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Tulsa Dog Training : More Freedom

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I’m your host Ryan Wimpey and my co-host Rachel left. So today I’m here with Robert Methven Robert. Hello sir. What’s up dog lovers it’s Robert Methven your new co-host Robert the podcast. Awesome I’m glad you’re here joining us on the man’s best friend podcast where we talk about dogs. We talk about dog training and dog culture. So I’m glad to hear you’ve been with this here training dogs for how long Robert. I’m going to say it’s been about six years at least. Yeah he’s feels like 30. But you know it’s at least six at least six. I do Tulsa Dog Training.

Rachel Knight talked about aggression a few weeks ago and I do want to talk about that. First I want to talk I know you’ve seen a lot of dogs. Right you’ve done a lot in the last six years. Multa probably like close to a thousand dogs. So.

Tulsa Dog Training Any stories popping up before so the listeners can get a little bit of a heads up kind of what you’ve been doing. You do private lessons right. Your group classes group classes you run boot camps. What would you say is the most rewarding thing you’ve found about dog training.

Rewarding thing about dog training. I actually love dog training. It’s it’s a super fun job and it is very very rewarding because you get to help a lot of other people and you get to help a lot of pets. What I love about it is when people are able to trust their dogs then they’re able not only to trust their dogs but they’re able to have more freedom the dogs are able have more freedom that people are able to take their dogs out and do more things with them. Yeah. And so it’s just super rewarding to be able to see a dog that normally would have to sit in the house and just you know be locked up all the time actually being able to go out and go places go to parks go for walks or go over to a relative’s house you know because once the client is able to trust their dogs they’re there taking their dogs everywhere because not only are they their best friends but it’s also exciting because they want to show off their dogs. A lot of fun stuff that their dogs can do now. Yeah. So yeah super rewarding. Yeah there’s so many rewarding things to be honest. You know I know that we want to talk a little bit about the aggression today. And you know a lot of those people a lot of the clients that come to us have kind of lost hope. You know I will definitely say so.

They were their last were their last hope. Yes we are the last test for them before the dog.

Tulsa Dog Training You know they search around a lot and you know not everybody is comfortable. You know other trainers and stuff working with aggressive dogs like dog trainers are. Yeah. And so they come to us and they’re kind of like you’re my last hope. You know what we can’t. What can we do. And you know every dog is so different even when it comes to aggression. You have some dogs that are you know very aggressive and ready to you know they show it instantly. You know as soon as you walk in the door or I walk into the door there is no doubt in my mind that this dog is coming at me or wants to show dominance over me.  Tulsa Dog Training Right. You know but then there’s other dogs where you know it’s it just can hand them. It can happen randomly you know like one minute you’re petting them and then all of a sudden they get aggressive. You know what I mean. And so there’s so many different levels of it. Oh yeah it’s all over the place. You know so yeah. Gresson aggression is a big deal. But you know like I said people have a hard time when it comes to you know they don’t know what to do. They don’t know how to fix it. And you know it’s just awesome to be able to come to their house and to be able to help them assess the dog assess the situation and teach them you know about the boundaries and what they should do.

Absolutely and to help the dog because most people avoid had like you know four or five six dogs maybe their whole life and one is aggressive. And so they don’t really they don’t know how serious the dog’s issues are if they are serious or aren’t serious right Tulsa Dog Training.

Some people think their dog is like a monster and like this is no big deal are you going to fix it in a few lessons of dog training or a few a few obedience lessons and we’ll fix it and then some people are like oh he’s just a little aggressive I don’t really think it’s a problem and their dog is like a monster and it’s going to you know eat children and crazy stuff. So that’s an exaggeration but you know what I mean some people don’t take their dog as seriously as they should or we know like hey based on for your dogs and a few years your dog is going to have serious problems right. Siri has serious problems.

So I wanted to bring up a dog I went out to go see a border collie right recently. You did the privates with amazing results and I just wanted to talk about that real quick because when I went out to the dog I knew that it was going to be a really hard dog which is why you went out instead of any you know any of our other trainers.

So talk about it.

I heard. So I worked to the dog muzzle and by itself it was the anxiety is pretty intense on the dog.

Yes. Yes.

And it’s a border collie. But just tell us a little bit about how that how that lesson went kind of kind of what you saw with the dog what went on what was going on with the owners and just just let us kind of ended that lesson Tulsa Dog Training.

