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Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I am your host Ryan Limby with my co-host my beautiful beautiful co-host Rachel me. Hi guys. And we are here today to separate some fact from fiction and go over some dog training dog tips and just talk about dogs in general. So where we left off we’re talking about puppies we’re talking about the crate. Tulsa Dog Training So today we want to really go into detail a lot about crates kennels are they good or the bad what kind should you use and how should you use it. So first things first crate is awesome for potty training especially for puppies. Right if you leave a little puppy running loose to the house all day long he’s probably going to tinkle on the floor. No. Well it’s happened before. OK. And you know we get our carpets cleaned a lot. But here’s the deal here’s how we’re going to crate train. There’s a lot of different ways. First thing first we get a brand new puppy. I’m going to have a smaller crate which most you guys have read on line. Again we’re here to separate fact from fiction. There’s a lot of stuff on Google a lot of crazy people right and a lot of crazy stuff. So based off the last few thousand dogs we’ve trained in the last nine years of training. We’re going over what we’ve found that actually really works. First thing you have a little puppy.

Tulsa Dog Training I want a crate big enough for the dog to go into and kind of turn around in but not big enough to where he can pee or poop on one side and go sleep on the other. OK. OK. First thing I’m going to do is make that create a happy place. I’m going to put some bones in there. I’m going to put some toys in there. I’m going to make it a fun place for the dog also. I’m going to feed the dog in the crate only only only in the crate. This does a few different things. First it makes it a happy place because most dogs especially puppies they like to eat. Right. So I’m going to I’m going to put the food. I’m not going to poop in the crate. Hopefully the dog doesn’t either. OK so I’m going to put the food in the crate right. Rachel laughing. Stuff laughing. So I’m going to put the food in the crate. I’m going to give the dog 10 to 15 minutes to eat it right. I’m going to leave him in there 10 or 15 minutes with the food after that. I’m going to take the food out. So depending on the dog and the age and the size I’m going to do this two or three times a day with a new eight week old puppy. Right. So food goes in he gets in 15 minutes food goes out and then I take my dog outside. If the dog eliminates if he uses the bathroom I’m going to give him a few minutes if he uses the bathroom. Tulsa Dog Training Awesome. He gets freedom in the house if he doesn’t use the bathroom he goes back to the crate.

Tulsa Dog Training Back to the crate back to the crate. I’m going to give him 10 or 15 minutes in his little box then we’re going to take the puppy right outside. I might not even if he’s just a little miniature like a miniature schnauzer or something and many pomme I’m not even going to walk him outside. I’m going to pick them up take them all the way to the grass put them down in the grass tell my word go potty go potty go potty right or whatever you want to use. We’ve had people use all types of people who Poo-Poo outside or whatever. But the word doesn’t matter. We’re just going to say consistent. So the dogs are the same spot. We’re going to say the same thing every single time. Right so I put my dog down on the grass I say go potty. He doesn’t party. He goes back to the crate and we’re going to repeat this every 10 15 minutes until it potty. Right. Most dogs have a den instinct they don’t want to go in their crate. Some dogs especially the miniatures. You know it’s a little harder and some of that is kind of been bred out but we still have to repeat basically potty training a process. So I want to make the crate a happy place where the dog’s food comes. Right. And that does a second thing in that at our house. You know a lot of times we have a lot of dogs. There’s never any food aggression right. There’s never any little kids putting their hand in the dog’s food bowl.

There’s never dogs getting in a ruckus over food ever because everyone eats in their crate. Right. So it makes the crate a happy place so like my lab he’s nine he still loves his crate. He’ll go in there. Get Love crate Bandi loves his crate even with the door open if he’s you know he just likes to and great. He likes it. And he was started at eight weeks old with this routine. Bennett also pees on command because what we did is I would take him outside to the exact same spot say the exact same thing every single time. So I took him in the front yard one spot in between three trees told him go potty. Every single time if he did not go back to the great great outside outside the crate right. And so what happened is now when I say go potty he knows he has to go potty. Right. And so it’s just a routine. So by training is basically just a routine. And some people might say oh that’s not fair to the little puppy. Tulsa Dog Training Oh the little puppy the little puppy he doesn’t want to be in the crate he’s whining he’s crying. Well here’s the thing. You have a little puppy that’s going to live to be 14 or 15 years old. Right.

Right. Your best friend. He is your best friend. Or she. Right. So we see dogs five six years old still potty on the carpet. Oh no. Yes yes we do. Yes we do you take the balls and I train the dogs. I do yeah. So here’s the thing.

