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Tulsa dog boarding | You’re Dog IS The Best

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

Do not waste your time or resources on those trainers that are going to just take your money but give you a no results in return. There are too many of them out there in this industry but with just a quick and simple Google search you will see quickly who was the best. So if you’re looking for Tulsa dog boarding then look no further. Tip Top K9 training is going to give you the best service overall and also take great care of your dog in a way that none of the competition could even compare.

You are going to know instantly that they are going to give you value and help you to save money while also teaching your dog so much good knowledge. They offer their first lesson for only one dollar. They firmly believe that you should be able to find out what kind of value you are getting from them before you ever pay full price. This is something that is unbeatable and almost unheard of in this industry but really more businesses should be doing this. If you need Tulsa dog boarding then you will save a lot more money by going with Tip Top K9 than you would by getting reamed by those other people that are just going to stick your dog in a crate and give it no love. That is not what you want so don’t do it.

You can trust the people that you are having train your dogs because they have over 10 years of experience and a plethora of knowledge in this topic. They also genuinely care about animals so you won’t have to worry about some knucklehead bozo taking your money and not helping your dog. The other is why she go for them when you’re looking for Tulsa dog boarding is because they actually have something for the more troubled and severe cases for dogs. If your dog is been having severe aggression issues and you feel at a complete loss then try out their doggie boot camp. This will get your dog living with a trainer for 2 to 4 weeks and you also get personalized training as well as video documented training.

You also find that this is a company built on love and true passion. Ryan the owner grew up with several different dogs and he cared so much even as a kid that he would train/walk his neighbors dogs so that they would have to stay on a leash all day. And even in college when his buddies will out having a good time, he would stay home studying dog whisperer, so that he could train his rowdy schnauzer/terrier mix. This dog has actually been living with his mom for some time now but it was the first of many that he trained and worked with.

Please do some digging for yourself and see what I and so many others are so thrilled to share the greatness of Tip Top K9 training with you. You can easily find their website by visiting: or you can talk to somebody by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!

Tulsa dog boarding | No Need To Fear

This content was written for Tip Top K9 Training

It seems like anytime we leave our dogs at the kennel for any type of boarding, we get them back covered in sleaze, mites, and all kinds of other stuff. Sometimes even their own fecal matter and urine. This is absolutely horrendous and heartbreaking but happens often and it leaves owners feeling distraught and stress whenever it comes time to finding Tulsa dog boarding for their own pets. Naturally, we want our little fur babies to get good care and love whenever we aren’t there. We want to know that they are safe and going to be taken care of. We need to do is book with Tip Top K9 the next time you are needing this service.

You will find that they actually care about your little one and give the best possible care while you are away. This is something that has so many different owners breathing a sigh of relief and working with them every single time. They have a wealth of knowledge on everything dogs and can even train your little puppy to be it’s very brightest and best. They do also deal such as their first time lesson being only one dollar. This is ongoing and is there because they think that you should be able to experience the value before paying the full price. This is a deal that should be practiced within all of the businesses today. Snag this hot opportunity.

You’ll also find that you are going to get the most customer satisfaction with them because they truly carry that is a mission statement. They guarantee that they can fix 95% of your dog’s problems or you get your money back. That is some confidence if I’ve ever seen! What started this passion for Ryan is that he wanted to help correct behavioral problems so that dogs were getting rehomed nor neglected. He really cares about all dogs and so you will get back type of tender love and care and the service you received for your own. This is why so many different dog owners are going for them whenever they are on the hunt for Tulsa dog boarding. It would be unbelievable with anybody else, honestly.

Have over 10 years of experience and because of this they can help you with your dog just about any type of behavioral issue they may be having. We even have a few fun tricks up their sleeves to. They can teach you stuff such as how to do sit and down on command. They can also teach you stuff such as leash walking, they can help with the excessive looking, and they can also help you out with the pesky fence fighting battles. They are going to be able to get you to have your dog “come” 100% of the time as well so because of all of this you can actually take your dogs on walks and not have to worry about them running off into a car something. Tulsa dog boarding at its finest.

Please booked with it today and remember it’s only one dollar so you will save. You can find them by visiting: or you can talk to somebody by dialing: 1.833.484.7867!