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Tulsa Dog Training : Very Smart

Hello. Welcome to the man’s best friend podcast today we’re going to be talking about some of the recent. Lessons that we’ve been doing. Host Ryan Wimpey I’m here with my beautiful beautiful co-host Rachel Wimpey. Hey guys. And we’re going to talk about some of the aggression that we’ve been seeing lately in dogs. So first off. I had a. Had a $1 lesson with do Tulsa dog training here in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. We have multiple dog trainers that work lessons client’s aggression all types of different things. And one of the ones that we saw. Yesterday. Is a pit bull mix rescue. And we love rescues and we love pit bulls. But this little rascal. Had some unique problems. The dog when I worked it. We did the $1 introductory lesson when I worked the dog. The dog learned very quickly. Very rapidly. But. Can’t touch the dog’s collar. Really. Kind of. Weird. So. When you touch the call the dogs all the time until but when you touch the collar the dog literally goes a rabid. Dog. It was wild. I had to go to the car and get a bite sleeve. Even though the dog’s only nine months old. It’s lives with kids. Super happy but for whatever reason when you touch the dog’s collar. And he bites for real I took a really hard bite on my watch. Wow. Hey I bacci that watch. I know I love this watch. Just so. You guys can’t see this but this is a bull of a.

Tulsa Dog Training Watch. My wife bought me. And it’s pretty awesome. And I love it. And fortunately I do have to block some bites with this watch. But. Yeah. Sad. My watch. Becomes a block biter. Anyway. By plucker. Anyway. So. We touch the dog’s collar. Dog gets crazy in there. They work that are in a harness which we don’t really like harnesses. The car gives us a lot more control. But. Yeah it was wild so I had to get the bites leave and I snuck a few fingers out the bottom from the bite sleeve. And I’m going to teach the dog how to handle pressure appropriately for whatever reason the dog freaks out. And so once I taught it to. Listen I talked to give and I started working with it. Then I would start to touch the caller and the dog was putting tons of pressure on the. Sleeve. Right. And anyways all this to say. You were like I don’t know how the dog got this way. Well what happened is the dogs are young. The. Dogs a pup. And some might touch the collar and the dog got. Frustrated. Right. Maybe nipped or something like that. And then the people left it alone. And then this happens repeatedly again and again and again and again and again. And depending on how strong or dominant the dog is depends on how. Reinforced it gets and this. Pattern. Obviously very reinforced. That’s what these dogs are only nine months old. And. It’s.

Tulsa Dog Training You know. Biting people. So yeah without the sleeve. Maybe a little blood. Not very much. But. You know it’s definitely hard. So how do you prevent that. If we listen to our puppy podcast. For puppy training. For any Tulsa or broken arrow. People. What we need to do is we need to play with the puppies ears. Right. Toby’s teeth feet. Everything like that. If this dog had been put on a collar I know this is a rescue so I’m not sure.

How long they had it. So we don’t really know the background of the dog. Right. Right. We don’t know the background that could have been pulled around by his caller. He could have. Yeah yeah. We have no idea where but either way he can’t be biting children just because they touch his collar.

Tulsa Dog Training No no. So I taught him how to handle pressure and we’re going to do a boot camp with this dog because you know if I’ve got to put a bite sleeve on the dog to work it that people don’t really want to work that through at home. Yeah I know it’s something we can work through so we’re going to be boot camp and the dog. We do a boot camp here in Tulsa. All right we take dogs from all over the place and basically they stay with us. They live with us for a few weeks and we work them so we going be able to work through all that aggression. But that could have been prevented if the first owner had started working with the dog and with the dog. All that could have been easily preventable. Basically that dog is learning how to turn off uncomfortable feelings and correct people is that right.

Yes that’s right. Can you elaborate on that for us. Yes so dogs correct.

Thank you. Dogs correct with their teeth. Right. So dogs either correct peers or people that they see underneath them. They never correct superiors. Right. Right. Right.

So if we come in and we do some obedience training we are obedience trainers. Right. And we do some obedience training and I teach that dog how to listen to everyone in the whole family and that it has to listen and I’m able to transfer all that obedience. Then the dog knows exactly it’s spot in the family right. If I do that without any aggression or dominance or anything like that people not being tough guys then I can transfer even to the little kids because they had some little kids in the family. Oh yeah. So the dog’s not going to correct people that he’s about them. If the dog listens to someone or 100 percent of the time it gets a command. They know where they stand in the pack order. We don’t have to be the dominant pack leader and all the Tulsa dog training shenanigans.

If the dog listens. The dog knows where it stands. Right.

