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If you’re looking for a company here in Tulsa that does it all, can help you with Tulsa dog boarding and train, the get touch with Tip Top K9. Tip Top K9, we are the most reliable source for any kind of boarding services and let us never it comes to dog training. We have the best dog training not just in Tulsa but some of the best dog training in the entire country. As a company the started out originally here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has since been so successful with our methods and our services that we have been able to expand to 11 other locations, we are qualified to say that as the most highly rated dog training services provide a better approach in a different approach to dog training. When asked for your dog fact that we utilize a different method than most other dog trainers out there that gets better results. And then we also have a larger service as well.

So if you want high-quality Tulsa dog boarding and train they come and talk to us. That’s because whenever you need training services for your dog, you’re getting a better results here than anywhere else. We proven this over the last decade or so by having an undeniably great success rate at 99.3 when it comes to correcting dog’s behavior and we have trained thousands of dogs and help thousands of families. This because we utilize a different method than most other dog trainers today. Still uses the day unreliable method that gets consistent results. Tip Top K9, we make sure that we implement a newer proven method that is backed by science and is proven to be more reliable more consistent and healthier. Knowing to get better results, and longer-lasting results but it is physically and psychologically better well.

No other Tulsa dog boarding and train compares to what we Tip Top K9. Nobody else gets the same results that nobody else provides better value service. But not only do we combine this better method, we also take a better approach to the course of action we take. Most our trainers are going to utilize a one-size-fits-all class for the dogs that are brought to them for training, but here at Tip Top K9, that’s where we different ourselves and how we provide a unique proposition. Not only do we better method, but we specify the training by making sure that we assess your dog needs to provide specific classes that address those needs. That’s why we have classes that range anywhere from aggressive dog to you need to a full on doggie boot camp.

And nobody else compares of the customer service that we are dedicated to. That’s we have dog boarding services that other companies don’t have come in addition training and other services here and there that add up to fantastic value and convenience for customers like a pickup service for your dog to and from the training session.

You like to experience this for yourself, the and get touch with us whenever you’re ready to provide training to your dog by reaching out to us at 1-833-484-7867 so that you get your first lesson scheduled for just one dollar. In the meantime, you can also go to the website to find a fantastic amount of information including other great resources including our very own podcast in our website anytime at