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Tulsa Dog Training : Advanced Work

Welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host Ryan Limby and I am here with my absolutely beautiful co-host Rachel. Hey guys.

Tulsa Dog Training And today we are going to talk about some group class and what we’re doing here today on the man’s best friend podcast is we’re going to talk about dogs dog training and dog culture. We want to focus today talking about group classes how we run them how it is how other people run.

Yes exactly. And unfortunately this might be the last podcast where Rachel is my co-host. RACHEL Yes I am leaving. Yeah she’s leaving. Business is booming. And she’s the office manager. She basically manages everyone. But Rob will be here to keep you company. Yes Rob’s going to be on the next one. That’s one of our head trainers she has been with us for a long long time. We love Rob. We do love Robert. He’s definitely not as pretty as you. Yeah. At all. His wife might think so. I doubt it. OK. Anyway. All right so let’s get into it we’re here to talk about some group class today. So we here at Tip-Top canine we don’t run our group obedience classes like everyone else does do it.

Tulsa Dog Training No not even close not even close. A lot of people a lot of pet stores they run cookie cutters six to eight week classes. And what that means is they have a basic intermediate advanced super advanced extra super advanced et cetera. Right. Right. And they say in six lessons this is what you’re going to learn about. Right. Well are dog training structures a lot different. We believe that every dog is different and you can’t take three. They say we are going to do three different dogs. One of them is doesn’t even know his name yet is a little puppy. One of them is very aggressive and one of them is a supersmart border collie. Right. If you put all those in the class and give him the same learning objectives it’s going to be really hard. Oh yeah right. Someone is going to be really frustrated.  Tulsa Dog Training Someone is going to be really bored and someone else is going to have no idea what they’re doing. And so when those dogs when we want to eat and everybody that’s why we had to eat popcorn we don’t actually work. We don’t sign anyone up without actually working with their dog first. Right. Right. So that’s one of the ways that we’re a little different how we use group classes we use it for advanced work and for proofing around distraction. Right. So you’ve seen like our we had a group class last summer 25 dogs out of the public park. One of the parks here in Tulsa is where 100 park I mean it’s a beautiful park.

And is it on purpose. Tulsa Dog Training How. Yep here in Tulsa Oklahoma. And we do our group classes out there and all the people that have been in those group classes they have either done private lessons or a boot camp first. So we get calls all the time and people are like oh I want to sign up for your group classes I want to sign up for your puppy classes. How much does that cost. And you know we we actually don’t let them sign up just for group class. We want to. It’s better for the dog and it’s better for the humans if they get one on one some sort of one on one first. The dogs need training and the humans need training. Right. And so in how we train we don’t believe it’s fair to the dog or the human to go ahead and throw him right into a group class.

Exactly. It’s almost setting them up to fail.

It is almost setting them up to fail or almost setting them up to get frustrated too. Yeah. Yeah.

So if you’ve seen a group class or you see people where they’re frustrated or they’re bored and so we want everyone to kind of know what they’re doing. All the dogs to our Vardi learn some obedience some Come sit down in place and then we want to use our group class to teach the dogs how to handle the heavy heavy distraction. All right. And that’s where we’re really going to see a lot of growth and a private lessons. We’re going to make big jumps and progress and we’re going to use the group class to proof. So what does that what does that look like. Well it might look like 45 minutes of dogs just heeling right.


And what that looks like is we run a group class we may have a beginner intermediate and advanced people all working. All right. We may have beginners just working on loosely walking don’t slam the line just the left side only.

Don’t be crazy don’t get dragged around the park by the dog. Exactly.

Don’t don’t drag mommy out all over the place. So we may all be working heel. One dog just working on left side only loosely squawking. We

Tulsa Dog Training may have intermediate people where the working intermedia obedience and they’re working on automatic sets right where every time we stop walking you automatically sit at my side. Right. And we may have advanced people working on heeling off leash moving the dog back and forth on the left side of their heels. All right. And then one of the last classes we had a super advanced person working on Phlip Hill where the dog comes up and then flips to the left side right where the right or the right whichever side you wanted to hear your dog on. Quick fun fact. Yes. Any idea why the left side. You know but pretend like you don’t. OK. Any idea why the left side is heel. People ask that all the time. Why Ryan. Oh well thank you for asking so I can explain it. Well traditionally in the military people are right handed they carry pistols on the right side. OK. Right. And if they shoot a rifle the brass goes to the right side. Right. So if you have a dog on your right side and you pull out your primitive pistol that doesn’t really have safeties on it and you pull out too fast you kill your dog.