So that was one we had we had another one very very very aggressive Rottweiler that one of our trainers worked had to work the sleeve right. We have another one we’re doing very aggressive border collie which is weird. Border Collies mostly aren’t aggressive.

Mostly border collies. The AKC says the number one smartest dog. I did one private lesson with one the other day and I went our first lesson and the dog was so smart. It was coming in like 10 minutes smart so smart and so aggression you’re like how did it happen.

Tulsa Dog Training Well you know it’s a learned response we got two parts and aggression right. We have learned responses and we’ve got genetic responses. Genetic is momma dad like to you know we’re very very dog aggressive are their bread out of aggressive dogs and so they’re aggressive learned response is I’m come with new people in the house I’m uncomfortable someone touching my collar and so I do this response and it makes the bad thing go away.

So and then if not handled correctly they just get in a habit of correcting their owner or the children. Absolutely. Yeah. So that that Pitbull is getting in that bad habit of correcting the people right. Oh don’t hurt my call. I will bite you wasn’t here.

I will warn you and then I will bite you when really he loves them and he loves them. Oh he was cuddling with the people and stuff and he’s a really smart dog he’s just realized this makes me uncomfortable. And I will stop them with my teeth with my teeth. Not appropriate. So this other dog this border collie I worked at with a bite sleeve for about 30 minutes. Then one of our trainers one of our obedience trainers here in Tulsa went out and worked with that dog and he actually took the dog.

No muscle no muscle no muscle. I know he’s a brave soul.

He is we have some brave friends we have very good Tulsa dog training staff here in Tulsa.

And he took the dog and basically the dogs used to just turn and people shut them down. Right.

The dogs when I was there his dog showed massive aggression and able to take the dog.

Tulsa Dog Training And just with the leash no muzzle no anything and actually works the dog through some of his aggression. He was able to work him for an hour and just teach him how to appropriately handle pressure. That’s awesome. Yeah. Very awesome. So he’s going to be doing the first few lessons. One of our structures is we do lessons with the people we do the first few lessons then we train the clients we make sure we work through the dog first so obviously he’s doing the first few lessons. He’s working the dogs through different issues and then he’s going to be working on transferring that to the owners. So you say how does a dog get so aggressive toward new people come in the house and it literally wants to bite him. Expression was not an aggressive breed like a Border Collie. Well the deal is it’s the same as that dog getting a white collar touched people came in the House and for whatever reason this protocol got uncomfortable. Right. He got he got a little malady. Now he’s a few years old. But when he started it’s in to happen the same with all the dogs they start growling or barking new people are there they’re uncomfortable. And then they either get put in another room. And so the threat goes away or the person leaves and the threat goes away. Either way the dog has a learned response of I’m aggressive. I show some sort of aggression on some sort of level and then their threat goes away basically as a fight or flight response. Interesting.

So we get that fight or flight response and the dog and then slowly over time it tends to build if it’s never properly dealt with.

Correct right.

Yeah if it’s never properly dealt with it’s just going to it’s like a human’s bad habit. Right. Right. If you don’t step in and curb it it’s not that big of a deal. But it’s kind of a kind of go and it’s going to kind of go is going to kind of go you know just like my caffeine habit you know.

Tulsa Dog Training And they didn’t curb it. Now it’s kind of out of control out of control you know huge coughing a Red Bull you’re just starting the day right. Yeah. It’s the same with the dogs except the you know my caffeine habit that’s socially acceptable aggression is not right. Right. So you’ve got to fix that. And the two biggest ways we’re going to fix that is with 100 percent come 100 percent quiet or off and then 100 percent place command which is going to be a dog your time out. So and what we’re going to do with this border callers we’re teaching how to handle pressure. Right. Because like I said not normally those are not normally aggressive dogs. So first we need to teach a hundred percent come in I need a 100 percent quiet and then I need a doggie timeout so I can teach that dog how to handle pressure when new people walk in. I don’t want to just let the dog go into fight or flight. Right. I want to shut it down. I want to do it aggressively aggressively just through obedience training. And I want them to know like hey even if you’re scared even if you want by someone’s face off. If Mommy says Come you have to come with mommy says quiet. You have to quiet if your stink eye on the person and mommy says off. You have to look away. Write her off command just literally move away and then a minute goes straight into my place give me my doggy time out and I’m going to teach them how to just handle that pressure.

Tulsa Dog Training Stay in a box stay on the time out. And even though they’re scared even though they will want to be aggressive you still might be in the dog’s head. But what I want to do is kind of control it. I want to curb that behavior. Right. So that’s a few of the aggressive dogs have been working recently. And thanks for tuning in. And we will go over a couple more dogs on our next episode.

Bye guys. Thank you. Bye