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Top Dog Training West Jordan Utah |How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

How much do you love your dog? Dogs love unconditionally. Maximize your bond with your dog by putting them through training and increasing the effectiveness of your communication. We at Tip Top K9 dog training strive to provide Top Dog Training West Jordan Utah. Did you know that one in every three families in the United States owns a dog? Dogs are also pack animals which means they do not enjoy being alone. This is one reason a lot of dogs suffer from anxiety. Did you know that petting a dog can lower your blood pressure and theirs? We know you love your dog. We want to strengthen that bond. Come and visit us and sign your dog up for the training program best suited for the two of you. We think you’ll love the results you get.

Being alone creates anxiety for people and dogs depending on their personalities. For puppies, anxiety can also be caused by too many new things, people, places, or smells. Overstimulation – or too many new things all at once, can cause anxiety in a new puppy. Training can help you and your puppy deal with these things. Our puppy training courses also offer crate training, leash training, and more. We all know cleaning up puppy messes creates stress in the human side of this relationship. You’ll find top dog training West Jordan Utah at Tip Top K9 can help you with this also. Let us help you achieve your goals by achieving our goal of strengthening the effective communication between you and your puppy.

Do you need more information on Tip Top K9 dog training? On our website you’ll find client testimonials, podcast full of information regarding potty training, toys & play, commonly asked questions and more; as well as other programs we offer. We have a good dog guarantee, and are capable of fixing 95% of the issues that our clients bring to us. Schedule your first lesson today for just $1. We you’ll find top dog training West Jordan Utah Tip Top K9.

Wouldn’t it be so nice to take your dog on vacation with you? After all he is a part of the family. Some of the things we like to teach are obedience and effective communication between you and your dog. Effective communication is being able to explain to your dog exactly what you want so that he knows he can meet your expectations. Coming on command one hundred percent of the time helps you enjoy being able to vacation with your dog. We have a staff of kind, dog-loving, professional trainers ready to help you and your dog achieve these goals.

Are you ready to train your dog? Let’s strengthen your communication skills and bond between you and your dog. We have a good dog guarantee or your money back. Schedule your first session for just $1 today. Don’t forget to visit our website at for more information. You’ll find client testimonials, podcast, and more information about dog training programs online. We look forward to working with you and your Canine Companion at Tip Top K9 dog training. Give us a call at (833) 484-7867.

Top Dog Training West Jordan Utah |What Does Your Dog Think Of You?

What does your dog think about you? Obviously your dog loves you. They love unconditionally. Dog has been man’s best friends for as long as man can remember. Did you know dogs can get jealous when their humans display affections towards other people, other things, or other dogs? Dogs are sensitive creatures and very loyal. Did you know they can smell your emotions? Dogs have 300 million receptors in their nose where humans only have 5 million. Why does this help you understand what your dog thinks about you? Communication. Effective communication is the key to every relationship we will ever have. Our goal at Tip Top K9 is to strengthen the effective communication between you and your dog.

Tip Top K9 dog training strives to provide Top Dog Training West Jordan Utah for you and your dog. We offer a good dog guarantee. we have a 95% success rate with the dogs that are brought to us. but don’t take our word for it. Visit our website online to read reviews from other clients. See what other people are saying about us. Online, we also have podcasts available for your listening enjoyment. They cover topics such as: socialization, toys and play, and commonly asked questions.

Schedule your first lesson for $1. Tip Top K9 dog training is one of the most reviewed dog training companies in the United States. You can read some of our reviews on our website at We work with all breeds and all ages. We have puppy training classes, potty training classes, dog training courses, and even doggy boot camp for those dogs who seem a little more hard-headed. Some of the breeds we’ve worked with successfully are Mastiffs, German Shepherds, Poodles, Labradors, and Pitbulls. Did you know the number one reason statistically for rehoming a pet is behavioral issues? We specialize in behavioral issues. Perhaps all your dog really needsis a little bit of love and training. Why not try it? We strive to be the top dog training West Jordan Utah has ever seen.

Dog training as a wonderful solution for so many of the common issues dogs have. let us increase the effectiveness of communication between you and your canine companion. We offer Top Dog Training West Jordan Utah for our clients. Your dog loves you and wants to please you every moment of every day. whether your dog has high energy or one that sleeps all day, let us help you.

Our programs are typically 2 to 4 weeks long. Some dogs take longer than others. We’re more than happy to train your dog for as long as the dog needs working with. We are not just a one-and-done kind of company. Your dog is man’s best friend and a member of your family. Our goal is to strengthen that bond through effective communication between the two of you. We teach your dog to listen, fix digging issues, work on jumping issues, and teach reliable commands and strict obedience. Visit us online at or give us a call at (833) 484-7867. We can’t wait to serve you and your canine companion.