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Southlake Dog Training | Most popular Dogs

Some of the most popular dogs that you can buy need to be trained by the best dog trainer in Southlake. There are many lists that we can look at but we are going to reference a recent article by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch entitled “The 19 most popular dog breeds of 2017.” We at Tip Top K9 like to talk about what the ramifications are of each breed that is on this popular list so let’s have a look, shall we. Southlake Dog Training

Let’s start with number 19. We love this breed because of their wonderful ties to british royalty (which we are admittedly obsessed with) but also because of their extremely sweet personalities and their lovable and cuddly little selves. This would be the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs are small and very sweet. They fall under the toy group of dogs and they are very attentive and athletic in every way. Southlake Dog Training They are small and great for families that want a smart and sweet dog that isn’t of the larger sizes. The best dog trainer in Southlake thinks that this dog is a good pick for any family because they will adjust to the lifestyle of the family that they are living with.

The next dog on the list is the miniature schnauzer. This is a friendly and intelligent chap with a funny little haircut and some very awesome features such as low shedding and portability. He won’t weigh more than 20 lbs and he generally won’t stand taller than 14 inches. He’s another really versatile dog who can live in pretty much any environment and be happy. They are great for families as they usually get along with children very well. These dogs were originally bred to be farm dogs and to rid the farms of vermin so they are very athletic and energetic. They are happy pups and the best dog trainer in Southlake recommends 10/10.

Australian Shepherds have gained popularity in the past years and they are number 17 on our list of popular dogs of 2017. This dog is a really sweet kid who excels as a herder. He needs a lot of exercise and room to run so maybe don’t look at this dog as a family option if you don’t have the room for him to run. He might not be the outgoing dog you want for guests either since he has a tendency to be pretty shy about new people. Southlake Dog Training The great thing is that this dog is pretty smart so if you need to train your dog, then the best dog trainer in Southlake can help because these dogs are smart and they can learn things well. Remember, though… This dog needs some room to run, so don’t confine him to an apartment or small space where he can’t get the necessary exercise for this breed.

The 16th dog on this list is the doberman pinscher. This dog was originally bred to be a guard dog so he is a medium dog with a lot of muscle. He is a loyal companion but beware. This dog requires daily training so if you aren’t willing to put the time into training this dog, maybe look at some other options. The issue is that doberman’s will get bored if you don’t spend time working with them and exercising them and then they will look for trouble and if you don’t train a lot then they will definitely find trouble to get into every day that you don’t spend time with them. My cousin has a doberman and he is very funny and such a good dog who growls intimidatingly to indicate a desire to be pet (which is very amusing) but this is because they spend a lot of time training and giving the dog work to do. Southlake Dog Training It is in fact a working dog so this is important.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is number 15 on our list today, but his cute little butt is the number one darling of the internet. This dog is well known for being overwhelmingly adorable and most people have met and fallen in love with a corgi at some point in their lives. One of the best friends to the best dog trainer in Southlake keeps a funny corgi named Kevin and he is hilarious. The corgi is a friendly little chap who loves his family and is very eager to please everyone. This particular dog is actually favorite of the current British Royal Family and they follow the queen all over the place. Southlake Dog Training As a matter of fact, the queen is the one who gets the credit for how well-loved this breed is now. They are small and loving and very sweet. They are independent and kind of bossy. For example, Kevin the corgi likes to boss around my much larger doodle. They are very intelligent and they need a mental challenge, so make sure you have time to teach tricks if you are thinking about getting a corgi for your family!

Number 14 on the list is the Great Dane. Everyone knows this loving and chill breed and most dog people sing their praises as a great family dog. Surprisingly, even though they are so large, they live well in apartments and other small dwellings. They do very well with children and they are known as gentle giants. The breed does need daily exercise otherwise they will become destructive. The best dog trainer in Southlake loves this breed in particular due to their large but loving personalities. They will snuggle right on up to you on your lap without any knowledge that they might as well be a horse sitting on your lap. Such sweet animals are, as we said before, great family dogs so maybe this gentle giant is a perfect candidate for your family!

If you are looking for the best dog trainer in Southlake, then look no further than Tip Top K9. We have a $1 lesson that we like to talk to you about so give us a call and we would be happy to show you how you can get your dog to be a very good dog.