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When families bring a new dog into their homes, they often focus on procuring essential items such as dog bowls, collars, leashes, food and treats. However, dog behavior training in McKinney can be one of the most valuable “purchases” you make and here’s why.

  1. Professional Trainers Generate Faster Results

Puppies aren’t born instinctively knowing how to behave and neither a puppy nor an older rescued dog understand the rules of your home. While you can sift through some training guides and online tutorials, these tend to provide rather singular advice. Every dog is unique, and our trainers begin by evaluating your dog to truly delve into their personality.


From there, your Tip Top K9 trainer will develop a personalized dog training plan that plays into your dog’s personality, strengths and weaknesses. This customized training combined with leadership from an experienced trainer will produce results much faster than you could achieve on your own.


  1. Training Establishes Who’s In Charge

Training helps establish clear communication between you and your new dog. It teaches the dog to understand commands and know what behaviors are expected, which helps in setting the structure in your household. Establishing leadership through training also helps prevent behavioral problems that stem from confusion or testing boundaries.


Dog training in McKinney also sets consistency with training and expectations. We will teach your dog to obey commands and then we will train you how to use those commands. When everyone in your home uses the same commands and establishes the same expectations for your dog, it’s much easier to reinforce positive behavior.


  1. Dog Training Builds Your Bond

Training strengthens the bond between you and your dog. It builds trust and mutual respect and enhances the quality of your relationship. A well-trained dog is often happier and more relaxed because it understands what is expected and can enjoy a closer, more harmonious relationship with its owner.




  1. Training Ensures Safety

Basic commands like “come,” “stay,” “sit,” and “leave it” are not just about obedience; they are crucial for keeping your dog safe. Training ensures your dog listens to you during potentially dangerous situations, such as near busy roads or when encountering harmful substances or perhaps other dogs or wild animals.


  1. Training Corrects Problem Behaviors

In addition to teaching your dog crucial obedience skills, our dog behavior training in McKinney can correct a wide array of common nuisance dog behaviors. With puppies, we are typically preventing bad behavior from developing, but with rescue dogs, we are establishing new rules and commands to eliminate problem behavior. Some of the issues we can fix include:

  • Excessive Barking
  • Jumping
  • Leash-Pulling
  • Chewing
  • Digging
  • Begging
  • Potty Training Problems


We also can tackle more serious issues such as aggression and separation anxiety. Typically, puppies, if well-trained and socialized, won’t develop aggression, but rescue dogs often come into new families with some level of anxiety and/or aggression.


We offer both dog training for aggressive dogs in McKinney as well as dog separation anxiety training in McKinney. Our experienced trainers can reduce aggression and help your dog feel safe and secure in their new environment, even when you are not at home.



Tip Top K9: Our Training Options

We offer both in-home dog training classes in McKinney as well as an intensive dog boot camp in McKinney. Using an in-home dog trainer in McKinney is a convenient option that works well with dogs that don’t exhibit any serious behavioral issues, such as aggression.


Our doggy boot camp in McKinney can be a great option for puppies and hyperactive dogs or dogs with serious behavioral issues. With boot camp, your dog will stay 24/7 with an experienced dog trainer at their home. This is a highly immersive experience and tends to generate results very quickly. Dogs stay with the trainer for about two to four weeks until training is complete, and any behavioral issues are resolved.


Once you’ve completed our dog training camp or in-home lessons, most of our custom dog training packages include lifetime group classes. These allow you to further socialize your dog and brush up on obedience skills. We also offer lifetime phone support as we are committed to helping families maintain excellent canine behavior throughout the lifetime of your sweet dog.


Why choose Tip Top K9?

We’ve been training dogs for more than 15 years and have trained thousands of dogs across more than 100 breeds. We’ve earned more than 7,500 five-star reviews and have a 99.3% success rate, and we guarantee to fix at least 95% of your dog’s issue or we’ll return your money.


We are committed to solving dog behavioral problems and ensuring that our families maximize their enjoyment of their furry companion. We also charge just $1 for your first lesson. During this at-home visit, our trainer will evaluate your puppy or dog, discuss your training goals and then create a custom dog training program to address all of your dog’s needs.


Get Started With Dog Training

Our dog behavior training in McKinney can be the ideal option if you are introducing a dog to your family, and our proven step-by-step training system can ensure the easiest possible transition for your new pet. To get started with training, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage.