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Tulsa Dog Training : Group Obedience Classes

Hello and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast I am your host Ryan Blimpie and I am here with my absolutely gorgeous co-host Rachel M.V.. Hey guys. And we are going to keep talking a little bit about dog food. Real quick and that’s what we’ve been talking about on the podcast. And then we’re going to talk about some dog bones toys treats stuff like that. So who are we. Well I’m right. This is Rachel. And we’re dog trainers in Tulsa. Tulsa Oklahoma is where we live where we operate. We’ve got the best the Tulsa the last three years in a row doing well doing obedience Tulsa dog training etc. We do group obedience classes aggression manners stuff like that doggy boot camp doggy boot camps we do the boot camps or we board them and train them. And so we’ve been talking about dog food again just a little recap. First the ingredients you want to do meat. We really don’t like grains. Don’t feed your dog Beneful. Don’t feed your dog go Roy Don’t feed your dog Science Diet. OK. So what we do a couple of the things we do with our dogs is we like to put some raw egg on their food. Right. Mix it in. Right. They like it. A lot of people say well what about wet food. What about wet food. Well I would prefer dry raw egg or even a little bit of raw beef. Yeah. And some people they like to cook that are they like cooked or egg. I like it.

And if you think about dogs if you think about you know a wild animal they it’s not like they’re having a problem with E.coli like they are able to eat raw stuff and they’re fine. So they are a different digestive system they’re able to eat bones it’s the cooked bones that they have an issue with Ray.

Tulsa Dog Training A dog can eat a raw chicken leg. Randy fine be fine. Yeah I was horrified the first time I was trying to feed raw so my dog was another method out there.

Some dogs is a little controversial. You feed the dog raw meat raw bones. The first time I was trying to get into that I don’t feed it right now. But when I was trying to get into it my dog swallowed a whole chicken like he didn’t chew it and down. I called the vet. This is my dog. I’ve trained him for thousands of hours. I love him. It’s been you know we go to our Web site Tip-Top and he’s the one stand on top of the fire hydrant band is our He’s our guy he’s my little mascot You know I love him and my black lab band. He swallowed the whole chicken leg and I freaked out Tulsa Dog Training.

I was like oh my gosh I’m calling the vet and I’m like Oh Doc Doc my dog he just swallowed a whole chicken leg he didn’t chew it to it and he’s like I hope he’ll be fine.

I’m like well.

What do you mean he’ll be fine. And the guy you know and he’ll be able to digest it and the vets like the bones are like 80 to 90 percent air. Wow. And I’m like the chicken bones 80 to 90 percent air. And he said yeah yeah. That’s how the birds and stuff able to fly. That’s why it’s a problem when they cook the chicken bones because it take all that out and then they splinter and that’s what hurts the dogs and I was like oh I had no idea.

Yeah. So anyway is bands still alive he’s fine he didn’t die I thought I was going to. I almost died but he didn’t. I’m glad he did it.

Tulsa Dog Training Yeah yeah. So we don’t do the raw egg. We’ll do a little raw beef sometimes or sometimes will cook it and we like to put raw egg and then we also use a little bit of coconut oil sometimes to shine the dogs coats. That’s right. Yeah yeah. And then one of the things that I have used in the past but I don’t like it is the olive oil on the dog’s food. And the reason why I don’t like it is because. Upset stomach and I don’t know how to say this pleasantly but upset stomach really really really bad. And like a liquid sort of way. So right. Not cool. Not cool. I just want to improve my dog’s coat and health. I don’t want to give them gastric problems. If you feel me. So speaking of gastric problems the next thing you want to go over is dogs get upset tummies. What can we do. Well first a natural our turn itive that we’ve been using for a long time is canned pumpkin. Yes. Right. A lot of people don’t know about that. But if a dog has an upset tummy if they ate something they shouldn’t or whatnot canned pumpkin you can mix it with your food or you can just give it to them straight if they’ll eat the canned pumpkin that really helps. It’s almost like all natural Pepto abysmal. OK. Yeah. So it is definitely something to keep around even if you’re not making pumpkin pies. Right.

And then next for a dog that got into something or is upset stomach or whatever is not eating. What we don’t want to do is just pack their food with tons of rich stuff or tons of canned food on top which I’ve done before. Yeah yeah. Don’t pack it was Richtel a lot of people were like oh I’ll just pack the dog with 30 pounds of meat on top of his food. So eat it. But you know that will hurt their tummy a better more vet recommended alternative is just some chicken and rice and boiled chicken and rice boiled chicken fried. No KFC for Rovere you know. But we want some boiled chicken and some just white rice just regular rice.

And we’re going to give the dog what we eat. White rice Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Probably just just want something bland sensitive for their stomach. So that’s our tips on any dogs upset tummy. So now we’re going to get into some bones and toys and treats. Great. So one of the things I like to do and I recommend that our  Tulsa dog training clients do is for dogs that are active chewers you like to rotate their toys rotate their toys. Yep a lot of people like wadd. I never thought of that. So you have a little 5 year old if you give him like five cars and he plays with them then he’s bored with him in like a week. Right. So instead you’re going to have your five year old and give him two cars and then you can take them and put him up in the closet and then give him two more cars. Right. And then you can rotate them in and out. Well that’s all I got to do with the box. So it went to Clarence House the day they have a dog and he’s got just all of his toys on the floor. And what I recommended is he gets bored sometimes and choose other things. What I recommend is giving him three or four toys a few toys a few bones and then every week picking them up putting them away and then putting down three or four new ones. OK. So he’s like the little kid he doesn’t get bored he’s got fresh toys. Right. Right. And so I like to do that.

