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When it comes to dog training in Southlake Texas, no service offers more value than Tip Top K9. We have been serving dog owners for nine years to ensure that negative, and potentially destructive behaviors are eliminated or under control. The most value we bring is due to our system that is transferrable. It doesn’t matter if they dog listen to the trainer, or at the training facility if they do not listen to you at home. Southlake Dog Training If your dog listens to us but not to you, then what have we accomplished? Our guarantee is if your dog does it for us, then we do it for you. We do not use negative reinforcement; negative reinforcement can be choke chains, high powered shock collars, or even raising your voice. Negative reinforcement is not necessarily bad, it just means you are marking a bad behavior with a negative. You can get good results from this in Southlake Texas but it’s not how we operate. Negative reinforcement can have a bad impact on the dogs attitude, and it’s hard to transfer from one person to another.

Positive reinforcing is another type of dog training. This type of dog training is marking a good behavior with a reward or treat. The treat involved can be almost anything. Treat training is one type of positive reinforcement. This involves giving your dog treats when they do something you like. This makes the dog happy but then you have to carry treats around you all the time which is not what you want to do especially if you are in Southlake Texas. Clicker training is another form of positive reinforcement. This is when you have an audible clicker that the dog hears and associates with a treat or reward. Southlake Dog Training The downside of positive reinforcement is that the dog will always go with the higher reward meaning that if the treat you have in your hand is the equivalent of a five dollar bill for the dog and the squirrel running buy is the equivalent of a one hundred dollar bill then what do you think the dog will go for? That’s right, the dog will go for the highest reward 100% of the time that means you not only have to carry treats with you the whole time, they have to be the dogs main point of focus.

Negative reinforcement can teach the dog to ignore the squirrel but it can make the dog depressed because it is getting punished for doing something wrong. Some trainers use a combination of negative and positive in order to teach the dog boundaries. Southlake Dog Training This can be effective but it’s hard to transfer from one person to another. Most dogs have the reasoning abilities of small children. If a child would make a poor decision in one context then your dog would likely make a bad decision in the same context. When it comes to dog training in Southlake Texas the most important thing is consistency. You must be consistent with the dog for it to learn, that’s how they are the same as children. Children require a consistent approach when it comes to discipline and learning. Unless you are doing treat training, there is a chance that your dog may not like training. Think of it as a kid going to kindergarten for the first day. Some kids love it but some kids are scared of doing something new. Dogs are the same way. Some respond very positively to training, but some resist at first. This is normal and nothing to be afraid of with your dog.

There are a number of skills and abilities that you can use to teach your dog. Some of the more useful skills are off and quiet. Off mean s move away from something physically. For example if your dog gets on the sofa or jumps up on the counter when you don’t want them to, you can use the off command to keep them from doing that. The key is to practice the command effectively, you can lure your dog into wanting to jump up on something, then immediately give them the off command. If you do this over and over soon your dog will not want to jump on the couch even if you are not watching them. When it comes to dog training if your dog does not do the bad behavior when you are watching, you can use a couple of smart phones to capture the bad behavior through facetime or skype. Southlake Dog Training You can then give the command from the other room so the dog gets the idea that you are watching them even if they can’t see you. I could use the off command from Southlake Texas even if the dog was in Dallas using this system.

Quiet is a similar command to off, this means move away from something mentally. There are several very useful situations where you could use this command. For example this could eliminate the annoying barking in inappropriate situations. Last night we had a mild earthquake which happens sometimes and my dog started barking. Considering this was in the middle of the night in Southlake it was not something I wanted to continue. Southlake Dog Training I was able to give the quiet command and the dog stopped barking immediately. This allowed me to get back to sleep. If I did not know the command then there is no telling how much longer it would have taken for the dog to stop barking. It is important when dog training to give these commands as soon as possible to make your life easier. Most people get a dog because they want to enjoy the dog. Bad behaviors make it difficult to do that because your dog becomes a burden. Don’t let your dog become a burden under any circumstance. You can call Tip Top K9 in Southlake Texas for all of your dog training needs. Make your life easier by having a well-trained dog that obeys you under all circumstances.