were popularized by movies like “Marley & Me.” The third and most rare color is the sweet little chocolate color. It’s a rich brown that looks like milk chocolate and they are very cute with their sweet faces and nice personalities.

One of our staff dogs in Oklahoma is actually a Chocolate Lab and he is such a funny beastie. He will place for hours and is very chill and intelligent. You would like him a lot!

Labs are amazing in many ways and one of them is how great they are at retrieving as implied by their name the labrador retriever. They have a special feature that is referred to as a “soft mouth” which just means that they can hold something in their mouths without breaking or puncturing it. Southlake Dog Training They were originally used to retrieve fish and game birds from water so they really love to swim.

Labrador Retrievers come from Newfoundland which is funny considering their name. Southlake Dog Training They are actually named after the Labrador Sea where they were often used to retrieve fish that had fallen out of fishermen’s nets. Basically they were bred from Newfies and the name Newfoundland was already taken for dogs so the fishermen using them named them after the body of water they fished on.

Labs are very agile and built in a fairly stalky way that is referred to in the dog community as square. They have short coats that shed pretty consistently so if you are thinking about getting one, consult your vet or the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas as to what brushes and what kind of care you should give them as far as grooming is concerned.

The Labrador retriever is very friendly and outgoing in it’s personality and makes a great family pet but you definitely need to make sure that you are prepared to provide a large backyard for play and/or take a lot of walks/runs with your new bff. Southlake Dog Training You can train your dog to be off-leash for these runs or walks by consulting with the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas.

Be careful when you are feeding your lab because they have a tendency to gain weight. They only thing they like better than people in fact might be food. They are very food motivated and will love it when you give them treats but you want to be sparing with the treats due to the dog’s uncanny ability to gain weight and to become obese. Labrador retrievers will want to hang out with you all the time if you train them well with the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas, so call them today to schedule your first lesson for just $1.

The dogs intelligent eyes and happy tail will tell you it’s a very good dog, but it’s obedience to you and it’s eager to please you attitude will help in training when you set up private lessons or bootcamp with the best dog trainer in Southlake Texas.