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Tulsa Dog Training : Aggressive Weiner Dog Training

Aggressive Weiner Dog Training Tulsa Oklahoma
Training wiener dogs have been one area of dog training that we have found very difficult. Wiener dogs especially miniature wiener dogs have been bred basically just for their looks not for doing a job or for their trainability or workability. What we find and I found in the past visit if your dog is obedience trained or you spend obedience classes and he can do hundred percent solid-state command then even if you want to be aggression he has to stay on the box.

And another training session we had a wiener dog that was very aggressive towards children would run invite them as well. With this dog got a solid hundred percent come command but he would come everything the time is called and then Sondheim simply skimming so he would stay on the boxes toward venture whatever Tulsa Dog Training.

Then I had the clients go from location to location teach the dog to place in the box if he ran off the column on come in and have them sit on the box and just quiet if my dog is staying on the box even if he wants to bite people or children or dogs or whatever it is placing on a box he can’t go be aggressive. Now as we talked about before some aggression is fixable and some is only controllable. But I’m gonna use the come and place command to control the aggression.

We had this client go to multiple locations and place the dog in a box and making be quiet 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Once he was quite in a location in the longer barking and growling at people as they went by that I would have them pick up the box and go to a brand-new location. This helped tremendously. While I didn’t necessarily fix all the aggression right off the bat. any dog breed just for certain characteristics especially just being small is harder to train. This is definitely a case of wiener dogs. We’ve had one that in a two hour session was still barely sitting on command. We trained the other clients boxer and in 45 minutes the boxer was coming off leash in the living room and sitting on command maybe not always on the first time but on the second or third command for sure this is just the very first lesson Tulsa Dog Training.

Tulsa Dog Training But the wiener dog was barely coming at all and refusing to sit after almost 2 hours. This is the case with a lot of different wiener dogs. They are just very cute and have a great personality and a tons of fun. But as far as the obedience training goes it is been very difficult.

As far as intelligence goes it’s not always an intelligent issue but if the dogs are inbred sometimes it can be like teaching math to a mentally handicapped child. It doesn’t mean that that child is not amazingly a lot of them it’s just more difficult. This is been the case with a lot of wiener dogs in obedience training. The wiener dog that I mentioned earlier and eventually that client gave up. It’s not that I was on trainable it’s just the dog was so stubborn and hardheaded that you get the same results of the wiener dog as it did training the boxer was just gonna take literally 8 to 10 times longer. The method was exactly the same but it was the dog that was different. Even the owner was the same person obviously. So don’t get discouraged if you have a hard dog. And if you have a wiener dog your dog is absolutely trainable. What I would caution against is teaching your wiener dog place on multiple high objects. You don’t want your wiener dog that could potentially have back problems jumping very high. I would recommend only 2 to 3 inches off the ground. Don’t let your wiener dog jump on couches or beds or anything much higher than 2 inches off the ground. When your dogs are very prone to back and spine issues because of how long gated they are so please be very careful with your little buddy.

Another winner dog that a friend of mine had that was his mother’s his name was we be and we be was very child aggressive. We’ve seen a lot of aggression and we are dogs.

I think this is due to the fact that used to be rat type terrier dogs before they just became over bread as regular pets. But we be was very child aggressive and if you saw children he would run barking at them. And then you would go try to bite them and attack them. We actually saw this with another client how we handle this is with a solid come and a solid place command. I have that stay I can control the dog. I can always fix the aggression dog aggression can sometimes be a genetically linked behavior. But what I did with one client is having go to multiple locations with their place box and take their wiener dog with them and train them in public.
I would have them go to a new place and placed the dog for 10 or 15 minutes and forced the dog to be quiet on any barking or growling or whining or crying Tulsa Dog Training.

Tulsa Dog Training After a week of doing this in new places for 10 to 15 minutes at a time there dog showed remarkable self-control. What we did was desensitize the dog. Instead of constantly removing them from the situation we brought them and allow crazy situations and working through it in a manner that the dog was able to win it. Then slowly over time we had more and more distractions.

This really helps the dog at home because now when someone new came over it can handle all this to major distraction at a public place such as a supermarket or a park so now when people came to their house it was much easier for them to control their dog.

So please keep the come and place command in mind when training aggressive wiener dogs and make sure that you do not have them jump on anything too tall.