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A wise person once wrote, “There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog.” While we agree, it’s also true that if your dog’s behavior tends to be more naughty than nice, you likely aren’t enjoying this special relationship as much as could be. With our behavior medication dog training in Nashville, we can curb problematic dog behavior and improve your relationship and bond with your furry companion.


While dogs love human companionship and long to please their family members, they aren’t born instinctively knowing the rules of your house or how to behave. All of this must be taught, and utilizing the skills of a professional dog trainer can be the fastest way to improve behavior. Here’s a quick look at the types of behavioral issues we can address with our expert dog training in Nashville.


  1. Obedience Skills

Dogs need to follow orders to sit and stay, whether on or off-leash. This ensures their safety and prevents them from running out into the street or dashing after the neighbor’s cat or the mail carrier.


All dogs can learn these skills and we also will teach them to come 100% of the time. If you’ve ever found yourself wandering around the house yelling for your dog to no avail, this is an issue we can fix. Of course, we also will teach dog parents how to reinforce these skills so that the good behavior sticks throughout your dog’s lifetime.


  1. Nuisance Behavior

Do you have a dog that constantly jumps on you or your guests? Perhaps you have a dog that constantly barks or a dog that whines and begs for food. Other common nuisance issues include dogs that scratch on furniture or urinate inside your home or in inappropriate areas. These are areas of concern that we address all of the time with great success.


Additionally, many dogs display negative behavior while on leash, dragging their owners or becoming tangled in the leash. We can teach your dog to walk sedately and safely by your side and the end result will be a dog that you will enjoy taking just about anywhere.


  1. Aggression

Whether your dog is aggressive with other dogs and animals or humans (or all of the above) this is a dangerous issue. Aggressive behavior is not acceptable and often leads to dogs being euthanized or given to shelters. Our dog training for aggressive dogs in Nashville can curb these issues and ensure that your dog and everyone around them is as safe as possible.


  1. Anxiety

If your dog struggles when you leave the house or, in general, seems prone to anxious or neurotic behavior, this can be heartbreaking to witness. Of course, anxious dogs also often display destructive behavior such as excessive barking, urinating indoors, scratching up furniture, etc.


Believe it or not, dog behavior training in Nashville can address anxiety and soothe your anxious pooch. As professional dog trainers, we have a great deal of experience helping anxious dogs feel more comfortable in their surroundings even when their favorite humans are away.


Why Tip Top K9?

At Tip Top K9, we’ve worked with more than 100 dog breeds, including mixed breeds. This extensive experience gives us an edge when providing dog training in Nashville because we truly understand the fundamental personalities of many dog breeds.


Each dog is unique, of course, but understanding breed temperaments allows us to truly personalize your training. After all, what works with a high-energy Australian shepherd probably won’t work with a stubborn Shih Tzu or a timid Maltese.


Likewise, our training methods with behavioral problems such as aggression will differ from the behavior modification technique we might use for dog separation anxiety training in Nashville.


In general, some dogs produce desired behavior using negative reinforcement techniques, while others are more well-suited to positive reinforcement. Obedience training truly needs to be personalized to be successful at that is what a Tip Top K9 professional dog trainer will provide.


Our first step is to provide you with an initial lesson where an experienced dog trainer comes to your home and evaluates and works with your dog. Once we have assessed your dog and discussed your training goals, our trainer will develop a custom training program to address all undesirable behaviors as well as improve obedience in general. This first session costs just $1 and there’s no obligation to continue.


However, we do have more than 15 years of dog training experience and we are America’s highest-rated and most-reviewed dog training company with more than 7,500 five-star reviews. We also offer a guarantee – if we can’t fix 95% (or more) of your dog’s behavioral issues, we will refund your money. With a guarantee and a 99.3% success rate, you truly have nothing to lose with Tip Top K9.


Your Training Options

We offer three types of training – in-home training, dog boot camp and group classes. The most common option tends to be having an in-home dog trainer in Nashville come to your home to address obedience skills and curb problem behaviors.


However, if your dog displays serious behavioral issues, such as aggression, we typically recommend our dog training camp in Nashville. This is a board-and-train program, and your dog will leave your home and reside with one of our behavioral specialists for several weeks until the problems are solved or greatly reduced. This intensive approach is the best and fastest way to resolve serious problems.


Once you’ve completed training, many of our packages also include lifetime group classes. These classes can help dog parents reinforce obedience skills and provide a good dose of socialization for their dogs, which is crucial. Dogs need to feel relaxed around unfamiliar people and dogs, and group classes can be a great, safe way to accomplish this goal.


At Tip Top K9, we truly believe that all dogs are good dogs, and any dog can be trained to behave properly. It might take time, but the result will be a lovable, happy, and safe companion that you will enjoy for years. If you would like to get started with behavior modification dog training in Nashville, simply click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form.