Those people were never strict with their dog. Right. Some people you know some people get rid of their dog after a few years because they’re still not potty trained and all they need to do is be strict for a few months and give the dog freedom for the rest of its life the rest of its life the rest of its life like our one of our things are our wives we want dogs to have a higher quality of life. All right. Like we’re for the dog you’re like oh you’re putting it all in jail. No. Just like telling your teenager you have to be home by 10:00. You can’t stay out till 4:00 in the morning doing God knows what. That doesn’t just limit them and ruin their life. Right. They might feel like it and the little puppy might feel like it but the little puppy doesn’t really know what he needs. Yeah. Now obviously you’re still giving a little puppy tons and tons of love but potty training is a deal. Potty training is the issue that we have to handle. Right. So that’s how we’re going to start with the crate.

Tulsa Dog Training All right if we need to so I’ve had several people ask me about puppy pads how do you feel about that Ryan.

Yeah. So that’s a good question. So I would go to people’s houses and they say oh I’m using puppy pads or have puppy pads in the house or have puppy pads in the crate. Well first that’s teaching the dog to be in the crate. Right which Not not good. Right. So here’s the deal with puppy Pats puppy pads right. They can work. Dogs are really smart so there can be a million ways to train. That’s why we’re doing the podcast because there’s a million ways to train because it means the best way. OK right. Everything we do is repeatable everything we do systemized and repeatable. We have a system for training dogs and humans right. The Tip-Top method. But when it comes to potty pads can they work. Absolutely. Here’s the deal. What I see you know being clients houses constantly potty pads. Pretty soon become potty sweatpants potty rugs potty mats potty newspapers magazines write potty socks. So does it work. Happens and then sometimes the dog misses and then guess what the dog’s growing. Right. So the only time we really see the puppy pads work is is when they’re literally like we put them in a litter box or we put them one specific spot. Tulsa Dog Training Like I if I have to use if I have a client that’s like an apartment and they’re not going out or they’re in a high rise or whatever. We can go to a litter box and a puppy pad but then that dog should not be peeing outside.

I know it sounds weird but you have to be consistent with the dog. I mean you can take the dog to pee outside but basically I want to teach the dog to go in one spot preferably as outside. Only right. If I do outside and sometimes pad and sometimes are accidence on the floor and sends a mix signals Yeah. So I beg everyone to take all the puppy pads up and throw them away and throw them away. Normally what they’re used for is breeders will use them so little puppies like up to eight weeks will learn that they can potty in one place and you know sleep over here. And so the dogs are a good good breeder a very good breeder will start potty training before you ever even get the dog. I see. Right. They’re not necessarily meant for the dog to go on for the rest of their life. Some people can use it if you’re going to do that. I recommend some sort of like a litter box or something like that. And that’s a weird but something that’s not even with the floor. That’s the obvious boundary that’s at least a few inches off the ground that the dog either has to jump into or go into a specific little space. That’s kind of the only way it works without becoming PADI’s sweatpants and potty rugs and potty towels and anything comes over on your ground then the dog says that’s what my new potty spot. Tulsa Dog Training Right right. So that brings us to our next point with the crate training when you’re crate training the little puppy. No beds no beds. Yeah because those can become potty pads.

And then the dogs pee on the bed and they scoot him to the side. Now you know the other thing is sometimes little puppies are chewers right. All their adult teeth are and they chew stuff. They eat stuff.

They swallow stuff which can actually be a dangerous thing right. Yeah yeah. I think they don’t we just have a client. We’re working with the dog ate some bedding right and had to go in for surgery. Yeah yeah. I think the bedding got stuck in the dog’s colon. They had to have an expensive surgery and really cool dog. But you know again just that not not mature enough yet. So you know my dog Bandit Rachel’s dog Amber. They have beds in their kennels right. And they still we still use kennels because the dogs they like their kennels they’ve been crate trained. They like him. Right. They’re 7 and 9 years old. Yeah they’re 79 years old they still like their boxes do they have to know they can chill in the house all day long but they like him.

Tulsa Dog Training So it’s not something we have to use forever but we can definitely use the beds later but to start with for the little puppies no bats no blankets. We can have some toys in there. I would probably recommend some toys that you can wash the next thing with little puppies don’t more we use in the crate they’re going to sleep in the bed at night no put them in the bed because I have people oh well the dog whined and so I put him in bed with me. Don’t do that right. We’re here giving you some tips and tricks. Can you do that. Can it work. Yes. But also you can wake up and roll over into your puppy’s little mess. Right. And that’s good ro see progress also. You just need that puppy to learn how to handle life like the puppies sure it’s going to whine and cry for a little bit and it’s OK just like you have a little baby and he’s going to whine and cry a little bit. You know they’re going to be OK you’re going to be OK. You’re going to love on him you still can provide all their needs but it doesn’t mean they can’t you know be a little uncomfortable learn how to deal learn how to self-soothe and eventually grow up to be a dog. Right. So that’s all for today we’re going over the crate training. And then we will get back with you guys on our next podcast. Thanks by Tulsa Dog Training.