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Dogs Are “Man’s Best Friend”

I’m sure you’ve heard this overused phrase numerous times in your life, however, I’m going to repeat it once more to help you see it in another light. A dog is “Man’s best friend”. Dogs have been around since the beginning of time! They’ve kept us company on long journeys, helped us hunt and gather food, and been lifelong companions. While dogs come in various shapes and sizes they have truly become mankind’s best friend. From the eyes of a 14-year-old girl, all I ever wanted to be a dog! Even though I had siblings I wanted someone who I could take with me on runs and fun adventures!  From the moment we adopted the family dog from the local animal Shelter we knew that with the dog training OKC staff’s help at TipTop K9, she would be a great addition to the family! She was energetic, excited, loving, fluffy, and fit in with the family right away!  Dogs are caring, loyal, spunky, adventurous, protective, and smart! They have unique personalities, can give you quite a lot of sass, and love unconditionally. 

Whether you have a Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Corgi, Siberian Husky, Poodle, Beagle or Chihuahua, your dog will become not only your best friend but your companion as well! Dogs are excellent additions to the family because you can bring them along on family vacations, road trips, hiking, they can accompany you on your daily runs, play with you and your children. Looking back I have many fond memories with our family dog. From hiking to playing in the snow for the first time, to protect us from the mailman and occasional delivery truck, our dog has always been there! Dogs are great additions to your family because you can play fun games with them like hide and seek, and teach them cool tricks like lay down, shake, come, stay etc. Dogs while sassy at times love unconditionally. They are excellent comforters during stressful times, storms, or even when you’ve had a bad day and just need a friend who won’t ask questions, who will just sit there and provide comfort any way they can. I can’t even count the number of times I have felt safer because my dog was with me!

So if you’ve thought about adopting or purchasing a dog to add to your family, you SHOULD DO IT! I can guarantee you won’t regret it! Of course dogs, like humans, have to learn certain behavioral traits, how to be obedient, not to wander off etc. So if you’ve recently added a dog to the family you may be wondering what kind of dog training OKC your dog may need, if you should pay someone to train them or if you should try it on your own. Now, fortunately, I lucked out when adopting my German Shepherd/Collie mix from the Animal Shelter. She was already house/potty trained. However, I can attest that having a well-trained dog from the dog training OKC experts is important! Anytime I leave for work, to run errands, hang out with friends etc, I know that when I come home she will be there waiting patiently. I won’t have to fret all day about whether she is going to get out, get hit by a passing car, or wander off and get lost. 

It’s that peace of mind that truly comforts me. If you’re adopting a puppy I would highly encourage you to train your dog! Dogs are very different from us and teaching them/helping them understand general rules and guidelines can create a harmonious flow in the home.  Not only do you want to have the peace of mind knowing that your dog will be safe at home while you’re at work, but also that when you return home, your couch cushions, shoes, carpet, and house plants will all be intact. 

Unless you have trained dogs before, I would recommend hiring a professional dog trainer OKC. Dogs are very energetic, curious, and can have short attention spans. It can be frustrating for you to train your dog yourself and if for any reason you fail it can be frustrating for you and your dog. Most people who add a dog to the family have found that they need to help teach train their dogs not to: go to the bathroom on the floors in the home, chew up toys, shoes, couch cushions, to reign in their curiosity and not wander off from the yard/home, and to be obedient. Training your dog will be worth it in the long run! It can save you money, frustration, and create a better more trusting relationship between you and your dog. Having a well-trained dog is a blessing! Dogs have an innate ability to protect and love unconditionally. Adding a dog to the family will change your life for the better! They can be a friend/companion to you or another family member. They’ll protect you from harm, and you will create many fun and fond memories with them!

The Premier Dog Training OKC has will be none other than Tip Top K9. We pride ourselves on delivering some of the highest quality dog training OKC on ANY sides of the Mississippi. Please hesitate to reach out to us today and see exactly what we can do. We love an opportunity to speak with you and create a custom formulated place in order to go above and beyond in delivering the highest quality in order to supplement your dog’s behavior. Please don’t hesitate to get signed up. In fact, I want to extend a special promotion to you. Right now you can get signed up for your very first training lesson with us (well for your dog) for only one dollar. That’s right, one dollar for your very first training lesson with our highly skilled and professional trainers. You won’t want to wait for very long because this promotion may not be around forever.

