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If you just got a dog, I haven’t had a dog that needs training, because they will not listen to you, or are having trouble doing different things your asking, we want to help. So if you have been wanting to find the best dog trainers in Tulsa, here at Tip Top K-9 we can help you achieve that. We went to make sure that we give you dog the best training possible as well as taking good care of them throughout the process.

One of the main things that we will focus on is puppy training. If you have been wanting to find the best dog trainers Intel so we can help you. If you have a new puppy in there at the age where they are ready for training, leave the ties. We focus on making sure that they’re comfortable in new environments. We do this by taking them out to new location such as walks around the neighborhood, dog parks, stores, people’s houses etc. this is big thing because once you dog is used to environmental change then you can take your dog anywhere and everywhere that you go. We also like to focus on socialization and how to properly socialize your dog. A lot of people do this method wrong, by taking him to a dog park with lots of big older dogs or in an area and has tons of people. But the best way to get your dog socialize, is by bringing them around other dogs their age. This allows them to be comfortable because all the dogs are acting around the same maturity level as them. This is the best way to get your dog socialize, so an and you will be able to take it out anywhere and everywhere they go. So if you have the money and the best dog trainers Intel so we can help you.

The other thing that we like to focus on during our programs, is a simple doctrine. If you dog is starting to act up and you want to go through training, we can help you do that. We want to make sure that your dog is back to its old South, and so we will help with its behavior and manners. This program usually last 2 to 4 weeks so that way we can teach the proper skills can have your normal dog back. We will focus on how to communicate better with your dog, making sure that it does not jump on guessing they came over as well as biting and nipping. We will also make sure that your dog does not bark things anymore or both side of your front door. We will get it out to you so much more. AMI dog training programs are great if you have an older dog that needs work. If you have been trying to find the best dog trainers in Tulsa tip top K-9 is here to help.

We also like to focus on potty training with The Best Dog Trainers in Tulsa, because we know that if you have a new dog that has not been potty trained or need help with potty training because of previous behavioral issues we are here to help. The way to do this is by taking out all the time, after he eats, plays, go somewhere, drinks etc. it’s just good to get your dog out getting used to going to the bathroom often. This is especially true with puppies, because they have very tiny fundraising go to the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes.

So if you are somebody that loves you dog and does not want to get rid of them but rather wants to just help train them better give us a call. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of our programs. You can also go to and see about more programs and lessons that we offer. 883-484-7867