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Dogs bring us plenty of joy, but if your dog’s behavior is often a source of frustration, it’s probably time to think about professional dog training in Tulsa. Hiring a professional trainer can be the fastest way to resolve dog behavior issues, but that’s just one reason to hire an expert.  Here are seven more great reasons to consider hiring a dog trainer.


  1. Training Strengthens Your Bond

Dog training, especially when conducted with the guidance of a professional trainer, significantly strengthens the bond between a dog and its owner. This process goes beyond simple obedience commands, fostering a deeper understanding and mutual respect that form the foundation of a lasting relationship.


Professional dog training classes in Tulsa teach dog owners how to communicate effectively with their dogs. Understanding each other’s signals and commands reduces frustration on both sides and increases mutual respect. This clear communication pathway is crucial for building trust and ensuring that your dog sees you as a reliable leader.


  1. Training Keeps Your Dog Safe

Dogs are interested in the world around them, but that world is not always safe. While your dog might long to dash out into your yard to chase a squirrel or run into the street to greet a delivery person, this puts them in grave danger. Dogs that obey commands and stay quietly by their human’s side are safe animals.


During dog behavior training in Tulsa, we will train your dog to come to you 100% of the time when called as well as to sit and stay on command. We also can teach them to drop or leave an object on command. For instance, if your dog heads outside and starts to pick up something from the ground, this could pose a danger. Telling them to “leave it” and having them obey will ensure their safety.


  1. Training Curbs Nuisance Behaviors

Does your dog jump excitedly on every person that comes through your door? Perhaps your dog spends what seems like half the day barking at birds, falling leaves and the mail carrier. Maybe your dog begs at every meal, digs up your yard or chews up your favorite shoes. All of these are irritating and unacceptable behaviors, and our professional dog trainers can eliminate these issues.


Dogs can be trained to sit politely when a guest arrives at your home. They can be trained to leave your belongings alone and to sit quietly while you eat without any begging. They also can be trained to stop barking on command. The initial barking, to let you know someone or something is on your property, is a desired behavior. However, if your dog barks incessantly, this needs to be rectified.


Furthermore, if you long to take your dog to the park, but said dog tends to drag you along or move about, entangling themselves and you in their leash, this also needs to be addressed during obedience dog training in Tulsa. Our dog trainers can teach your dog proper leash etiquette so that you can take them anywhere with ease.


  1. Training Can Reduce Aggression

While nuisance behavior is irritating, few issues are as worrisome as dog aggression. If your dog behaves aggressively toward people, animals or objects, this is a huge issue and needs intervention as quickly as possible.


We offer intensive dog training for aggressive dogs in Tulsa that can remediate this issue and transform your dog into a safe, lovable pet. For aggression issues, we typically recommend opting for our dog boot camp in Tulsa instead of in-home training. Doggy boot camp is an immersive, board-and-train experience and your dog will live with one of our professional trainers around the clock for about two to four weeks.


Our dog training camp in Tulsa is designed specifically to resolve the most serious behavioral issues. Camp is suitable for dogs with aggression as well as high-energy, hyperactive dogs that seem out of control. We also often recommend our camp option for clients seeking dog separation anxiety training in Tulsa.


  1. Training Can Improve Socialization

A professional trainer can provide opportunities for your dog to interact safely with other dogs and people, enhancing their social skills. Socialization is vital for developing a well-rounded and confident dog. Experiencing new situations together strengthens your bond as you navigate the world as a team.


While working with an in-home dog trainer in Tulsa can improve behavior, it may not provide opportunities for socialization. However, most of our dog training packages include lifetime group classes. These classes serve as the perfect opportunity to further socialize your dog as well as reinforce proper behavior in general.


  1. Training Boosts Your Dog’s Confidence

If you’ve just introduced a puppy or a rescue dog into your family, these animals often are a bit timid and uncertain of their surroundings. As your dog masters new skills, they become more confident and content. They also will feel more relaxed because they will understand the rules of your house and what is expected of them.


Of course, by working with your dog and gaining a deeper understanding of their personality, you also will become more confident in your abilities as an owner. This confidence is communicated to your dog, making them feel more secure in your leadership.


  1. Our Training Has A 99.3% Success Rate

While we have presented some compelling reasons to train your dog in general, we also have some compelling reasons why you should choose Tip Top K9 for dog training in Tulsa.


Aside from our high success rate, we also have been around for more than 15 years. During these years, we have successfully trained thousands of dogs and more than 130 different breeds. This provides us with a deeper understanding of each dog we train and allows us to create custom training plans that truly address all of your dog’s behavioral issues.


But you don’t just have to take our word for it. We have earned more than 7,500 five-star reviews from families around the country, making us America’s top-rated dog training company. We also charge just $1 for your first lesson, and we offer a money-back guarantee for our dog training in Tulsa.


Our dog training in Tulsa can address a wide range of behavioral issues, and no problem is too severe. Through the years, we have worked with some of the toughest cases imaginable and with great success. Whether you need our intensive doggy boot camp in Tulsa or just need to cover the basics with in-home training, we’ve got the skills needed to generate results as quickly as possible.


Do All Dogs Need Training?

Yes, to some extent, all dogs need training. At the very least, all dogs should sit and stay on command and come when you call them – every time! If you have a generally well-behaved dog that responds quickly to your commands, you may not need to hire a trainer. As long as you consistently reinforce positive behavior and aren’t noticing any nuisance behavior or aggression, dog training classes might not be needed.


However, if you have a dog that barks too much, jumps on your guests, won’t come when called, chews on your belongings, etc., dog training in Tulsa can fix these problems. Your life will be a lot easier and less stressful if you never have to deal with improper dog behavior.


If you’ve ever longed for a well-behaved dog that you can take everywhere with ease, dog training can make this a reality. Of course, if your dog displays serious behavioral issues such as extreme anxiety or any level of aggression, these issues need to be dealt with and using a professional dog trainer is the fastest way to resolve these issues.


Dogs aren’t born knowing how to behave and humans aren’t born knowing how to train a dog. This is why it’s smart to hire an experienced trainer and allow them to train your dog and teach you how to maintain good behavior.


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