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Tulsa Dog Training : Men’s best friend

Hello everyone and welcome to the man’s best friend podcast. I’m your host Ryan Limby. I’m here with my beautiful beautiful bride and co-host Rachel inby. Hey guys. Hey. So we are the owners and operators of Tip-Top canine and we’re doing a podcast just going over dog information dog culture dog breeds and obviously dog training tips. Today we’re going to start talking about puppies. One of the absolute most ask questions we get is definitely about puppies. So we’re just doing a podcast to fill everyone in on some information. Rachel what would you say is the number one puppy question that we get Tulsa Dog Training.

We get a lot of puppy questions actually. What’s the best age to start. Training is one of them for example.

OK. So best age to start training. If you read a lot of books one of the reasons why we’re doing a podcast is because there’s a lot of stuff on Google there’s a lot of books a lot of crazy ideas. So we want to dispel a lot of myths best age to start training for what we do we recommend somewhere between four to six months 21 weeks old is kind of when the dog is out of that puppy stage.

Really. Yep. Wow I didn’t know that Tulsa Dog Training.

Yeah. So 21 weeks. So other than that they’re kind of like a toddler so can you teach week old dog. Absolutely. Absolutely. But would you rather teach a 3 year old math or a 13 year old math. So 21 weeks. Some dogs are ready at three and a half months old to start like formal obedience training some dogs six months old. It depends on the dog how quick they grow up. We recommend about four to six months. So a lot of people start really young and we do with our puppies we train but we don’t do formal formal training. We focus more on environmental soundness and socialization. Tulsa Dog Training Really. Yep absolutely. So what does environmental sound as most of you’ve heard of socialization but you’re probably asking what is environmental soundness and why would I want to do that instead of train my puppy. So environmental soundness is I want to take my dog. I want the dog to be comfortable everywhere they go. Right. I want the dog to be able to handle smells people sounds. Being in a car being in new places being in new environments because. Well first off this is the man’s best friend podcast. I have my little buddy I want to take him everywhere. Right. I’ve got a dog. Take it with me. Right. So as far as for us training is not going to be an issue.

Tulsa Dog Training We’re going to train any dog a couple of weeks they’re going to come off leash we’re going to fix that jumping they’re going to stay they’re going to heel they’re going to do everything they need to do. That’s not a problem. What I need is I need a nice confident dog and the dog is not scared of people scared of dogs get a car ride because I want to take my little buddy everywhere. Right. So the first thing I want to do is I’m going to take my dog everywhere with me. Right. I want him to the environment mentally sound. I’m going to take him in the car and I take him to the lake. I’m going to take him to parks. I’m going to take him in parking lots. I’m going to get him around cars. I’m going to get around people what I’m not going to do with my little puppy is take him to the dog park. Now why not. People love the dog park. Yeah people love the dog bark and the dog park can be really good. But we run a very busy dog training company here in Tulsa Oklahoma. And you would not believe how many clients Rachel you’ve sent me out to. And they called and they said oh my dog’s aggressive likes to eat the dogs he likes to attack people and those people they hear about socialization and so they go ahead and take their monster to a dog park.

Really. The ones that like to attack dogs and people. Yes.

I had a client and she had a pit bull and we love pit bulls right. We do tons of pit bulls.

They are so smart. One of my favorites actually.

Tulsa Dog Training Rachel loves expose the pit bull puppies. Yeah but this client Unfortunately she thought she would socialize her dog by taking it to the dog park. Right and is very very aggressive is a rescue situation and just unfortunate issues with the dog. But what happened is she took it to the dog park attacked three dogs oh no it had to be kicked off three times. Other people in there. Yeah. And then it attacked three dogs basically before she was able to get on a leash and get it out of there. So she potentially made three dogs dog aggressive after that. So if you take your little puppy to the dog park and then some you know less than intelligent person brings their very beast mode dog in there and it mauls your little puppy. Your little puppy is probably not going to be super dog friendly.

So Ryan are you saying it only takes one time one time for a little puppy to get attacked to have dog fear or be afraid of other dogs.

Yeah it can. We’ve seen it where it’s literally one time we’ve seen dogs that are trained to a lady’s dog. Her name was Dabb and we trained her. Her Springer and that dog was excellent. It was very good around other dogs and it had one incident of getting attacked by another dog. One incident and this is a very sound dog that came to our unlimited group class for a year and a half. And it had one little dog attack right. Even got attacked by dogs smaller than the was about four times smarter than him. So either way after that it’s still it. It was fine with other dogs. And then it became very unsure very nervous reluctant and it started getting a little aggressive with other dogs. Wow this is a dog that’s around 10 to 15 to 25 dogs that are a group class for a year year and a half. You know we started training at like five months old. That was very good with other dogs. Yeah. Yeah. So that sucks. Yeah right. Yeah that sucks. All because she wanted to socialize it. Right. And she didn’t know the dogs are socializing with. So we have dogs and we let them play with other dogs. Right. But I don’t want to just let them play with any and every dog that’s why I don’t like the dog park.