The Highest Rated and Most Reviewed Dog Trainers

Your go-to Dog Training OKC to be found right here at Tip Top K9. We are Americas’ highest and most reviewed dog training company and we are also located right here in Oklahoma both in Tulsa and the OKC Metro. We are constantly striving to deliver amazing services for you and your best friend. Life in the City is beautiful whenever you have a dog, but this is not the case for millions of Americans. Many times dogs will join a household and we must establish the pack order. Here at Tip Top K9, we have soon come to realize that many times humans need just as much or sometimes even more training than the dog themselves. This is why we work with both the owners in the dogs in order to create a wonderful working relationship between the two. Establish your dominance as the pack leader, your dog will listen and obey much more effectively.

Tip Top K9 offers three unique Dog Trainer Oklahoma City services including potty training, dog training, and potty training. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a dog training company, I guarantee you’ll be will find it right here with us at Tip Top K9. We guarantee to fix 95% of your dog’s issues or we will gladly refund the price of your training needs. This is what makes us the best business, we stand behind her services guarantee you will benefit greatly from signing up with us. It does not matter what your dog’s issues may be, I guarantee will be able to deliver accordingly.

Well if you still are on the fence about signing up with us today. I don’t blame you. It’s hard to trust people nowadays, especially articles you read off the Internet. One place I always put my friends and family to go check is Google reviews. So please meander on over to Google right now and type in Tip Top K9. Start reading some of the reviews left by highly satisfied clients start to see a similar pattern that runs through all of these.

Okay, now that you read the Google reviews, see you are much more comfortable moving forward. If for any reason you still have any questions comments or concerns. We are simply a phone call away. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience and ask us any questions answered. We would Love an opportunity to meet you and your dog in the near future. The give us a call today at 1 (833) 484-7867. Or feel free to visit our website at

Dog Trainer Oklahoma City | Satisfaction Guaranteed

Tip Top K9 is by far the very best Dog Trainer Oklahoma City company around. We are constantly going a mile ahead of the competition. This is because we strive to deliver excellence in everything we do. We don’t do anything half-way. We go full throttle is because we know that you have many options when selecting a dog training company here in Oklahoma. Think that is very best in the industry and if you want to recoup reviews, you’ll see that is an extremely true day. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any of your dog training needs in the areas of dog training, potty training puppy training. We are able to help any breed, temperament, age, or behavioral issue. We don’t do service animal training or defense training. But all others we absolutely do.

Your search is over I found the most wondrous Dog Trainer Oklahoma City has available to the community here Tip Top K9. They are amazing at what they do. Their owner and operator have well over 1 1/2 decades of experience in the dog training industry. I guarantee you’ll love working with these amazing trainers as they are extremely friendly and easy to do business with. They are always striving to go above and beyond in order to give you the area hands-on amazing service. For any reason, if they cannot fix 95% of your dog’s behavioral issues, they will gladly refund the cost of your training services. This is absolutely unheard of in any other dog training company in America. This is because they 100% stand behind their services and are always going to deliver amazing results.

Find an OKC Dog Trainer at Tip Top K9

If you are looking for an honest and reliable Dog Trainer Oklahoma City company, look no further than Tip Top K9. Whenever you trained with Tip Top K9 you’ll get the satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason they failed to do so, they will work overtime in order to deliver the behavioral changes that you and your best friend need in order to move forward together. So if you have an aggressive dog in your company giving it away since you are having a new baby coming into your house soon, give us a call here at Tip Top K9. We love an opportunity to work with your aggressive dog in order to supplement their behavior quickly and efficiently. There is no one else that can operate quite like Tip Top K9. Be hard-pressed to find a company that operates the skill and expertise that Tip Top K9 yields.

So please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tip Top K9 today. Get started working with the absolute best in the industry and you will be blown away by how amazingly effective they are their job. Guaranteed results no matter how long it takes is their motto. If you have a completely unruly or while the doggie boot camp. Your dog has gone live with the trainer first several weeks in order to get an intensive behavioral change.

Smelling to run a little bit about Tip Top K9. I encourage you to reach out to them at your earliest convenience. You may visit them online for more information. Their website can be found at They also give them a call whenever you’re ready to move forward with your first training class. Give them a call today at 1 (833) 484-7867.