There’s even pet boxes that can deliver different toys and treats and stuff every month right to your house. You can find those online. Those are pretty cool but I’d like to I like to float the toys and record and change them in and out. So one of the things that’s pretty controversial I want to talk about real quick is rawhide bones and I think Rachel has a story about rawhide bones.

Tulsa Dog Training All right yeah I do. So I was giving my little dog a rawhide bone to chew on cause she likes to chew. She’s a chewer and I can’t give her tennis balls because she will eat them.

Actually the whole thing she will eat chocolate or just sit there and tear into pieces and eat every single piece. Yeah. And she’s what.

Just in case someone doesn’t know Pomeranian mix. Yeah. What did you say.

I think based off the hair coming out of her pads some King Charles Cavalier antics. Yeah yeah yeah.

She’s amazing. I love her dearly. Amber. Amber Yes so I gave her this bone to chew on.  Tulsa Dog Training And in the middle of the night one night she was choking. She started choking and I could hear her and I was actually going to bed. And so I started to panic and I was like trying to pat her back you know like you had a person or a baby and it wasn’t working. So my dog’s choking and it’s you know I’m dressed for bed and I was like OK I got to do something.

I pick her up by her bottom late start you know just like dangling her in the air so that her head is like you know facing the ground and she’s just you know poor girl she was probably so distraught.

This is an abused rescue dog by the way. Yes. I didn’t know what to do.

I had to get that bone out of her you know lodged in her throat. I had to get it out. So it was like.

Yeah. And it finally came out. And then she was OK. You know she was a little upset with me but she was fine. She was good she made it.

Tulsa Dog Training So. Amber doesn’t eat raw hives anymore. Yeah. Yeah. And we hear a lot of people with mixed emotions on the raw hides with the little dogs with absolutely no raw hides. Yes for the bigger dogs. Anything that starts getting smaller You need to take those away. Also my dog Bandit he likes the rides and you know we have a vet that actually has some raw hides to sell some vets are totally against him. But I do want the ones that are made in America right. Right. The ones that are getting made in China. God knows what’s in those. They’re like bleaching them they’re pouring bleach on to make them want to say oh yeah oh they found like all types of crazy chemicals. As far as the chicken jerky is they’re made in China. There’s been multiple recalls because they’re using like a plastic to make like chicken jerky treats and stuff. Yikes. And so I would be very very careful with that. So we do do some raw hives but we’re very cautious with them and it’s under supervision and they make sure to have access to water. Right. Some dogs especially little dogs that don’t necessarily need them. Right. A better alternative that we really like and our dogs like is the horns. Yeah. Right. So deer horns we’re in Oklahoma right here in Oklahoma. People Lackaday are. Yeah they do. Everyone in my family except for me do your hands a deer hunted once and that was about it. I got at one point. Yeah.

Tulsa Dog Training It took me like five shots anyways. Different story your little sister that and my little sister cannot. It is embarrassing. Anyway we’re not talking about there. Right. It was the deer horns. Some of them you might saw him open so the dog can kind of see that marrow and chewed out the elk horns and if you go to a pet store they’re kind of expensive but they’re worth it and they really last a long time. The water buffalo horns right. Those are really cool too. Any of the horns. Awesome. Yeah. Really like those Yeah. You can find out if your dog likes them. Go to so the dogs are smarter. A pet store here in town. If you’re in Tulsa or Brooklyn energies Saragossa or wherever you’re at. Go to the pet store if there do obedience classes don’t sign up because you’re going be standing up there tipped up Ken Buck. Right. That’s right. That’s right. So if they do obedience classes don’t sign up you’re there for treats. Nobody’s going to do obedience better than us. That’s what we do. First lesson is the dollar is going to come out and show you how much we rock. But go test your dog. Give him multiple treats see which one he picks up puts down what he likes what he doesn’t like. Right. Right.

So nylon bones.

Tulsa Dog Training I love the nylon bones. Those are great yeah. So they’re like it’s like a plasticky type bone. It’s a nylon or nylon bone. And what we want to do with those is still rotate them. Right. Right so the dog doesn’t get bored. Put them down pick them up. The big bones are good the knuckles. I feel like the big toe knuckles knuckles are a little hard. I do like the pig hoofs too. Yeah I like the hoves with the same choking hazard so when the dog eats about half of the herf I pick it up. They start to make me nervous. So the biggest thing with the bones. I want you guys to just watch your dogs. Right. We want to let her dogs enjoy it and have fun and dogs like to choose some dogs are super big chewers. So I’d recommend multiple different horns. I’d recommend the plastic bones. There’s multiple different varieties but I would definitely definitely definitely definitely definitely recommend picking them up and putting them down watching them when they get small once they get smaller. Tulsa Dog Training You need to be picking them up from your dog. So we want to talk about some toys and we want to talk about some treats and stuff like that but we are just about out of time for this one. OK so in the meantime take your dog to the pet store right. See what she or he like. See what your little buddy or big buddy or whatever likes whatever size dog you have.

And then we’ll talk about some toys on our next broadcast guys. All right.