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Looking for exceptional dog training in Fayetteville? The skilled team at Tip Top K9 is here to revolutionize the way your beloved pet behaves. Be it a young puppy, a recently adopted rescue, or a long-term family dog exhibiting challenging behaviors, understanding the importance of dog training is vital for every pet owner. Discover the many reasons why Tip Top K9 should be your go-to choice for all your dog training requirements.


  1. We Have Extensive Dog Training Experience

Throughout the last 15 years, we worked with thousands of dogs and our trainers have worked with about 134 different breeds, from high-energy dogs to notoriously stubborn dog breeds. Understanding the differences in dog breed personalities is crucial when handling dog training sessions.


As an example, let’s compare the differences between training a golden retriever and training a Shih Tzu, just as an example. Shih Tzus are certainly known for their friendly disposition, but they do tend to be stubborn in nature which requires a good deal of patience and positive reinforcement during training. They also have shorter attention spans, which necessitates short training sessions.


Golden retrievers, on the other hand, are more energetic and usually more eager to please than a stubborn Shih Tzu. Additionally, goldens are highly intelligent and tend to be very quick learners, which can make training easier in general. Just like shih tzus, though, they respond to positive reinforcement, and we provide plenty of praise during training sessions.


  1. Our Dog Training Is Personalized

While different dog breeds generally feature distinct personalities, each dog is unique so while understanding the eccentricities of each breed is important, that’s not the whole picture. We must evaluate each dog individually, as this will end up yielding the best results.


This is the main reason why do not list prices on our website. We simply don’t know how much training, or the intensity of training needed until we meet and evaluate our dog. Some dogs train very easily while others, especially those prone to aggression or severe anxiety, will take longer to train, that’s simply the reality of training.


  1. We Offer A Money-Back Guarantee

Investing in dog training can require a notable financial commitment, but the payoff is immense: a well-trained, obedient, and safe canine companion. Despite the cost of dog behavior training in Fayetteville, we stand firmly behind our ability to deliver outstanding outcomes. We’re so confident in our methods that we offer a guarantee: if we can’t resolve 95% of your dog’s behavioral issues, we’ll issue a refund.


Boasting more than 7,500 five-star reviews, we take pride in being the top-rated dog training service in the United States, with a long list of satisfied clients. Our Testimonials section is a testament to our success, showcasing stories from delighted customers in Fayetteville and across the nation. Explore it to understand why our training services are so highly esteemed.

  1. The First Lesson Is Only $1

While we can’t give you a total cost estimate until we’ve met you and your furry friend, we do charge just $1 for our first visit. This introduction is much more than a lesson, it’s a complete evaluation of your dog as well as a discussion about your training goals and needs. From there, we can either make training suggestions and offer advice or create a personalized dog training plan that will address any behavioral issues that are occurring.


  1. Our Training Can Last A Lifetime

After your dog finishes their personalized in-home training or our immersive board and train program, our commitment to you and your pet doesn’t just end there. At Tip Top K9, we believe in providing lifelong support for your dog’s training journey. This includes offering ongoing phone support and incorporating lifetime group classes as a standard feature in nearly all our training packages.


What We Offer

Whether you want the convenience of an in-home dog trainer Fayetteville or perhaps a more intensive dog board and train in Fayetteville, we have several options. Here’s a quick look at what we do.


Doggy Boot Camp In Fayetteville

This is an intensive, board-and-train option, and it’s ideal for dogs with aggressive behavior. If you need dog training for aggressive dogs in Fayetteville, a dog boot camp in Fayetteville is usually the best option. For this program, your dog will stay with a trainer for the duration of the camp (24 hours a day), for around two to four weeks. While we call it a “camp,” your dog typically is the only dog being trained so it will be completely personalized to fit your dog’s needs.


For challenging situations, such as in cases of extreme anxiety or aggression in pets, our boot camp is designed to significantly enhance their behavior, turning them into affectionate, well-behaved, and joyful companions. We highly recommend boot camp for severe issues as it tends to generate the best possible results.


In-Home Dog Training Services

This is our most popular option and it’s a good choice for many of our furry companions, especially those that aren’t prone to very aggressive behavior where the boot camp is a better option. During our first visit, the trainer assesses your dog and determines the best course of training to meet your dog’s needs and your family’s needs.


Group Training

Once your dog has completed either boot camp or in-home training, we recommend that you keep up with training by going to some of our group training classes. These classes reinforce the skills taught during the private lessons and also help to further socialize your dog.


Puppy & Potty Training

Many people mistakenly believe that only puppies need potty training, but many rescue dogs also will need this type of training. We teach your dog the proper areas to use the bathroom and these lessons can be incorporated with any of our dog training classes in Fayetteville, both for puppies and older dogs. Using a crate can be helpful with potty training, but it is not the only method we use to ensure that your dog is potty trained.


With puppies, we typically don’t recommend training until your dog is at least three months old and, for some dogs, it’s best to wait until they are six months old. Some breeds simply are easier and faster to train when they are older than other breeds. Once you bring home your puppy, give us a call and we can talk about the ideal time to begin puppy obedience training.


Our Teaching Goals

With every dog, we aim to provide families with a pet that can be taken just about anywhere. In addition to fixing problem behaviors, such as jumping, on-leash aggression and other issues, we also tackle obedience skills as well as leash training. Most importantly, we make our training easy for clients to replicate. There’s no fancy “dog whispering” going on, just tried-and-true techniques that yield results, and that’s guaranteed.


Ready For Your First Lesson?

At Tip Top K9, we provide quality dog training in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville and the surrounding areas. As stated above, your first lesson will cost just $1, and there’s no obligation to use our services beyond this lesson. However, we think that, like thousands of other families, you will see the value of our training program and how it can drastically improve your dog’s behavior. To get started, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage and fill out our quick contact form.