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Tulsa Dog Training : Off Leash K9

Off Leash K9 Training Tulsa

Tulsa Dog Training When it comes to off leash canine training it is very important that your dog first has a solid grasp on the basics. When training off leash you must first have done plenty of work in private settings where there’s no distractions and then slowly over time you continue to add more and more and more and more distractions while dragging 30 foot leash. This is so in case you make a mistake about how quickly your dog is learning and you’re wrong but your dog is. It’s very poor dog training have confidence in dog is very common with new trainers but it’s your best friend so when can you please please for god’s sake but a 30 submission. Now if you look at some of our videos we are training in the target and Kohl’s and Best Buy parking lots and we’re doing this to teach a dog how to handle very heavy distractions but this is not how we started.

We started in living rooms and in the front yard in the backyard and then slowly we started adding more money places then went to parks etc. Eventually we started working in heavy distraction areas such as parking lots and outside of dog parks and public parks near splash pads and playgrounds and heavily populated areas. A lot of people just want to start and how distraction places that’s not smart idea. So we trained with remote training collars and we find that for off leash K9 training in Tulsa remote collar also called an electronic collar or a E collar is needed. The colors are uses I have 1/2 mile range in a very variable feel like a mild muscle staff. When it comes off leash canine training you must have an e-card to start with. The reasoning is you cannot make a piece of food more exciting than a rabbit. The higher Drive your dog is the morning there is for any color. Now some people think that their dog does not need me a car and they might be right. The other main reason we use anymore for off leash training is because we can transfer more easily what we do with the dog to the client Tulsa Dog Training.

If you’re training is based off dog training shenanigans and you can’t transfer to the client and what good is it. There’s a lot of different ways to train dogs and competition people may use many different methods. But as far as off leash training in obedience and pet dogs we find a car method in our case the tiptop method to be the best method of dog training out there in the state of Oklahoma and maybe in the world…

When doing off leash training never underestimate the power of fundamentals. Even professional athletes such as basketball players football players hockey players and tennis players continue to go over the fundamentals. Their coach is constantly training him on the fundamentals of dribbling passing blocking for example even Michael Jordan was coached on free throws in three pointers. Your dog needs the same thing. He needs to constantly be coached on the fundamentals especially if off leash obedience is your goal Tulsa Dog Training.

Most beginning trainers want to quickly run past the fundamentals and get off leash work but that’s just gonna make the sloppy off leash work. Work is fundamental to death one of the co-owners of tiptop canine Rachel Inbee she’s perfect at this. She will take a dog and working 6 to 10 foot stays until they are hundred and 50% perfect. She will work it and work and work it until literally there is zero mistakes for multiple days or multiple hours of training at that 6 to 10 foot distance. Then she’ll start to add distractions at that 6 to 10 foot distance and started to new places. But she will continue to do that until both time and duration and distractions are solid only about 10 foot distance.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of your dog training the professional athletes have to practice fundamentals and your dog needs fundamentals to so when wearing off leash control for your dog make sure and practice practice practice the fundamentals of dog training.

When starting to train puppies off leash control should not be our first goal. Our first goal should obviously be the fundamentals of dog training.

Tulsa Dog Training With a brand-new puppy I just focus on sit down Comfeel off quietly. I want to make sure the fundamentals are hundred percent solid before I move onto more advanced things. Almost every single trainer tries to go too far too fast. When training a new Dantannas the biggest thing we have to do is make sure that they keep their distance short like Rachel does focus on the 6 to 10 feet and focus on hundred percent. If I can get hundred percent solid then I can get distance without a problem. most pet store or tree based trainers do not push this fact enough. But when off leash is our goal our fundamentals must be perfect. I Normosol like a broken record but doctorings not about being a fancy theatrical TV personality like Cesar Milan or Victoria or any of the other theatrical dog trainers out there. Real dog training is about making sure your dog is very clear and understand exactly what you want with them and then slowly but surely adding distance and distractions. Real dog training is not that fancy is doing the same thing a million times and slowly adding distractions. I know that might sound boring but that’s what it is. So next time you’re working with your dog and you wish you could do a further stay or you wish you could do more fancy off leash work roll up a newspaper role of a magazine and instead of meeting your dog hit yourself over the head with a bad human bad human I should work more fundamentals so that’s this week’s lesson deathly work on the fundamentals and then add distractions. Otherwise you’re just asking for problems.