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Tulsa Dog Training : Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Tulsa Dog Training

This post going to talk about my most recent encounter with two dogs at a client’s house. The first dog was at the base at multiple different health issues and had attacked. Their other dog was a German Shepherd lab hound mix that was a four-month-old large baby. The great Pyrenees had attacked a prior dog so bad that they had to get rid of the border collie. Dog training can help with aggression even with dogs attacking other dogs but dog on dog aggression is always very hard to deal with.

They called because the dog was attacking the other dog every single day and sometimes was attacking multiple times a day. They were having to play the switch around game where one dog is inside the other dogs outside always. What was interesting about this lesson is that the great Pyrenees would go attack the Labrador mix even all the Labrador mix was sleeping.

This is not something I’m sure that I’ve ever seen before. Most dogs will get mad at other dogs and attack for a variety of reasons but not normally well another dog is sleeping. This led me to believe that I may not be able to offer very much help Tulsa Dog Training.

Tulsa Dog Training Great Pyrenees are known to be livestock and guardian dogs can be very protective and I’ve known great Pyrenees that will kill anything that comes on his land whether it be coyotes or armadillos or wolves or other dogs. I had a friend with two great Pyrenees that protected his farm and they would kill any dog or wolf they came on the property. They were super friendly with humans but would kill any other dogs that came on the land. This is a livestock guardian dog. This is what they do. Sometimes putting them into a pet situation like a house in Owosso can make for tough dog training situation.

Well originally I did not think I would be able to offer very much help after working with both the dogs I now think that we will be able to make a ton of progress with them. It seems they’re going to do dog boarding school with us or what we call our boot camp where we will work each of them 50 to 60 hours or so for a few months. I’m very glad the lady isn’t giving up on these two dogs. She couldn’t figure out if she was going to get rid of one or get rid of both or just wait till he got a huge fight.

Once they’re in a big fight and once blunts been drawn or once there’s puncture wounds and stitches it tends to be hard to fix that. Because the younger dog is only four months old and is unruly I think that we can make a ton of progress.

When we let the older dog and the younger Labrador makes showed a lack of obedience training and started jumping and biting all over the great Pyrenees. And the people responded by yelling at the dog and supporting the dog in the face of the bottle. Unfortunately, they had also gotten an Owosso doctrinaire recommendation of rolling a newspaper and taping it until it’s thick and then heading the dog on top of the head. Hitting the dog with a rolled-up newspaper is not good dog training. And Owasso dog training instructor gave very bad advice.

It is never good to hit a dog that showing any aggression. This is not a dog trainer advice this idiot advice and the lady should not have followed it. Tulsa Dog Training Luckily the dog did not come back to her and did not buy her because that would’ve been awful. Our advice was to split the dogs up until one of our trainers could come out to their house. Luckily they stop hitting the dog and did that. They used a negative reinforcement dog handed me the sporting the dog in the face.

Which didn’t work that well. Sporting the dog in the face we just annoyance it doesn’t teach them anything. Just like if you squirted your little kid in the face you just eventually get frustrated with mom being an idiot this morning in the face. That’s not nice did you located don’t go to your dog. Both dog’s new basic obedience of sit down and shake. Pyrenees can be very stubborn dogs. We just did a repair needs five lessons five private lessons to get the dog coming off leash on the first command. Normally only takes one or two private dog training lessons to get dogs to come off leash. But this last great Pyrenees we did was exceptionally hard. The German Shepherd lab hound mix trained exceptionally well but was very stubborn. Better introductory consultation when we work with them to learn fast but seems stubborn. Anything with hound them can be very hard to train. Pounds as a rule are very stubborn dogs. The last lab town we did was very smart but after learning commands very rapidly would decide that he just did not want to do them anymore and fight it. If you don’t Tulsa Dog Training have a stern human felt the dog work for the stubbornness it makes it very hard.

Tulsa Dog Training I feel like this family is going to follow through with the dog training once we train their dogs.

I’m very excited to work with them they should be calling us in the morning with further details on when would be a good time to pick up their two angels for our doggy Boot Camp. I look forward to seeing what progress we can make with them to help them to get along better and to live a happier lifestyle with this family words not one dog goes inside and one dog goes outside always. I’m confident that with come and the place command I’m going to be able to make this happen. Our team here at tiptop canine is excellent as far as dog training goes we are the best in the state of Oklahoma and this is a problem that is not going to be hard for us to handle at all.

Thank you for reading this article about her most recent lesson please view our next dog obedience training article to get some more tips or insights into what we are doing with dogs.