Whether you have a dog that needs to learn basic obedience skills or a dog with severe behavioral issues, professional dog training in West Jordan is the best way to improve your dog’s behavior. We know that there are plenty of trainers in the area as well, so why choose Tip Top K9? Here are a few compelling reasons to consider our services over the competition.

1. We’ve Worked With Most Dog Breeds (and Mixed Breeds)

Our team boasts a wealth of experience in training over 130 different dog breeds, including a variety of mixed breeds. This is significant because each breed generally exhibits unique characteristics and temperaments. By understanding the typical thought processes of each breed, we can tailor our training sessions to meet their specific needs.


Take, for example, how the training approach for a border collie or a Belgian Malinois would differ from that of a Basset hound. Border collies and Malinois are celebrated for their exceptional intelligence and vitality. Being task-driven, they thrive in environments that provide both mental and physical challenges, making them well-suited to intensive training sessions.


In contrast, Basset hounds are more laid-back and patient with comparatively lower energy levels. They tend not to learn as swiftly or show the same level of eagerness to please as some other breeds. Therefore, our approach with a Basset involves shorter, more consistent training sessions, tailored to their more relaxed energy levels. We also bring a considerable amount of patience to work with these sometimes stubborn but lovable dogs. For Bassetts and similar breeds, we often find positive reinforcement techniques to be particularly effective.

2. We Guarantee Our Training

Investing in dog training represents a significant financial commitment, but the rewards are immense – a secure, obedient, and well-mannered dog. Understanding that dog training in West Jordan involves some expense, we stand firmly behind our ability to deliver exceptional outcomes. That’s why we offer a guarantee: if we can’t resolve 95% of your dog’s behavioral issues, we’ll provide a full refund.


Our reputation is bolstered by over 7,500 five-star reviews, making us the most highly-rated dog training service in the United States, with a vast number of satisfied clients. We encourage you to peruse our Testimonials section to see the reasons why numerous families in West Jordan and across the nation value our training services.

3. We Offer Personalized Training for Every Dog

Our experience spans a wide range of breeds, but we recognize that each dog is distinct. Although generalizations about breed traits can be accurate, our trainers focus on the unique personality traits of your individual dog.


Your dog may exhibit characteristics typical of their breed, or they could have a history that influences their behavior, such as past trauma. This is particularly true for rescue dogs, who might display various behavioral challenges. However, with consistent time, patience, and positive reinforcement, any dog can learn to exhibit appropriate behavior and overcome issues like aggression and anxiety.


You’ll notice the absence of set pricing on our website. This reflects our belief that dog training is not a one-size-fits-all service. The complexity and intensity of training needed can vary significantly based on each dog’s personality and behavioral needs. As a result, the cost of our training services is tailored to the specific requirements of your dog, with easier-to-train dogs generally requiring less intensive (and therefore less costly) training than those with more complex behavioral issues.

4. The Initial Session Is Only $1

Your introductory session is more than just a basic lesson; it’s a comprehensive assessment of your dog’s behavior. We begin by discussing with you, the dog owner, your objectives and the desired level of obedience for your particular situation.


Next, we’ll spend time with your dog to understand their personality and identify any behavioral challenges. Following this assessment, we’ll formulate a training strategy. Sometimes, this might involve offering guidance and a preliminary plan for moving forward. However, if you decide to proceed with Tip Top K9 for your dog’s training, we’ll craft a custom training program tailored to your unique pup.

5. We Offer Lifetime Support

Once you’ve completed our dog training classes in West Jordan, we don’t simply walk away. We provide lifetime phone support and lifetime group classes with most of our dog training packages. This allows dog parents to discuss any future concerns with a professional dog trainer or brush up on obedience skills during group classes. Our ultimate mission is to help families in West Jordan and throughout the U.S. enjoy a stronger, closer bond with their dogs.


Our Dog Training Options

At Tip Top K9, we offer a variety of options for dog training in West Jordan. Whether you’re interested in hiring an in-home dog trainer in West Jordan, a dog boot camp or group dog classes, we have options to suit your needs. Let’s explore the different training programs available.


In-Home Dog Training

For many dog owners, in-home training is a preferred choice. We offer puppy training as well as training for older dogs, including rescue dogs. Your initial lesson, costing only $1, involves a skilled dog trainer spending around 30 minutes to understand both you and your dog’s needs. Based on this, we develop a tailored training plan specifically for your dog. We will either recommend this option or suggest that you consider a more intensive approach, such as our dog boot camp in West Jordan.


Intensive Boot Camp

For dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior, our doggy boot camp in West Jordan might be the ideal solution. In this intensive board-and-train format, your dog will stay with a certified trainer for a period of two to four weeks.


This approach is particularly effective for challenging cases. We are committed to achieving results, no matter the time it takes. If your dog struggles with severe anxiety or aggression, our boot camp program is designed to significantly improve their behavior, helping transform them into a loving, obedient, and joyful pet.


Group Dog Training

Group dog training classes are another excellent option, particularly suitable after your dog has undergone in-home training or boot camp. These classes aren’t intended as an introductory step but rather serve to reinforce and refine skills already learned. Regular practice in these classes helps resolve any minor issues in training and provides a wonderful chance for your dog to socialize and interact with others.


Our Training Focus and Methods

We aim to transform your pet into a well-mannered companion who can comfortably join you in various settings. This includes teaching essential obedience commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘lie down’, as well as ensuring consistent compliance with the ‘come’ command. We also can tackle potty training if you have a puppy or rescue dog struggling with this issue.


In addition to these fundamental skills, we tackle and rectify common problematic behaviors such as jumping up on people and leash pulling. Our training approach is also effective in reducing unnecessary barking by addressing the root causes of anxiety and fear that often lead to these and other unwanted actions. Importantly, for those in need of dog training for aggressive dogs in West Jordan, we provide you with an experienced aggressive dog trainer who can handle even the toughest cases.


Schedule Your First Training Session

If you need dog training in West Jordan or anywhere throughout the greater Salt Lake City area, we can help! To schedule your $1 first lesson, just click on the Schedule Lesson tab on our homepage and we will match you with the best dog trainer to suit your dog’s training goals and needs.