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Welcome to Tip Top K9, your premier destination for professional dog training in Fort Worth, Texas. We understand that your furry friend might be a bundle of joy, but sometimes, their behavior can be a handful. Whether it’s leash pulling, running away, jumping on people, or incessant barking, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team of Fort Worth dog trainers are ready to step in and swiftly address these issues.

We begin by visiting your home to evaluate your dog’s behavior, understand your concerns, and then devise a tailored action plan. If you’re considering multiple Fort Worth dog training companies, we encourage you to meet us last. We’re confident that our professionalism and expertise will stand out from the pack.

At Tip Top K9, we believe that dog training is an art, and human training is a science. Our team not only understands dogs but also excels in educating their human companions. We break down human training with the precision of college professors, ensuring that you’re equipped to maintain your dog’s good behavior for the remainder of your pup’s life.

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About Our Location: 

Our Fort Worth dog training location serves the entire Tarrant County, offering in-home or park lessons, as well as our renowned doggie bootcamp.

The owners of Tip Top K9 Fort Worth have a rich history in obedience and dog training. They were pioneers in Texas dog training and also own the Southlake location, which is recognized as the best dog trainer in Texas. Our team of seasoned dog trainers is passionate about their work and dedicated to helping you enjoy your dog’s company, whether on walks or at family gatherings.

We handle a wide range of breeds, from energetic Great Danes and lively Labradors to elegant poodles. Our goal is to ensure that your dog is not confined to the backyard but is a delightful companion that you can take everywhere.

If you’re skeptical about your dog’s trainability, let us surprise you! Our Fort Worth dog trainers work wonders every day. That’s why we offer your first lesson for just $1.00, to let you see the results and get you excited about our services.

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Some of our recent Fort Worth dog training success stories:

We take immense pride in our success stories. One such story is of Ceasar, a 2-year-old Shitzu. Despite his small size, Ceasar was a bundle of energy who loved to bolt out the front door at every opportunity. After a week of our house manners boot camp, Ceasar learned to obey commands and stay safe. His owners were thrilled with the transformation.

If you’re dealing with a dog that loves to run or any other behavioral issues, give us a call today at 833-484-7867 and schedule a session with our Fort Worth dog training team. Your first lesson is only $1.00, so you have nothing to lose and a well-behaved pup to gain!

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Fort Worth Dog Training

Lemon - Aussiedoodle

Lemon, an exuberant Aussiedoodle, was a whirlwind of energy, bounding around her family home and creating a delightful pandemonium wherever she ventured. Her enthusiasm, however, was not without its challenges. Her propensity for tugging fiercely on her leash had her owner at her wit’s end looking for a Fort Worth dog trainer near her, weary of the constant strain on her arm.

In a bid to address Lemon’s unruly behavior, her family opted for the Teacher’s Pet package, a comprehensive training program designed to instill discipline and obedience in pets. This package entailed six private sessions with a seasoned trainer, aimed at rectifying Lemon’s uncontrolled antics.

Throughout the course of the training, Lemon underwent a remarkable transformation. By the conclusion of the sessions, she had mastered the art of walking gracefully, both on and off the leash. She had also learned to maintain her composure amidst distractions, demonstrating her newfound discipline by staying put on her bed while the other dogs frolicked around her. Impressively, she even acquired the skill to perch on a fire hydrant, a testament to her agility and obedience.

Lemon’s family was ecstatic with the outcome of the training. Their once chaotic Aussiedoodle had blossomed into a well-mannered pet, bringing a sense of harmony into their household. The sweet, well-behaved Lemon was a joy to be around, and her family couldn’t be happier with the transformation.

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Gryffin - German Shepherd

Gryffin, a spirited shepherd pup, was barely eight months old when he began to exhibit aggressive tendencies. After his high-energy personality was starting to manifest in lunging and biting attempts towards both humans and other dogs. Recognizing the need for intervention, Gryffin’s family began looking for a Fort Worth dog training solution and after a consultation with our team they enrolled him in our Advanced Bootcamp program.

Over the course of three weeks of obedience etraining, Gryffin underwent intensive training at our Fort Wroth facility. The transformation was nothing short of miraculous, bringing about a profound change in Gryffin’s behavior that was life-altering for his family. The once unruly pup was now a well-behaved companion, demonstrating control during walks and showing restraint in the presence of unfamiliar people and dogs.

However, Gryffin’s family didn’t rest on their laurels. They decided to take advantage of the lifetime group class that comes as part of most of our training packages. Regular attendance at these classes has only served to further Gryffin’s progress. Today, Gryffin is almost capable of heeling off-leash, and his recall and manners during outdoor adventures such as hikes and lake visits are commendable.

The story of Gryffin’s transformation is a testament to the effectiveness of our training programs. It’s a journey of a high-drive shepherd pup who, with the right guidance and consistent training, was able to channel his energy into positive behaviors, enhancing not only his quality of life but also that of his family.

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Drift - Bull Terrier

Drift, the affable Bull Terrier, was a beloved companion to all humans he encountered. His affectionate nature was evident in his love for scratches and belly rubs. However, his demeanor would drastically change upon the sight of another dog. A sudden switch would trigger in his mind, transforming him into a frenzied creature, lunging and attempting to bite his canine counterparts.

To address this issue, Drift met with our Fort Worth dog trainers and signed up for our specialized Problem Solver bootcamp program. This intensive two-week course was designed to help dogs like Drift overcome their behavioral issues. Upon completion of the program, Drift returned home a transformed dog. His family was equipped with the necessary tools to redirect his attention away from other dogs and towards obeying commands.

Drift’s aggressive behavior towards other dogs, particularly when on a leash, has significantly diminished. His family continues to utilize the lifetime access to our group class, ensuring that Drift’s progress in his training journey remains consistent and forward-moving. This ongoing commitment to Drift’s development is a testament to the effectiveness of our program and the dedication of his family.

Our Problem Solver bootcamp program is not just a quick fix, but a comprehensive solution that provides lasting results. We are proud to have played a part in Drift’s transformation and look forward to continuing to support him and his big Texas family in their ongoing dog training journey.

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