Right right. Yeah.

Tulsa Dog Training So back to puppies. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to work on environmental soundness. I want to take my puppy lots of different places I wanted to be confident. I want to play with them in new places constantly new places. Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang right you might feel silly walking your dog in the Best Buy parking lot but that’s what I’ve done Best Buy her best buy. I want my dog to be confident I don’t want to be scared of loud noises. I don’t want to be scared or anything.

Most people probably don’t know this but with police dogs and they have mounted laws Shepardson stuff the ones they’re raising for military police. They those dogs will be listening to CDs with sirens gunshots helicopter planes they’ll be listening to loud CDs. They do noise makers bottles cans all this crazy loud.

Yeah I’ve even seen you and a couple other of our trainers take a bottle with coins in it and shake it around some of the dogs that we’ve doing been doing.

Tulsa Dog Training And you know extreme obedience training with yeah we do noisemaker So they handle uncomfortable noises in the dog learns to be able to handle that. Yeah. So what happens if they never hear like loud semis and stuff come by until they’re 2 years old and that’s going to freak them out.

Yeah if it is a part of normal life there’s no big deal right. So I would definitely be working on that now. I do work some basics with treats. Right. Awesome basic. I lure the dog to lure the dog down do some tricks stuff like that. But really what I want is a nice confident dog. We’re going to get a dog coming off Felician And you know a few hours. So that’s not the issue for me right. Right. So I’m not like oh I better start training the dog at eight weeks old. I better start training him. He just weaned. No that’s not my issue.

But you would say that it is smart to put a puppy on a leash and get familiar with the leash. In those younger weeks of age.

Tulsa Dog Training Yeah absolutely. Thanks for bringing that up. So that’s one of our biggest problems if we go out to train someone’s dog and the dogs five months old not dogs. Never been on a leash it’s never been able to handle leash pressure. Oh yeah. Then Normally we have to give that client an hour or two of homework or sometimes a week or two depending on the dog. I did a little dog five and a half months old and put them on a leash and he flip flops. He kind of death rolls he bites the leash. And so they want to start training right now because it’s like nip the kids and by an arm and pulling on their clothes. And I had to give them a week of homework right before they could even really start before they could even start just because their puppy can’t walk on a leash. Yeah right. They’re like oh well he doesn’t like. He doesn’t. He doesn’t like it. Well you know he’s a dog if you just started eight weeks old he wouldn’t have liked it either but he would have been fine. He just you just have to get used to it.

Yeah. And I’ve heard you give your cousin advice. She has a Newfoundland. So huge dog.

Shout out to Adriana. Yeah.

Tulsa Dog Training And I remember you telling her to play with the dogs paws and to play with the food and to make sure like with the bigger dogs that are going to be able to you know out strength some of those ladies out there. Can you elaborate on that.

Absolutely. So we have the leash walking and we have environmental. This is what I’m doing with my puppy as far as puppy training next is going to be playing with their ears. I’m going to be playing with their paws. I’m going to playing with their gums and their tail. OK. So maybe putting the dog on the side on the floor maybe after they’re tired after I’ve walked home after I’ve been walking around the parking lot where I get my dog I mentally sound I’m going to be playing with their paws playing with them a lot. I want to be getting out the nail clipper a few times a week and just messing with their paws with it. OK. I want the dog to get comfortable. Be ok with it. And sure you can get some treats you can get some love but I need my puppy to be able to handle that because so within Newfoundland. Right. She’s what a hundred fifty pounds now. She’s huge. Big girl is a big girl. We used to do that. Eight weeks old way easier to do that. Eight weeks old then wait till she’s 8 months old and 80 pounds already. Right. Right. So that’s what I said to my time on not on the obedience training because we’re going to get that with our tiptop method. That’s not a problem. Right. We’re going to get that. So I need to play with the tail. I need to play with the ears the gums the teeth everything like that.

Our next big thing is crate training and that’s actually what we’re going to talk about on our next podcast. Crate training is quite a bit to it. A lot of people do it wrong. Potty training in general a lot of people do it wrong. Tulsa Dog Training There’s a thousand different methods out there. But again that’s why we’re doing the man’s best friend podcast because we want to separate that fact from fiction. Everyone on Google is correct. What I know everything you read on Google is not correct. Right. Everything on YouTube.

They actually let anyone put stuff when you know what. Wow.

So we’re here we’re trying a couple of thousand dogs here with Tip-Top canine here in Tulsa. And we’re just giving you advice so you guys can raise your dogs appropriately. So we will see you on our next podcast.

Thanks. Bye