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If you want the best Tulsa dog training, don’t hesitate to bring your dog into see us here at Tip Top K9. Here Tip Top K9 we are where the highest and most reviewed dog training companies in the entire country today. With a total of 12 locations spread across seven states, we now have over a decade of experience training dogs in getting high quality results which are reflected in the reviews that we have received. You can also go to our website anytime at we can see the customer testimonials from people who have had incredible results and changes in the dog’s behavior as a result of our incredible results and our superior training method. Nobody has more solutions to your dog behavior problems and we do and providing you better results and as efficient amount of time.

So if you want the best Tulsa dog training then you have to come to Tip Top K9. We have a training class that can address any type of behavior so that we can improve not only your dog’s life but your life as well. If you have a puppy that we offer you puppy training classes. We also have a full-length class Ist specifically potty training. Also if your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior that we even offer a full on aggressive dog training course because that needs to be corrected immediately not only for your sake but for your dogs. We also have a full range of group classes for a variety of topics as well which many people find more time efficient cost-efficient. While these classes are cheaper and faster, they do tend to be generally less effective but we have is available to make sure that we find something for everybody.

We also have an entire document camp that is going to be hands-down the best Tulsa dog training whenever you bring your dog into Tip Top K9. Our doggie boot camp is the most comprehensive up all the classes that we offer that is going to address everything. Nine boot camp can help fix jumping, digging, running away, nuisance barking, and will also address how to set how to stay had a calm and so on. This class can also help easy dogs anxiety and fear and separation anxiety and so much more.

If you like to get is what we can do for you, then you can always get your very first lesson with us for just a dollar. This is a great way for you to be a will to see exactly the kind of results we can get in a short amount of time and rest almost nothing. Also whenever your dog comes home from one of our full classes, it also get a dog the comes with the good dog guarantee which states that we fix 95% of your dog behavior problems or you get your money back.

If you like to witness the kind of results that we can produce and you will find a dog training company that can address your specific needs as they occur, the make she get touch with Tip Top K9 first. Get touch with us by calling us at 1.833.484.7867 or you go to our website first for more information about what we’re going to be able to do for you at