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Did you know that dog aggression is one of the top reasons why dogs are surrendered to shelters and euthanized? Dealing with an aggressive dog can range from being a huge nuisance to a truly dangerous situation, but proper dog training for aggressive dogs in OKC can remediate aggression and transform your dog’s behavior.


What Causes Aggression?

Determining the causes of aggression in dogs is crucial for several reasons, each contributing to the effective management and potential resolution of aggressive behaviors. Understanding the underlying factors allows for a more targeted and humane approach to treatment, benefiting both the dog and its environment.


In general, we find that aggression may be caused by the following issues:


  1. Previous Abuse & Neglect

We see this with rescue dogs that might come from deplorable conditions or might have suffered abuse. These dogs have good reason to be afraid – people are scary and have treated them unkindly and that’s what they expect. The only option they might see is to lash out and bite or snarl because they expect to be hurt.


This is a heartbreaking situation, but with a lot of patience and kindness, we can start to rebuild trust and help your dog feel comfortable and safe. It’s not easy, but all dogs deserve to enjoy a happy, safe life free of cares and we can help them move past the fear to a place of peace.


  1. Anxiety & Stress

Some dogs are just anxious, this could be typical for their breed or perhaps they have been rehomed and feel uncertain in their new surroundings. Previous neglect or abuse also can manifest as anxiety and, in turn, anxiety can manifest as aggression.


If anxiety is the root cause, we work to find ways to make the dog feel safe and secure. At Tip Top K9, we help aggressive dogs and also offer dog separation anxiety training in OKC, so if you have a pooch that is destructive, barks excessively or runs away when you leave the house, training can address this high level of anxiety.


  1. Fear

This is similar, of course, to anxiety, but when we talk about fear and aggression, we typically are talking about animals that behave aggressively when they feel threatened or cornered. Aggression is a defense mechanism to the perceived threat. Just like humans, dogs can display a fight or flight response when they feel fear, and the impulse to fight can be strong with some dogs while others cower in fear or run away.


  1. Frustration

Sometimes dogs are aggressive because they are highly frustrated. They might be angry about being on a leash or confined to a small area, etc. This is known as barrier frustration, and it can lead to redirected aggression where a dog barks aggressively or attacks.


Intensive dog training in OKC can address this issue, but your dog also might not be getting enough exercise. Dogs, especially energetic breeds, can become aggressive and destructive if they are not able to expend both mental and physical energy. So, while training and reinforcement of that training can correct the behavior, dog parents still need to provide daily sources of exercise for their dogs.


  1. Instinctive Behavior

While some breeds are more prone to aggression than others, this doesn’t mean that a professional dog trainer can’t nip this aggression in the bud. Keep in mind, that even police dogs, which typically are aggressive breeds, only attack on command and are otherwise tame companion animals.


  1. Lack of Socialization

If your dog attacks other dogs or animals, a lack of socialization could be the root cause. Dogs that are not socialized properly during their critical period of socialization (usually before 14 weeks of age) may become fearful of people, animals and strange environments, which can lead to aggressive reactions.


  1. Learned Behavior

In some cases, dogs learn that if they act aggressively, they will be left alone or that aggression will provide a desired outcome, whatever that might be. This would be similar to begging where a dog begs for food and while it might be annoying behavior, it often yields the gift of a tasty treat. Aggression is a more serious issue, but in some cases, dogs act aggressively because it generates the response they want.


Is It Health-Related?

While seeking out dog behavior training in OKC is crucial, we also encourage you to consider talking with your dog’s veterinarian. Some health conditions have the potential to spark aggressive behavior in dogs, so it can be smart to schedule a comprehensive medical evaluation with your pet.


A veterinary examination can rule out or treat any underlying medical conditions that could be contributing to aggressive behavior such as pain, hormonal imbalances or neurological issues.


In some cases, your vet might prescribe medications to help manage the aggression or anxiety, which can make your dog more receptive to training. Additionally, veterinarians also can provide guidance on dietary adjustments that might have a positive effect on the dog’s behavior.


Tip Top K9: A Look At Our Services

We offer two options to tame aggressive behaviors. We can provide you with an in-home dog trainer in OKC and we also offer a dog boot camp in OKC. Typically, our doggy boot camp in OKC is the best option for dogs with severe behavioral issues. This is an intensive approach where a dog will live with one of our trainers 24/7 for about two to four weeks.


During dog training camp in OKC, your training will provide intensive aggressive dog training. We know sending your dog away for weeks can be tough, but this immersive camp can be the best way to tackle serious problems. We have worked successfully with many dogs that were days away from being surrendered and/or euthanized, so while it’s hard to let them go to camp, sometimes this is truly the ideal training scenario.


In addition to tackling aggression and severe anxiety, our trainers also will teach basic obedience skills as well as leash walking skills and even potty training, if needed. We also can address common issues such as nuisance barking and jumping on people. Our trainers also will “train” dog parents, so that they can reinforce positive behavior and correct unwanted behavior.


Tip Top K9 is America’s top-rated dog training company, and we have more than 7,500 five-star ratings. We also have a 99.3% success rate and offer a guarantee for our services. We promise to provide you with a well-behaved dog and eliminate 95% or more of your dog’s problems or your money back.


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