Well I went out to the lesson and you know as soon as I walked up you know the you know the owners you know they had the dog on a leash you know when I came in and when I when I walked in the door the dog definitely darted going pretty pretty hard at me you know barking at me pulling to the end of the leash. You know he just got you know pretty aggressive you know. And so it was definitely one of those dogs that you know as soon as you walk in the door it’s going to show it’s aggression and you know it really you know scares the people because you know they have kids and their kids friends are coming over and you know family and relatives and all these people come over. Well they have to be on top of the dog to make sure that nothing happens. Tulsa Dog Training Oh yeah. Wow. That dog was going crazy. And so you know we walked in there and I just kind of talked to them you know wanted to find out a little bit about you know their situation and kind of get an idea of how they respond and stuff. So it’s really important when it comes to the aggression of aggressive dogs you know the dogs also feed off of their owners. You know sometimes aggression sometimes it’s just straight up aggression. So you’re going to have to kind of you know gauge it according to the dog.

But your next podcast We’ll talk about that snowball effect like a snowball effect lately it’s just been out of control with people.

But anyway sorry keep going. That’s right.

So we went in there. The dog was definitely showing aggression to me. And you know whenever it was around its owners you know I could see that there was definitely you know it was trying to come at me if I tried to come near it was you know definitely trying to get me to back up you know. So we ended up you know I always put a you know try to put a muzzle on the dog just for safety purposes and bleeding all over the place.

It’s really hard to keep training and Cline’s command for being on the Carberry.

Tulsa Dog Training I get it I get it. So we try to avoid that. Yeah. No blood on the carpet you know. But I ended up what happened to me once by the way. Oh yeah. But on the garbage hasn’t happened to me yet since it wasn’t from that dog. Oh. Oh yeah. I was trying to trim a collar strap and I cut a piece of my finger off. Oh I bled all over carpet. Oh gosh. Long time ago. Crazy. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Let’s keep going.

But anyways as you know kind of what happened was I ended up having them put the muzzle on you know and the dog was kind of freaking out and they were super scared to give you know give the dog over to me because they know that the dogs aggressive they don’t want the dog to bite me all of that stuff. And I was like OK. But I just need you to give me the dog you know. And so I grabbed I finally got them to give me the dog. They let go of the dog and the dog. You know as soon as it was now in my control the dogs tune kind of changed. OK.


Tulsa Dog Training Once again I am. There is no doubt in my mind that the dog would bite me at some point but there’s just something about when you get over the dog and you know when they’re with their owners or whatever they’re trying to get you to back up they’re trying to intimidate you but once you get rid of the leash they kind of shut down. Now of course this depends on the type of dog Whether it’s like super aggressive or more of a fear aggression or whatever.

But I would classify this dog probably more in fear aggression.

Yes. And the fear aggression. He was you know he was you know a little scared a little shaken up you know. But once I got control over him and I just kind of walked him you know and walked him around the house.

He was doing good. So that being said he kind of calm down.

Tulsa Dog Training But then he ended up you know the most a lot of dogs don’t like the muzzle so he was scratching at this muzzle trying to get up and he got the muzzle off. Well it’s very important that when you’re dog training that you know how to handle a leash correctly. Oh yeah. Because you know leash control is important huge if you want to get bad. Yes. And in a time like that you know especially with aggressive dog having the leash and being able to control the dog and you know maximize your ability to not get it is very important.

But yeah I was actually going over that was one of our new guys and one of our new trainers because they had a puppy that’s a little aggressive and I was going over that with him yesterday but keep going.

So the dog ended up he did good. You know as long as I had you know how to control him. He did good. You know obviously we you know we put the muzzle back on him. Right. And there were a few times when he had the muzzle on that he would try to you know try to bite me. But yeah the muzzle you know obviously saved me.

Tulsa Dog Training So you know he did take some shots.

Oh yeah. He definitely took some shots. I would have been pretty beat up if it wasn’t for you know the muzzle and you know just we took every precaution that we could. That’s good but long story short after all that we we’ve done the lessons you know and we kind of taught the owners what to do. You know taught the owners you know the dog really needs to have boundaries and you know I always I always tell people that once dogs are aggressive I don’t trust it 100 percent. You know even if we get the dog to where we can control it and stuff like that there’s always that that you know chance that the dog could you know whether he got really scared or whatever he could do that. You know maybe revert back to it. So I don’t want people just to drag their dog even after we’ve fixed a lot of the problems into a group of kids or people or whatever. Right. You know but just because of the liability factor. But yeah dog did great. I mean after the lessons the dog was no longer being aggressive no longer. You know I could walk in the house and he wasn’t trying to you know bite me anymore. He was trying to hit the end of the leash and come at me. I could walk right up to him. You could still see a little bit of anxiety in him and his eyes. Yeah. But they’ve been super happy that and they have people coming in the House and the dogs not scaring everybody and you know.

So I’m super excited to hear. Next time I go out to their house to see how the dog is very exciting.

Tulsa Dog Training And so I think that brings up a couple of good things and what I really want to talk about the snowball effect with aggression. And then I also want to talk about muzzles muzzle usage condition and the dog to muzzle and go into that. But we’re out of time for right now. So thank you everybody for joining us on the man’s best friend podcast.

Robert glad to be here. Thank you for coming. All right. See you next time