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Struggling with an unruly hound? Do you have a furry beast that goes into attack mode on every walk? Maybe you have a dog that bites or barks aggressively. While dogs are protective, there’s a line between vigilance and aggression and if your dog consistently crosses that line, it may be time for our dog training camp in Norman.


Dog Boot Camp In Norman: What Is It?

Our dog boot camp in Norman is tailor-made for canines that demonstrate severe behavioral challenges. Your dog will be integrated into a 24/7 living arrangement with a skilled trainer, making this setup akin to a comprehensive board and train program for dogs. This immersive approach enables our trainers to engage in deep, focused training sessions throughout the entire day.


Parting ways with your beloved pet might seem daunting, but for dogs facing serious behavioral issues, including aggression, this immersive training camp represents the optimal solution. While working with an in-home dog trainer in Norman suits pets needing to brush up on basic obedience, more complex problems require the intensive care only a full-time program can provide.


Over the years, our experienced team has successfully rehabilitated dogs considered beyond help, including those repeatedly returned to shelters or those with a history of aggression, including pit bulls that have seriously harmed other pets.


Moreover, we specialize in addressing severe anxiety and phobias in dogs, incorporating separation anxiety training into our camp’s personalized curriculum. Whether your dog suffers from excessive barking, destructive chewing, or other distress signals when left alone, our program is designed to tackle these issues head-on.


Contrary to the old adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, our dog board and train camp proves beneficial for dogs of all ages, including seniors with entrenched behavioral patterns.


Upon completion of the training camp, we provide owners with the necessary tools and knowledge to maintain and reinforce positive behavior, enhancing the bond between you and your pet while ensuring a harmonious living environment.


How Much Does Camp Cost?

We offer both in-home dog training lessons in Norman as well as doggy boot camp in Norman, but we don’t list the prices on our website, and there’s a good reason for that. Simply put, some dogs are easier to train than others. If you have a dog with minor issues that simply needs to learn obedience skills, leash walking and other basics, this won’t have the same price tag as a dog that needs more intensive training.


To make it easier to get started with Tip Top K9, we do charge only $1 for your introductory lesson. During this lesson, we will send one of our expert trainers to your home to evaluate and work with your dog, as well as to discuss your training and behavioral goals. From there, we will create a custom training regimen (in-home training or boot camp) and provide you with a cost quote for these services.


How Many Other Dogs Will Be At Boot Camp?

At our dog training camp in Norman, your pet will reside full-time with a trainer, and it’s worth noting that many of our trainers have their own pets. While it may seem paradoxical to introduce a dog with aggressive tendencies towards other animals into an environment with other pets, this setup can serve as a prime opportunity for socialization. After all, many aggressive or anxious dogs struggle with socialization, and we need to nip this in the bud. Immersing a dog in a setting that includes other dogs can be beneficial.


How Long Will My Dog Be Away?

Typically, the length of our training camps ranges from two to four weeks, with the duration dependent on the complexity of the behavioral issues at hand. In exceptional cases, addressing particularly severe problems may necessitate an extended stay.


It’s important to remember that some of the dogs we’ve worked with were on the brink of being given up or even euthanized. Opting for a more prolonged training period, though it might seem intimidating, is a far superior alternative to losing a pet that has the potential to transform into a remarkable companion.


We firmly believe that no dog presents too great a challenge. Our passion for these wonderful creatures drives us to help them become as well-behaved and obedient as possible, adhering to the conviction that no dog is beyond help and our proven methods for obedience dog training in Norman yield results!


The training provided covers a broad spectrum of behavioral issues. While aggression and severe anxiety are among the most challenging, our curriculum also includes a variety of other important skills. We teach basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and lie down, and ensure your dog responds to the “come” command every time.


Additionally, we focus on proper leash manners, especially vital for owners of large dogs who tend to take the lead rather than walk calmly by their side. Training also encompasses solutions for housebreaking, excessive barking, and discouraging jumping on people. Our ultimate aim is to ensure you have a courteous canine companion ready to accompany you in any dog-friendly setting.


Why Choose Tip Top K9?

Navigating the myriad of dog training options can be overwhelming for pet owners seeking the best fit. What distinguishes Tip Top K9 is our extensive experience and proven track record. With more than 15 years in the business, we boast over 7,500 five-star reviews and a remarkable 99.3% success rate. We’re so confident in our ability to address your dog’s issues that we offer a guarantee to resolve 95% of problems, or you’ll receive your money back.


But our commitment doesn’t stop at training your dog. We also dedicate time to educating you, the pet owner, on how to maintain and build upon the training at home. This ensures the longevity of your dog’s good behavior and ability to handle potential challenges. Most of our training packages come with the added benefit of lifetime group classes, providing a sustainable way to reinforce learned behaviors and continue your dog’s socialization in a controlled environment with expert trainers available for guidance.


Our approach goes beyond in-home lessons and dog training camps. Through our group dog training classes in Norman, we offer a continuous support system to help you and your dog thrive together, reinforcing skills and ensuring your dog remains well-adjusted in various social scenarios.


Book Your Initial $1 Lesson

Dogs can be the very best friends we have, yet challenging behavior can hinder the full enjoyment of this bond. Our personalized in-home training and specialized dog training camp in Norman are designed to transform your dog’s behavior significantly. Let us assist in enhancing your dog’s manners, ensuring a more harmonious relationship between you and your pet.