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Tulsa Dog Training : Food Allergies

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I am your host Ryan Wimpey and I’m here with my beautiful co-host Rachel M-B. Hey guys. And she’s also married to me. And we are the owners and operators of Tip-Top canine here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We train dog trainers we train clients dogs we do obedience etc.. And today on the man’s best friend podcast we are going to talk about some dog food. That’s right. So why are we talking about some dog food or dog trainers. Well dog food and dog has a lot to do with their health has a lot to do with their training has a lot to do with the dog just like you know food has a lot to do with people. Right. And today Fox News just came out with a no other dog food recall. Oh no. Yeah. Again not good. So it’s a company called Avenger’s which I had to look up and actually we don’t use their food. We don’t but it’s a dog food recall over a potential death drug contamination. Yikes. So it seems they had to recall some food because of possible contamination by a drug that’s used for euthanasia for putting dogs down. That’s why health is crazy. What the heck why why would they put that in there. I have no idea. Yes so the regulations on dog food have been there kind of crazy. So we just wanted to talk about dog food. We’ve never heard of that we don’t use thatTulsa Dog Training.

But you know feeding our pets is our best friend this is our little buddy.

Tulsa Dog Training They can’t pick their own food you know. So we need to pick good food for them so a lot of times we give dog training tips right for people in Tulsa and Broken Arrow and today we’re going to help our clients and potential clients with some dog food choices. So first thing we’re going to talk about what should I be looking at a food what should I be looking for in a food. Right. So what we want to look for is we want to at least the first few ingredients to be a meat. OK. Looking at the ingredient list is super super important. And so what we like. Probably our lowest grade food that we like is is taste of the wild. OK. Right. And so with taste while the first two or three ingredients are always in meat. Right we always know we’re getting a majority meat based product. So what’s the ingredients in the wild. Well let’s look at the salmon one something that we feed our guys. It’s salmon ocean fish meal sweet potatoes potatoes peas. That’s the first few ingredients. Right.

And so it’s more meat. My dog loves taste the wild Yeah yeah yeah. She loves it. Your dog loves everything. That’s true. Yeah. She likes bread french fries everything cell but it’s a good. Signs up the dogs. The dogs like it. It’s you can find it at different places.

Tulsa Dog Training Chewies pet flow wherever you want to get your food from if you want it shipped right to your door. All right if you want to ship right to the door we do like the people here in Tulsa Oklahoma southern agriculture they’re very nice people awesome people and so taste the wilds good one. Well why are we like them is their grain free. A lot of dogs they don’t tolerate grains very good. Right. Right. And there’s not exactly the GMO genetically modified rules as far as dog food goes. So what that means is they can basically eat whatever they want the dog food and they don’t have to label it.

Tulsa Dog Training Gary carry like drugs that could kill them.

Yeah like euthanasia or drugs that could kill them. So that’s not cool not cool. So we like taste the wild because first off they’re right but the companies aren’t around. And then second is so they’re using potatoes and peas in there as like carbohydrate complex carbohydrate and we find that dogs digest those a lot better than the grains.

We’ve seen dogs where we’ve changed their food. And they had food allergies and the vet said they’re allergic to grass and they’re allergic to all these different things. And really we just switched them and they were having so much grain that they bought it for years and years the body just couldn’t handle it.

Tulsa Dog Training And after multiple months of being on a grain free food we thought food allergies go away or we saw different issues like one dog they leg licked his nose for like hours at a time. Oh yeah yeah. So weird stuff like that. We’ve seen it go away. And so what we want to do is get a dog and a grain for the food. Right. So what else is out there. Well probably one of the nicest kibble based grain free foods is Origin origin. Yep. And so origin.

It’s about 85 percent meat based. Nice and 15 percent vegetable based and zero grains. So that’s pretty awesome.

Tulsa Dog Training Yeah that’s great. Yep. And not only that their stuff is either wild caught over free range. Wow. So it’s not all totally organic but it’s wild caught her free range so that’s awesome right. We love that. It is quite a bit more expensive. Yes it is. But in dog food you’re basically paying for the meat content. So the higher the meat content the more expensive it is the lower the meat content the cheaper it is. Right. So origin has multiple different foods out there. My dog loves origin yes he does. And it’ll start to shine up his coat after just a few weeks and he’s a really picky eater. Yeah he is a very picky eater but he loves loves loves the origin like their fish one has like literally eight different types of fish in it. It’s wild.

So I’ll I’ll read the ingredient list of origin. The first few ingredients is pretty wild.

Tulsa Dog Training So debone chicken debone Turkey yellowtail flounder whole eggs whole Atlantic mackerel chicken liver Turkey liver chicken heart Turkey heart whole Atlantic hearing dehydrated chicken dehydrated Turkey dehydrated mackerel dehydrated chicken liver dehydrated Turkey whole green beans whole navy beans red lentils chicken necks chicken kidneys pinto beans like this is a real ingredient list.

Tulsa Dog Training Yeah right. This is totally different from something that’s like like not so good food. Right. So you’re like not so good pet food like what would that be. Well we really don’t like Science Diet. We actually really don’t. Yeah it’s overpriced. I even saw one high horse show and they’re making it for nine to 19 cents a pound.

Tulsa Dog Training Wow. Yeah. Not only is it overpriced but go ahead and read the ingredients on it.

Tulsa Dog Training Yeah. OK. So this is one of the most popular ones. It’s large breed dry dog food. So the first ingredient. Chicken. OK. The second ingredient is wholegrain wheat. The third is cracked pearled barley fourth ingredient wholegrain sorghum than whole grain corn. And then calling gluten meal and then chicken meal pork fat and chicken liver flavor and soybean oil. So it has chicken and it has a whole meat in it. But then the next one two three four five ingredients are grains. Right. So what that means is the real first ingredient actually grain is not a meat based product. So it’s called ingredient stuffing. They make the first ingredient in meat and then the next three or four ingredients like a corn. It’s like putting in your jelly. You have like strawberries and then you have like corn syrup. Then you have high fructose corn syrup and then you have sugar. Well Sugar is the first ingredient. Right. Sugar is the real first ingredient. So you’re paying for mostly nutrition cutting based out of grain. That’s your dog actually can’t digest properly. Right. Right. And so that’s how you get food allergies is going to get flake you skin his coats not going to be very shiny. And we’d like to go ahead and avoid that and feed him something decent.

Right. But Science Diet has great marketing.

Tulsa Dog Training They have great marketing. They partner with a ton of vets and a lot of people don’t know this but they give a lot of vets total free food. Or they did in the past. Fifteen hundred pound bags at a time like as much as they want to feed their boarding clients. And so of course the vets recommend them if they make good money on the food and they get as much as they want. I don’t know if that’s still the same as it was a while back but I know that it was in the past and that’s why it’s pushed. Yeah and says backed by science. Right. The science of profit because some of the greens are so cheap and that’s what they’re filling their food with. Right. So there’s definitely a method to their madness but I’m not sure it’s based off what’s actually best for the dog.

Exactly. Yeah. So another good dog food that has great marketing but bad ingredients it’s a great question and I will answer that on your next podcast.

Tulsa Dog Training OK. So next podcast we’re going keep talking about dog food. Thanks for joining us guys.