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Tulsa Dog Training : Doberman Dog Training

Aggressive Doberman Dog Training in Tulsa, Oklahoma

This post is going to talk about our most recent lesson with a Doberman. We got called to the house because the government was exhibiting aggression with their guests and it bitten a lady on the hand. This dog had bitten a lady on the finger so bad that she had nerve damage and no feeling left in her finger. This is a pretty exciting lesson for us as we didn’t want to get bit and while we normally use by slaves because of dogs we had to pick up for Boot Camp our head trainer had forgotten his bike sleeves at the office.

We went in the house and the Doberman was exhibiting fear aggression it was barking and backing up and looking for approval from mom and dad Tulsa Dog Training.

Tulsa Dog Training The owners were yelling and screaming at their dog and then there was another person we are assuming as a friend was also yelling at the dog to quiet and sit and the dog received multiple slaps in the face is well. We at tiptop do not advise hitting your dog ever for any reason. The yelling and the slapping the dog in the face did not stop this Doberman from barking or acting aggressive towards us.

Doberman training can take some time as they were originally bred to be aggressive. Dobermans were originally bred by tax collector in Germany who needed a guard dog to protect him because he was collecting taxes from people and had a lot of money. Dobermans are not like Labrador retrievers or German shepherds in the fact that they do not have a working job outside of protection.

Dobermans were originally bred strictly for protection and guarding and attack.

Whenever we have a dog bread strictly to bite people and strictly to guard the house or yard and we want them to be a good citizen it can be challenging. Now we have had multiple Doberman breeders tell us that they are easy to obedience training and that dog training with a Doberman is simple. We have found that a simple obedience class can work for some governments but for some it does not. This dog wanted to guard their house our clients moved into a new house they did it became this dogs territory and she began to guard the house.

We did not go closer try to pet her or make very much I contact with her. They had two Dobermans one was friendly and came up to us to say hello well the other one was running around the room bearing his teeth and growling and barking.

With aggressive dogs like this you must have them on a leash so that was the first thing we did.

Tulsa Dog Training Our Tulsa dog trainers have seen this many times and this dog was not near as hard as some dogs to train. The first thing we did was use a tie out to see how the dog responded to pressure away from mom and dad. What we did is put a leash on the dog and then put the handle of the leash in a door handle and close the door. What this basically does it Steak bar tile the dog to a single spot so the dog can’t go anywhere. Then our dog trainer started moving closer slowly teaching the dog that it’s okay to handle pressure you don’t have to show aggression. It took about 10 to 15 minutes before our dog trainer could touch the dog.

Once we had our training car on the dog we were able to work some quite on command and shut down the parking aground. Training this doorman is not going to take too much time the dog seemed highly intelligent when we did our initial evaluation training the dog the dog was learning to come and touch in just three or four minutes. After the initial meeting and the dog learning to redirect its barking and not be aggressive towards dog trainer the government was able to learn very rapidly.

Many Tulsa dog trainers cannot like to handle cases like these. What we find is that most of the aggression and dogs is learned behaviors and some is genetic. In this case the doorman has both unlearned and genetic behaviors.

How we know this is if the dog would refuse to handle any pressure and would refuse to redirect and shutdown but would only increase and wanted to fight and really wanted to attack when there was no threat. This would indicate more genetic dog aggression. When our dog training lessons start in Tulsa we will require them to use a muscle they have a mesh muzzle but it leaves the face open.

Tulsa Dog Training With these muscles the dog in this case the government can still easily bite us that would not feel good. I went over our dog training commands including the place command and stay. I want this dog to be able to handle pressure by staying on his dog bed. First I want to redirect this Dobermans barking through our tiptop method of dog training. Once I can shut down the barking and growling then I want to shut down the bad looks at the dog gifts. Once I have the dog and more of a calm and submissive state of mind then I will begin obedience training.

These people were afraid that they had done something to make the dog aggressive but that was not the case. This dog just had guarding instincts and wanted to guard the house and wanted to bite people. I’m very glad they called us instead of putting the dog down.

We will be able to make tons of progress in this Dobermans obedience training.

After our lessons then we will go to group class at a public Parse here in Tulsa Oklahoma where our client will continue further obedience training with their Doberman. For them I did not recommend a Boot Camp but I recommended private lessons with additional group classes. This is so not only the dog and the people learn the obedience commands but that the dog and the people are both able to execute under heavy distractions so that no matter where the Doberman goes it can be under control.

Some people think just private lessons would fix it this but that was not our official recommendation for training. The dog was very sensitive to our training collar and so even though it’s a big dog it will only be using the medium color and this is perfectly okay. Once lessons began we will give you a further update on the progress thank you for reading this post Tulsa Dog Training.