At Tip Top K9, we hold the conviction that every dog is inherently good, yet we recognize that some exhibit behaviors that are less than desirable. Whether it’s the frustration of constant barking or more concerning behaviors like aggression, our team is equipped to address and rectify a variety of canine behavioral challenges. Rest assured, we’re here to offer top-notch dog behavior training in Tampa, tailored to meet your specific needs.


Behavioral challenges in dogs can vary widely, spanning from mild annoyances to significant concerns that impact the well-being of both the pet and its owner. Grasping the underlying causes of these behavioral issues is key to successfully training and managing them. Let’s delve into some frequent problems along with their usual underlying reasons:


  1. Hostile & Aggressive Behaviors: Manifesting through actions like snapping, biting, or growling, this behavior often arises from factors such as fear, defending territory, protecting belongings, discomfort, or previous mistreatment. Sometimes, aggression develops from prior successful aggressive encounters. Specialized training in Tampa addresses aggressive canine behavior effectively.


  1. Anxiety When Alone: Demonstrated by distress and behavioral issues in the absence of their owners, this condition could stem from inadequate training in dealing with solitude, past traumatic events, routine changes, environmental shifts, or inherent traits. In Tampa, we offer training specifically for canine separation anxiety to enhance your dog’s confidence and reduce their stress.


  1. Overactive Barking: Dogs vocalize for various reasons, including alerting to threats, anxiety, desire for attention, ennui, or interacting with other canines. Excessive barking may suggest unmet physical or mental needs, which can be mitigated through comprehensive obedience training.


  1. Tugging on the Leash: Common during walks, this can be due to excitement, exploration eagerness, or insufficient leash training. It may also be an expression of their innate roaming instinct.


  1. Destructive Gnawing: Canines, particularly young ones, use their mouths to explore their environment. However, issues arise when chewing becomes destructive. This could be due to teething, boredom, surplus energy, stress, or not understanding acceptable chewing objects.


  1. Inappropriate Jumping: Often a sign of excitement or social seeking, dogs may jump on people for greetings or attention. This behavior, without correct training, might not be recognized by dogs as inappropriate for human interaction.


  1. Begging For Food: This learned behavior occurs when dogs have previously been rewarded for begging, thereby encouraging repetition. It’s advisable not to indulge this behavior, as it can be bothersome, and many human foods are unsuitable for dogs.


  1. Ignoring Recall Commands: Distractions, inadequate training, or negative associations with the command (such as signaling the end of playtime) can lead to dogs not responding when called. Our training ensures reliable response, a critical safety measure.


  1. Compulsive Digging: This activity can be due to a variety of reasons, including boredom, surplus energy, hunting instincts, anxiety (such as attempting to escape), or creating a cool resting spot.


  1. Indoor Elimination Issues: This can result from insufficient house training, environmental changes, health problems, or anxiety. Our Tampa-based dog behavior training includes potty training to address these issues.


Our dog behavior training in Tampa can rectify these issues, although it is important to keep in mind that some problem behaviors are caused by boredom. If we find this to be the case, we likely will recommend that you provide your dog with consistent exercise as well as playtime for mental stimulation. When dogs can positively expend mental and physical energy, they tend to exhibit fewer problematic behaviors and often enjoy reduced anxiety as well.


Why Select Tip Top K9?

Boasting an impressive roster of more than 15,000 happy clients and more than 7,000 five-star reviews, Tip Top K9 stands as the top-rated dog training company in the country. We boast a success rate of more than 99%, thanks to our effective, step-by-step training approach.


The task of training a dog on your own can seem overwhelming, but our expert trainers bring years of experience to the table. Having worked with more than 130 different dog breeds, our team is adept at handling a range of canine personalities, from the spirited greyhound to the cute, but often willful bulldog. We go beyond just training your dog; we also equip owners with the skills necessary to maintain and reinforce positive behaviors.


Custom Training & Custom Pricing

A one-size-fits-all training price isn’t realistic because every dog is unique. For some dogs, only a few weeks of in-home training will be needed while others require much more time. This is why we don’t post pricing on our website. All of our training is customized to your dog, so the costs vary from dog to dog.


While the costs vary, your first lesson will be just $1. During this lesson, a professional dog trainer will come to your home and assess your dog’s current behavior and level of obedience. The trainer also will talk to you about the problems you’ve been facing with your dog. From there, we can create a custom training program that matches your dog’s specific needs and personality.


In-Home Training & Dog Boot Camp

Dog training options include either dog boot camp in Tampa or in-home dog training in Tampa. For dogs that need basic obedience training or have relatively minor nuisance behaviors, in-home training can be the perfect fit. During these lessons, we teach obedience commands, and how to walk properly on a leash. We also can curb behaviors such as jumping and barking.


However, many dog parents come to us at their wits’ end with a dog that displays severe behavior, such as biting and other types of aggression or perhaps severe separation anxiety. In some cases, these dogs had attacked other dogs or people and were often in danger of being rehomed or put down. If you are struggling with these two terrible options, we highly recommend you consider our boot camp option.


The boot camp is actually a dog board and train in Tampa. This requires your dog to stay 24/7 with an aggressive dog trainer for two to four weeks (sometimes more) for intensive dog training. During their stay, we will work to reduce aggression, improve socialization and teach obedience skills so that when your dog returns home you have a well-behaved, happy companion that you can truly cherish for years to come.


We Also Offer Lifetime Group Classes!

Once you’ve completed doggy boot camp in Tampa or in-home training, you can help your dog keep up with obedience skills at our group classes. Most of our dog training packages include lifetime group classes to ensure that you can always reinforce skills with a professional trainer and these classes provide some extra socialization. We also offer lifetime phone support if you have questions or concerns, even months or years later.


Get Started With Training Now!

If you need dog behavior training in Tampa, Tip Top K9 is here to help. To book your $1 first lesson, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on your homepage and fill out our quick contact form. In addition to providing training for families in Tampa, we also serve Lutz, Odessa, Carrollwood, Northdale and Citrus Park.