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If your dog has significant behavioral issues, such as aggression, our dog boot camp in Gilbert can be the fastest and most effective way to eliminate or reduce these problems. Don’t struggle another day with unruly dog behavior! Our trainers can truly transform your dog into an obedient, safe and friendly companion.


What Is Dog Boot Camp?

Our dog training camp in Gilbert is a board-and-train program and dogs are taken out of your home and sent to live with one of our experienced trainers for about two to four weeks.


Dog board and train in Gilbert has many advantages over hiring an in-home dog trainer in Gilbert, especially for dogs with serious behavioral issues. The main advantage of dog boot camp is that we can completely immerse your dog in training. There are training sessions throughout the day and the trainer can reinforce proper behavior pretty much 24/7.


With traditional at-home lessons, the trainer comes to your house for about an hour and then leaves, typically providing the dog’s parents with some homework to reinforce skills.  While this is a perfect fit for many dogs, if your dog is aggressive or displays extreme behavior, a weekly lesson won’t be enough to fix these problems.


For instance, we’ve trained dogs with behavior issues so severe, that they likely were headed to the pound and probably headed toward euthanasia. Our cases include an aggressive dog that ripped fence pickets off its fence to chase people as well as dogs that have attacked people and dogs with anxiety so severe they had to be medicated.


Issues We Can Address

We’ve dealt with dogs of all ages and more than 130 breeds, and we aren’t afraid to take on the toughest cases. We love dogs and our goal is to transform every dog into a happy and safe companion that your family will truly adore. In some cases, however, dog boot camp in Gilbert is the best way to achieve that goal and these are a few of the issues we can fix with our dog boot camp.


  1. Aggressive Behavior

Of all common dog behavioral problems, this is the most serious as aggressive dogs are unpredictable and pose a risk to your family and the community at large. While dogs are supposed to be protective of their families, if this behavior doesn’t cease on command, this is a problem.


Likewise, if you are afraid to take your dog to the park or anywhere else because of unpredictable behavior, this needs to be addressed. Dogs should not attack other animals or people. They also shouldn’t exhibit behavior such as resource guarding, such as being overly protective of food or toys to the point where it’s dangerous to go near them. If you are experiencing anything similar to the aforementioned problems, it’s time to think about dog boot camp.


  1. Nuisance Behavior

While aggression can be a nuisance, when we talk about nuisance behaviors, we mean slightly less serious issues such as jumping, excessive barking and leash pulling. If you have an exuberant, hyperactive dog that constantly drags you around on a leash or jumps on your guests, this can be both irksome and a safety issue.


Our dog boot camp in Gilbert is ideal for high-energy dogs. Some of these dogs might not be aggressive at all, but simply exuberant. With these excitable dogs, an immersive board-and-train scenario tends to work better than in-home lessons. During doggy boot camp in Gilbert, we can curb jumping, leash pulling and excessive barking, and provide you with a dog that’s far easier to handle than before.


  1. Severe Anxiety

Whether your dog is anxious in general, or you need dog separation anxiety training in Gilbert, our dog boot camp can help. It might seem counterintuitive to remove a dog from your home if they are anxious, but, this often is an excellent approach as it allows us to provide near-constant, intensive training and care.


Additionally, without the distractions of the home environment, dogs often are better able to focus on training and we provide a highly controlled situation, which can be comforting for some dogs. Board-and-train programs can be very successful for some anxious dogs, but not for all, and our trainers will do a thorough evaluation of your animal to determine if they are better off at home or our dog boot camp.


  1. Potty Training

While many dogs quickly breeze through potty training, others continue to have accidents for years. While you might have given up and resigned yourself to the hassle of constantly cleaning up dog messes, this is something our trainers can fix, so please let us know if potty training is a problem. It’s quite common for rescue dogs as well as highly anxious dogs to struggle with bathroom etiquette, but it can be addressed, and this problem can be resolved.


  1. General Obedience

This is something we can work on in dog boot camp as well as in-home dog training classes in Gilbert. All dogs should be taught to sit, stay and come on command 100% of the time. This keeps them safe in most situations and ensures they don’t run out into the street or yard where potential dangers await.


Keep in mind, that we can address obedience, potty training, anxiety and other issues with in-home training, as well. Some families are not comfortable with a board-and-train option and some dogs’ behavioral issues and temperament will be a good fit for in-home training. Dog boot camp is simply an excellent option to consider if your dog’s issues are quite severe. For a medium or low-energy dog that displays little aggression, we typically we will recommend in-home lessons.


Why Choose Tip Top K9?

At Tip Top K9, we have a 99.3% training success rate and more than 7,500 five-star reviews. This alone is compelling, but we also offer our families a “good dog” guarantee. If you use our services, we guarantee to fix 95% of your dog’s problems or your money back. We also are happy to work for as long as it takes to resolve behavioral issues.


Our proven step-by-step method can transform any dog into a safe, lovable companion. We also offer lifetime phone support and most of our packages also include lifetime group classes, which help reinforce skills and provide socialization opportunities.


Whether you are interested in our dog boot camp in Gilbert or in-home dog training in Gilbert, the team at Tip Top K9 can fix most dog problems and usually with just a few weeks of training. Your first lesson is just $1 so schedule a visit with one of our trainers today and let’s get your dog on a path toward great behavior.