How awful is that. Very very sad.

Tulsa Dog Training Or if you’re shooting a rifle or shotgun you kick shells out to the right side. Yeah right. So that’s why the heal on the left is why the heel on the left side. Very cool. Now in Oklahoma how you know we have a lot of pistol packing people around here do. And so it’s still kind of relative. Right. And so we can teach the dog to heel and the right side right. Technically it doesn’t matter. We just want everyone to be consistent. Right. Tulsa Dog Training Right so if you’re going to kill your dog and keep him on the right you’re going to kill him on the left keep him on the left. But back to a group class. Yes. Group. I want the dogs to learn how to handle massive amounts of distraction right.

Right. If we start with 20 dogs at a public park and we start trying to teach a dog something brand new and we teach you something brand new with a limited amount of one on one it’s not going to go very well. Right. Right. It’s going to be hard for you. It’s going to be hard for you dog. So we do the privates first we do the boot camp first and then we’re going to go to group class. So you say what else you work a group class. Well our structure instead of like we work here this week we work sit this week we work down next week is we might work here for two or three weeks till everyone’s feeling off leash. Right. Right. As a group we do multiple different exercises we all do crazy come where 10 or 15 dogs are playing and then the owners all call him at once.

That’s my favorite exercise. It’s my favorite Rob who’s going to be on next. You think it’s it’s chaos. I think it’s controlled chaos it’s chaos. I love it. Dogs are going wild. But I want to teach the dogs how to handle the heaviest distraction possible right. Right. That’s what I’m gonna use the group class for. So I want the dog learn how to deal with 20 dogs around so when they see that one dog walking down the street most always go frantic. They pull they go crazy. Well if I can teach the dog to calmly walk past 15 dogs at a time a group class in a controlled setting where the dog already knows what it’s doing then when they encounter the one dog in the neighborhood we don’t have a problem. Right. Right. So that’s our goal with a group class. Now we’re still going to learn new stuff too.

Oh yeah. Have fun contests. Yeah we had a Rachel organized a contest not that long ago right. We had multiple contests and so the contest was coming since Angel Nigel is the one who won Idol Tulsa Dog Training.

Good job Nigel. Nigel What a story. Nigel he was a dog. He was a super rescue. We went out to assess him and work with him for an introductory lesson. It was so good he was so scared he urinated like seven times all over me the floor everywhere. And so you know lots of progress. So I digress. Robert actually trained Nigel Yes and Robert’s going to be on next. And what we did with Nigel is we taught him privately. If a dog can’t even handle one person how would he handle 20 dogs. Well the answer is he couldn’t. So we use group calls after those private lessons we taught mommy we taught Nigel in a controlled setting a month and a half later we do group classes and we just keep him around those dogs keep him around.

Tulsa Dog Training Uncontrolled pressure and just show him how to handle pressure more properly right and that he doesn’t have to be afraid and it is going to be OK now that he’s in a new home and he’s not nervous being any more. He’s even you know somewhat friendly with other dog. Exactly.

Progress tons of progress but I’m afraid if we’d started in a group class I would have overwhelmed exactly and it would overwhelm mom. If we had had just an private’s only if we’d just an in-home privates. Only. I’m afraid he wouldn’t have learned to handle pressure as well as he is right now right. Right because it used to be one new person or one new dog would send him off. Well now he’s able to handle tons of pressure and tons of new dogs right and that’s because of how high the expectations are. Group class. And how uncomfortable it is and as a side note our group classes we do at public parks instead of a private facility right now because it’s so much harder instead of a classroom environment. I basically am picking the loudest busiest place I can find right frisbee golf dog park etc. soccer practice soccer practice. Yeah all that type stuff. And then I worked the dog through that scenario and once a dog can do that then basically the stuff looks like cakewalk. Yeah Robert we used to train at and we used to train in like Coles parking lots and stuff with our personal dogs. When they were younger just to work through that heavy heavy distraction craziness. But how many times you could get.

Let’s not go there. OK so target doesn’t allow dog training in their parking lot. OK but Kohls does ok. Best Buy. Other places do. And target if your target employee you’re rude you kicked me out of training my dog.

Tulsa Dog Training Glamour we love Target yeah whatever. OK all right guys. Well thanks for joining us. Talk about group class and I’m sorry but my co-host will be back. My host will be back. But just to go manage people because we’re training too many dogs right now. So she has to work and said Be on the podcast. Thank you Rachel. Bye bye.