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Our Plano dog training team specializes in hard to handle and aggressive dogs of all breeds and sizes. If you are in the Plano area and are needing a dog trainer then look no further! We offer boot camps where we take your pup and professionally do all your homework and then we come out and do a 25 step human training. After boot camp our Plano dog training team takes every single skill your dog learned and walk you through how to elicit the same responses until everything that your pup does for us is transitioned fully over to you.

We also offer in home lessons to Plano residents that are half dog training and half human training that we get tremendous results with. If you are needing help and are possibly interested in a dog boot camp or in private lessons and you live in the Plano Texas area please call us today at 833-484-7867 and set up a consult for us to come out and work 1-1 with your dog today!

About Our Location:

Our Plano dog training location is ran by full time career dog trainers, we are not part time or hobbyist like many other Plano dog trainers.

We use a balanced approach to dog training that has a quick and positive out come that is long lasting. All our of trainers are training in our proprietary Tip Top Method of Dog Training and undergo rigorous training before going out for lessons. Our fair and balanced training techniques have made us one of the most well rounded trainers in the area. The other thing about us that is different is since our training isn’t based off any dog whispering shenanigans it is very easy to transfer to our Plano area clients.

Many trainers may be able to train well but not transfer the dog’s obedience over to others very well but here in Plano we are ready to not only address your specific situational needs but also to make sure the results transfer 100% to you!

If your interested in a consultation with us please call us at 833-484-7867 for more information!

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About Our Dog Training Classes Plano Location:

If your dog is displaying any sort of negative behavior and you would like them to be trained by the best in the area, bring them over to our dog training classes Plano Metro location! Tip Top K9 offers unbeatable training services that are guaranteed to help you and your loveable pet reach a mutual level of happiness!

We service the Plano Metro and the surrounding areas! We fully believe in an all-inclusive life with man’s best friend, however, we know how difficult it can be to travel or run errands with a dog that is barking, jumping, running around, or just overall not obeying commands. Our dog training classes Plano ensures that your pup will return to you able to sit, stay, cease barking, and more!

Behavior issues in dogs do not always stem from personality. In fact, many times your loyal sidekick is simply dealing with a fear or emotion that they aren’t sure how to process. We have found this is common with shelter and rescue dogs, but can also be found in any precautious pooch. Obedience training, as well as the reassurance of love and support, are simple lessons we teach in order to allow your pet to once again be part of your everyday life!

Our lessons can be taught in a variety of ways. We offer private interactions as well as boot camps! Your dog can learn respect and obedience along with enjoying playtime with other pups, or you can select a more private session with one of our trainers. They will train the dog in our location or come to your home to train in the dog’s personal territory. However you choose to train your fur baby, your very first appointment with us is simply $1! This appointment allows our trainers to see what program would work best for you and your dog, and gives them a sense of the dynamic you wish to continue, enhance, or build with your pet.


Why Should You Choose our Dog Training Classes Plano Metro location for dog training?

Tip Top K9 has locations all over the US. Owners Ryan & Rachel Wimpey are head over heels for dogs, and want your family to be able to enjoy the abundant life that owning a loyal and loving pet can bring. All of the Tip Top K9 locations are staffed with fully knowledgeable, supportive, caring, and pet obsessed trainers who want to love on your pup and help your family reach the goals you have for pet inclusivity in your daily life!


Why Do I Only Pay $1 For My First Dog Training Service With Tip Top K9?

As confident as we are in our ability to teach obedience to your pet, we want to EARN your confidence in us. We will use this $1 session to show you why we are consistently the best in the business, and why with our help, your dog will begin to behave in ways that benefit both your family and your pet. We also use this first training as a way to deduce what programs will best suit your pet’s needs. Not all dogs need boot camp just like not all dogs need private training. We will work with you to enforce one of our proven plans that is best fitted to your situation.


What Classes Do We Offer for Puppies?

Puppies can bring unlimited amounts of joy to a household, but they can also bring a level of stress you may not have been expecting. Have no fear! Tip Top K9 is here to rescue you from the puppy woes! Chewing, biting, barking, potty training, and more, are typical issues pet owners deal with when it comes to owning a puppy. We thoroughly enjoy training puppies and helping them to learn the proper ways to interact with other family members (and furniture)! We offer a puppy specific training class where you and your pooch will be walked through and taught all the ways to find mutual understanding of expectations.


What are the dog training classes Plano services that we offer at our Plano Metro Location?

We enthusiastically offer a multitude of services to our pet families! These include but are not limited to:

Beginner Classes
Aggressive Dog Training
Therapy Dog Training
Puppy Training
Private Classes
In-Home Training
Doggy Boot Camp Classes
Advanced Dog Training Classes (this involves training your pet in more skilled maneuvers and commands; jedi mind tricks & ninja moves not YET included…)


Take Home Our Proven Training Methods.

At Tip Top K9, we don’t believe in training and then hoping for the best once the dogs go home. Instead, we work with you, the pet owner, just as much as we work with the pet itself, so that our methods of training can continue even after the lessons with us are complete. We want you to feel proud of your accomplishments in dog training and we know you will feel so confident in our consistently proven moves, that continuing the structure of obedience will naturally occur.


We Offer Private Dog Training and Bootcamp Options.

When you book your first appointment with us for just $1, our trainers will meet with you and your pup to determine which of our programs will work best for your particular situation. After we have narrowed down the best options, we can then meet with you in a location that works more conveniently for you or more comfortably for your pet. Wherever that may be, we will also work with you to decide if a private one on one service is best, or if a bootcamp may be a viable option.


How Can You Learn More About Our dog training classes Plano?

You can learn more about Tip Top K9 and our Plano Metro Location by continuing to browse through our website or giving us a call at (833) 484-7867. One of our representatives will answer any questions you have and can help book your first $1 appointment with us today!


Is There An Aggression Policy?

In as much as we adore our canine friends, we do reserve the right to refuse training for any dog. This is a situation that we handle with the utmost care, and will only resort to if for any reason we feel a dog’s aggression level is verifiably threatening. With that being said, when you reserve your first appointment for just $1, we will be able to assess whether this is the case or not for your precious pup.


Is There A Location Near Me?

Tip Top K9 is located in a variety of cities, all over the US. We currently service the Plano Metro area, as well as Dallas and surrounding in Texas. Once your dog has completed their training with us, you can rest assured that your relationship with your pet will be less strained, less stressful, and one based on mutual love, support, and understanding. We are so confident in our ability to train your pet, that we offer our first appointment for $1 so that we are able to earn your business and earn your trust in training your one-of-a-kind fur baby!

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