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Are you currently in need of Southlake Dog Training services? If so, we got you right where we want you. One of the leading dog trainers in the nation currently is servicing over ten states in the United States and have opened franchises. That means they are ready for new clients and to make an even bigger impact on the dog world. We all know those pesky dogs who are undisciplined that can cause harm, damage, and annoyances. We want to find you a trainer who will work to create a change in your environment all through your dog!

We are here to make sure that you come home with a new and improved disciplined dog! Our team at Southlake Dog Training has all the credibility and experience that will give you the confidence that we can find a solution for any issue your dog deals with on the daily. It is understood by most that if dogs are not trained properly, it can wreaks havoc on the owners life and can even impact your friends and family depending on the severity of the issues.
This could be biting a friend’s arm or ripping up your brand new furniture; these are just some things that we want to avoid. Our goal is to provide a path that is easy, fun, and runs smoothly.

Some of the awesome things we do at Tip Top K9 blows clients away because it shows we are willing to go above and beyond when helping out our clients. One example of this is that we provide ways to allow you to be in the process as well as inform you of any issues or technicalities during the sessions. Another awesome example is that we create a guide specifically for your dog and their issues. Southlake Dog Training is here for you and your dog no matter what. Don’t you ever worry because we will give you the utmost respect and unbelievable customer service you cannot find anywhere else. Give us a chance and check out all the 5 star reviews we have got and you might just change your mind.

There are some great benefits when you start working with your dog trainer! We provide free video documentation while you are not there to ensure you are a part of the process and are never left in the dark. We trust our clients to give us all the proper information so we can give their dog the highest quality of service and ensure that the training is perfectly curated to your dog’s needs. We also are happy to give the owner a free guide and summary of the training session so that the owner is aware of how well their dog is doing.

Get your puppy or dog straddled up in a car seat because it is time to visit with the Tip Top K9 team! Go along to our website, and located on the main page you will see an icon stating dollar training and we will get back to you during office hours after your inquiry is sent in. If you have any questions that are unanswered, let us provide you with the best service by giving us a call at 833-484-7867 .

Southlake Dog Training | How We Approach Training Canines

Dogs can be a nuisance, let us help you find the best Southlake Dog Training in your area! Currently based in over ten locations throughout the United States, Tip Top K9 is able to travel through the nation to help whoever is in need. Our team of highly experienced trainers can make anything happen for you! With being the highest most reviewed, we have the credibility from different sources that will help you find out whether Tip Top K9 is a good fit for you. Here is a little secret, we create guides that will be a good fit for any issue your dog may need assistance with.

We all agree with the fact that untrained dogs are simply a mess. There are some dogs who bark excessively, some that have fears and anxiety, others that consistently bite, and so many other common issues that dogs can deal with. We are also very aware of rare and uncommon cases, which our competitors simply do not care about. We are your number one choice whenever you need Southlake Dog Training because we get the job done as accurately and organized as possible. After that first session, you will see a huge difference in the way your dog behaves. This might even get you in for future sessions, which will excite us the most.

You may wonder, why should I hire a professional when I can do it myself? Honestly, training dogs can be hard in general but especially difficult when they are dealing with rare and uncommon issues. If you get your dog set up with Tip Top K9, you can save time, stress, and money! Our professionals understand almost 90% of a variety of issues your dog may have when it comes to its disobedience. With all the experience and credibility we have gained, our confidence level has risen because we know that you will be very happy with our services. Let Southlake Dog Training get you a quick fix by getting signed up with the amazing Tip Top K9 team!

There are some great facts about our team that may even help you to make a decision with us on a long term basis. First off, our clients and community always comes first. This means that we gladly offer your dogs training for just a dollar so you can truly see the impact we can make for you. Second of all, we have over ten years of experience in the dog training field and have seen hundreds of results that deem to be successful. Let us get you in for that first visit, so we can change the way you see your dog. We would be happy to help out as much as we can with additional questions and by making the process go as smoothly as possible.

If you are down to set up a first session with our awesome dog trainers at Tip Top K9, feel free to give us a call at 833-484-7867 . You may also visit us online at if you want to sign up for your first dollar session! The best part is that it is located on the main page. We will contact you within 24 hours of reviewing your inquisition.