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While dogs can provide us with companionship and joy, if your dog’s behavior leaves a lot to be desired, this minimizes your enjoyment of your sweet pooch. Fortunately, at Tip Top K9, we can provide you with comprehensive obedience dog training in Carrollton that addresses just about any behavioral issue you might be facing, including the following:


  1. Obedience Issues

Does your dog jump on your guests? Perhaps your dog parks constantly or maybe you have a dog that will never come when called. Imagine living with a dog that obeyed your every command. It’s not a fantasy. Proper dog training in Carrollton can make this a reality.


  1. Dog Aggression

Dogs are protective and that’s not a bad thing, but aggression is a whole other ballgame. If you fear taking your dog for a walk because he goes after other dogs or you have a dog that bites or perhaps snaps at you when you take their food dish or a toy, these are serious issues.


If your dog’s aggressive behavior is dangerous or difficult to manage, our dog training classes in Carrollton can reduce or eliminate issues due to aggression. Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked on some of the toughest cases, including animals that had harmed others and were on the brink of being put down. Our trainers will get to the root of the problem and find a solution.


  1. Leash Skills

Exercise is essential for all dogs, large and small, however, if you dread taking your dog on their daily walk, we can help. Many dogs drag their owners along or perhaps stop abruptly or become easily distracted by other animals or people.


We teach leash skills as part of our obedience dog training program. We can train your dog to walk properly by your side and this makes walks a lot easier and also much safer because you won’t get tangled up in the leash. With a larger dog, tugging can be very dangerous because they might escape from your clutches and run into the street or after other animals.


  1. Potty Training

Believe it or not, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to potty training, and our trainers can help with issues during obedience dog training in Carrollton. We can help potty train your puppy or a rescue animal. While many rescue organizations try to potty train dogs before finding forever homes, it’s still likely that your new addition will have some trouble once they arrive at your home, and it won’t take long for one of our trainers to correct this issue.


  1. Separation Anxiety Issues

We all know that dogs would spend every moment of the day by our side if they could, but that’s just not realistic. While some dogs manage to be away from their owners fairly well for short periods, others can bark excessively, chew up furniture, have accidents and other issues.


Dog separation anxiety training in Carrollton can help reduce or eliminate this issue so please let us know if this is an issue you are facing. Of course, with our quality obedience dog training, you may find that you also can bring your dog to many places than ever before with ease so you might not have to leave them as often as before.


  1. Jumping-Related Issues

Does your dog constantly seem to jump on every guest that enters your home? While we can appreciate this enthusiastic response, it’s a huge nuisance and can even be a danger. For instance, they could jump on someone and knock them over, causing injury. Even a small dog could cause someone to trip or lose their balance, not to mention the potential for dirtying or damaging clothing.


Jumping is never an acceptable way for a dog to behave (unless they are zipping around an agility course) and this needs to be corrected. Dogs can be taught to sit and stay when guests arrive and behave politely, and our dog trainers have been teaching this skill for years with dogs of all sizes and breeds.


  1. Barking

While it’s fine if a dog barks to let you know that someone is on your property, dogs should cease barking on command. Many will continue to bark incessantly, and some dogs just seem to bark all of the time, and this is a nuisance for you and your entire neighborhood.


With barking, it’s often important to get to the root cause, which could be boredom, lack of training or even separation anxiety. At any rate, if you are dealing with this nuisance behavior, we can work on it during training sessions and find a solution.


Tip Top K9: The Premier Choice For Dog Training

Tip Top K9 stands out as a comprehensive solution for all your dog training requirements, serving dogs of all breeds and ages. Our expert team is equipped to tackle even the most daunting challenges, including advanced aggression.


With the distinction of being the top-rated dog training service nationwide, supported by more than 7,500 five-star reviews, we are proud of our success rate, which surpasses 99%. Our training methodology is thorough and structured, aimed at resolving 95% of common dog behavioral issues, and we offer a money-back guarantee if your expectations are not met.


For pets that exhibit less intense behavioral problems, an in-home dog trainer in Carrollton can be an optimal solution. Conducted at your home for several weeks or months (depending on your dog’s specific needs), this training covers obedience commands and proper household behavior, preparing your dog to be a well-mannered companion for various social settings as well as curbing nuisance behavior such as barking and jumping.


For canine companions facing more significant challenges, especially aggression, we recommend our dog boot camp in Carrollton. In this intensive board-and-train option, your dog will spend two to four weeks with a professional trainer, receiving focused attention to achieve behavioral transformation.


Our dedication to you and your furry friend extends beyond the initial training phase. Most training packages come with lifetime phone support and lifetime group class access, giving dog owners a valuable resource for maintaining positive behavior and enhancing their dog’s social skills.


Get Started Now – The First Lesson Is Just $1

At Tip Top K9, we make it easy to get started with obedience dog training in Carrollton. We charge just one dollar for your first lesson, and there’s absolutely no obligation to continue. However, we think you’ll find that our training team is top-notch, and our training is guaranteed to fix 95% of problems, so you truly have nothing to lose and you’ll be gaining a wonderful and well-behaved dog.